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You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back to the a player metrics. I’m here with Kellan Cowen today. Kellen is one of my very best friends. He owns a company called new wave solutions. Um, and he is here to talk to us today about what should we be training our employees on when it comes to cyber security. What is it that they need to know and how, what do we need to do to make sure and keep our company safe when it comes to cyber security? Because it’s a big deal now. Um, and so if, if you have a system, okay, and you are, um, you’re obviously this is going to be for our employers, but if you are managing employees and you have a system and you know that it’s not hooked up to a database and being managed by someone who understands cybersecurity, well this is, this is something that you may want to be like, this content may be able to help you. Um, we would like for you to be able to go to all of our new content. You can check it out on our website@trinityemployment.com. There’s a podcast tab. You just, uh, there’s a dropdown menu. We’ve got like 70 some odd episodes on all aspects of employment. And this is, this is something new that we’re doing is cyber security today. So this is something that’s a little bit unique. Um, but we believe this content is going to be important today because I’m gonna go, I’m going to go over how much money this costs businesses and the, and just the struggle that it creates for businesses all over the world, but mostly here in the United States. And so this is, this is going to become more and more and more of a problem. And so we want to try to help give people some ideas on how to make themselves safe with Tulsa Medical Staffing.

So we start everything out with statistics. And this first statistic that Kellin brought to me, I thought was really, really interesting. Check this out. Check this out. There’s 10 new internet users every second, like second. Yeah. But how, like I don’t even understand how that’s the case. There’s that many people hopping on the Internet. It’s just a, it’s just a fact. I mean I think about, is this worldwide, we’re in other countries. People are starting to pop up or is this or do you think that’s primarily here in the United States too? No, it’s, it’s worldwide. Uh, well I, I know that in, you know, you and I go to Brazil quite a bit and I know that they are really catching up with us when it comes to technology over there. So it’s just that when I heard that stat, I was like, how in the world are people in the United States just now hopping on the Internet? Well, think about this cause, so Corey and I do some awesome ministry together and we traveled to Brazil and other parts of the world. But we have relationships that travel all over the world. Cori, China manufacturer smartphones on the cheap and they give them away for free to spy on people. So people in Ethiopia that can’t afford running water, they still have a solar panel to charge. Guess what? Their smartphone. Yeah. Well, I just thought that that stat was interesting. [inaudible] the next step that we have here is in 1995 there were 16 million Internet users. Man. I remember 1995 listen, that was the year after I graduated high school and that was when dial-up was around. Like we hadn’t even had Napster yet. You remember Napster? You’re too young. Kellen held killing 37 he’s 34. I’m 44. Napster was a big deal. Do you remember this? How does a cool little 10 year old? All right. In, in my door, I didn’t have a dorm room. I had a house in, I had this guy that was like really brilliant, like he was an it expert did. We were all at Oklahoma State University and I had two roommates that were Java. They were studying to become Java programmers and get their, uh, they were trying to get their degree in computer science in Tulsa Medical Staffing.

Okay. All right. They would always come to my roommate. My roommate was not in college and he worked some bum job, but he was brilliant with it. I’m not kidding you. He could do anything. And so we never, ever, ever stopped downloading Napster. It went 24 hours a day. We got all the movies, we’ve got all the songs. It was, it was ridiculous that I’m seeing by your face, I’m boring you with this story to me, this, the stories exciting. But apparently if I’m boring killing, I’m boring everybody else. Let’s move on to the next one. 4.3 billion inter internet users in 2019 so we went from 16 million to 4.3 billion. That’s just a huge, huge thing. Um, to give you a good understanding of that is that, um, you know, if you, I don’t understand this step cause it’s kind of Oh 4.3 billion internet users. If we have 4.3 billion internet users worldwide will then according to this study, um, which is so foes, um, dental implants, sofas, dental implants says that we have 3.2 billion toothbrush owners. So 4.3 billion internet users in 3.2 billion toothbrush owners. That kind of gives you an idea of how big, how much the Internet is changing and where the focus is. Yeah. Well now that everything has grown to the level that it is, you know, let’s talk about some of this dark web, um, stuff that your identity is a steel on the dark web. So this is why they’re doing it. They’re all doing it for money. And one thing that Kylen brought up in our last podcast is that these are not, these are not some college dorm room. You know, I’m bored and unemployed on the couch hackers, the, these are real true companies that are the real deal wiuth Tulsa Medical Staffing.

They got a lot of money. They’re developing serious software that’s worth a lot of money and they’re going after certain things. So for example, if they get a social security number, they get paid a dollar for that. If, if they go, um, and get information for your login, for online payment services, they get 20 to $200 for that. Like, what is it, what is the cyber criminal stuff that you see the most killing? Well a big ones. What you hit is, is credential theft. I mean that’s, that’s worth more money. Right? And how many people, if that is published to the dark web. So that’s just the encrypted side of the Internet. I need a special browsers, some tools to get on it. Uh, but Cory, rather than, I know you’re big into corn. I work out in the morning. So he’s all about whey protein. Right? And searching for the best protein. If I go to the dark web, the little popup instead of popups for new whey protein, you know, trying to advertise to me, they’re going to advertise those social security numbers. They’re going to advertise your credentials. Right. Well, so I understand why they could use a social security number. Why, why did they get $20 for a driver’s license? That’s a great question. I don’t know. Yeah, there’s, there’s gotta be something there that loyalty accounts. Well, I mean your, your social, but your driver’s license numbers, right? The default on most major payments and other default piece of information to get into accounts. Yeah. Well, the, the other items that they have here are diplomas. They said they get a hundred to $400 a piece on, on those. I don’t, I mean I guess to say that you got a diploma. I don’t know what that is. Identity theft. This is the one thing that concerns me, especially when we go to Brazil, like what we were talking about passports. People get a thousand to $2,000. And you know what that means in the southern, uh, in the global southern, you know, that’s a lot of money over there. And, and so these are some things, this is why they’re going after this information there.

It’s all about money. So what we want to do is when we want to talk about five common mistakes that small businesses make, um, when it comes to this, this, uh, cyber cybersecurity, um, the first one is password policy is not strictly enforced. Explain why you should do this and how you should do it. And how often. Give us the rundown real quick. Yeah. So the stats that came out right on passwords for your employees, cause that’s the one thing they’re gonna fight you on and gripe about cause they don’t understand it right, is it needs to be a minimum of 12 to 15 characters. The reason why is the software that’s been prebuilt that anybody can buy to hack your password. The other thing you have to go over when it comes to passwords or your employees is man in your handbook, you have to make sure that your employee is not using that password on every other account they have core. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I do password training. And because an a company doesn’t train their employees, they just tell their employees 12 to 15 characters a secure password. That employee says, oh that security and puts it on absolutely everything. Right? So the next time that Facebook gets hacked, right. And I’ve got that and I use my company email as my username, they can get right back into trinity employment and Tulsa Medical Staffing. Call now to 918-622-2588 or check out their website at https://trinityemployment.com!

Tulsa Medical Staffing | Where Do You Call Home?

Yeah. Yeah. Number two is a lack of employee education. Like, I know that we’ve tried to, we’ve tried to do things like bring you in and educate our employees. Um, you know, we’ve, you know, the other day when I told you we had, uh, Cindy got sent an an email that, you know, was from one of our customers. So of course she opened it up and clicked on it, but someone had hacked into her email system. They sent us a legit email, you know, you know, what is it that you can do to train your employees? You know, cause we’ve got a lot of office managers out there that, um, that we’re presenting this podcast to. What can they do right now? So right now, the first thing you have to do as an owner is understand this as a problem. You have to understand that cyber criminals don’t want to get, so I own a c a it company, they don’t want to try and go through my firewall. They don’t want to try and go through my security. They want your employees to make a mistake, right? They know your employees are in a hurry. So the first thing you do is identify that. And the second thing you do is you’ve got to take some of these very simple principles and you’ve got to drive them home weekly with your employees. You know, one of the things that we did as, as a company on purpose and actually kill them, we really need to do it again, is we had Kellan come in and we gave our staff lunch. You know, we, you know, we’re like we’re going to make this a team building activity, you know, for you know, 20 minutes of the lunch. We just kind of cut up for a little bit and then we gave Kellen the floor and let him explain just the general concepts of Internet security and what to watch out for. And let me tell you why we did that. Okay. Now it’s not because Kellen’s my buddy and we’d like to just bring him in and have a free lunch. Like it’s really not for that at all. Listen, this is, this is covering our tail top of top of an activity because if we get hit it, let’s say somebody gets through to Trinity Employment Specialists, which we put in high security. I can’t imagine them getting through, but let’s just say they decided to do it, you know, and they get through legally. We can always go back and say, listen, we have provided, we provided our employees with some of the best education that we knew to do. Who else is bringing in cyber security education? And so a lot of it is just covering our tail. I think it’s a good use of your time to bring someone in and just educate your employees on the general problems that you, that you might have. I mean, how Tulsa Medical Staffing can help you!

often do you think you do this, calen? Oh, for clients, I do it at least once a year. And then I give them the template and take the basics like I did with you and just tell him to drive it home. And Corey, the second thing you can do is obviously there’s been a shift cyber criminals, instead of trying to get through security, they’re getting through employee error, right? So since that shifts on the rise, software’s been created. So one of the other things we do is absolutely a ton of fun, especially at the same employee. Makes the same mistake twice is we actually take a healthy email and we phish your own employees. We send them something and instead of getting ransomware or some kind of malware, when they click on something bad, there’s a big sign that pops up on their computer. It says, you’ve been phished. Welcome to your new training session. Hey listen, I want that over here. Like, let’s set that up next week. All right. Yeah, we need to, we need to do that. And listen, that’s a great idea. Just send over, just send over something that, you know, simulate it. Yeah, we’ll do that over here. The next thing that we have on our list is unprotected mobile devices. Um, you know, how, how does this happen? I’ve not ever knowingly had something happened on my mobile device. I don’t think that I have, well I’ve, I’ve argued with one to two people that work for our government that don’t even have a password on their phone. I had to stress why that was so important because they have email on their cell phone. Right, right. Well, what’s the one he is, we had our sect, we had Hillary Clinton, Clinton, you know, one of the second or third highest positions in our country. And I mean it, it doesn’t matter which, which way you stand politically, man, she probably did some stuff she shouldn’t have been doing, you know Tulsa Medical Staffing.

Well, and and so what you have to use, you said unprotected mobile devices. What you have to realize is that hits the Internet, right? And your employees bring these smartphones into your office and if your office isn’t configured right, they hit your Internet, they hit your internal router that’s connected to your Internet. It’s like just like plugging in a computer. And if they done gone places they shouldn’t, which a lot of people do on cell phones, their own personal cellphone, their own personal cell phone. I thought you set us up over here to have a company secured Wifi and then also one for employees. Oh, you guys are, but I’m just saying, I do this training all the time. I’ll go, no matter who I go train for when I say, Hey, make sure you have facial recognition or a thumb scanner on your phone or you put a password in, there’s at least one person’s head go down cause I can grab their cell phone. Just get right into it with company mail, when I talk to companies about bring your own device, their employees, smart phones and iPads or tablets coming into the office and hitting their network, they don’t have it set up the way you have it. They don’t have a public that they know. Every mobile device has said that they haven’t been intentional. I really never thought of that because we do. We have each one of our company, like everybody in our company has a company, cell phone, all of it, like maybe one or two people and so we’ve got all of those set up. But I never thought, you know, everyone’s bringing in their own cell phones in here and that’d be silly not to log onto our Wifi and Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

Yeah. And you’ve got it and they, they’re going to write and so you need a password protected. The other thing you gotta be careful for Cory, where do you, where do you charge your cell phone? What do you stick it into the wall? What else can you stick it into? Yeah, you can stick it in your computer and a lot of employees do. Right, right, right. And so you guys have some provisioning in your firewall to not allow these things to, to horizontally move. But a lot of people have a Cox router. There’s no security there. So when I plugged my more than likely android phone, cause it’s a different operating system, just like your computer into a computer infection time. I’ve got something nasty on that phone and don’t even know it. That’s getting right onto the computer and shared with the rest of the environs. Well that’s something that am like our, our managers can take right now. I mean, that’s something that you can do. And that’s really what I wanted this to be. I mean, I don’t want this to be as let’s sell new wave. I mean, Kellen’s a good buddy of mine. I wanted him to come in and talk about this, but really what I want is I want some real things that people can do right now that doesn’t cost anything to tighten up your security game at your company. And that is, that should be definitely one of them. Um, the next thing we have on our list is not performing software updates in a timely manner. We’ve talked about this a little bit in the last episode, but how, how do you check this? How do you know what, what can we do? What can they do right now at home to, uh, to start checking on this colon?

Well, if you’ve, if you’ve updated, so that rolls right into updates going from windows seven to Windows 10, right? That’s, that’s automatic. Unless you turn it off, you’re going to get dings that there’s time for updates and that’s a good thing. Windows 10 has better security on it. Right? But the reason, let’s just look, I know this is the anti and you don’t want to hear this, okay? But the reason that no one wants to do that is because you know that you’ve got bugs when, when you download, like a great example, this software that we’re using Adobe audition right now for this podcast, they, I signed up to do the automatic updates. So as soon as they come in that it automatically updates. I’m still dealing with problems with this dadgum software update that they haven’t gotten figured out yet. And you and I just dealt with it just a second ago. You helped me to get it fixed. But that’s why people aren’t doing that. You know that that’s the case. Well, and it’s, it’s a lack of education, right? Because a majority of the time, the reason the update came out period was because somebody found a vulnerability in that software, which allows somebody to infect that software, which can infect your entire environment or your computer or let somebody have a whole just to get in and start tinkering around. It’s a bad deal, right? But all we as end users know is that updates break things know they came out for a reason. The other big challenges, they came out, right? Maybe there was only one person in the world that found this vulnerability and Microsoft that somebody hacked in, right? They share the information. It’s a bad deal. So now when I go from version 10 to 10.1 they tell the whole world what the whole inversion 10 was. That’s why updates happen so quickly. Let’s do it this way with Tulsa Medical Staffing.

Cause everybody thinks these iPhones are so secure, right? So it’s hard to drop malicious software on iPhone. But there was an update that came out. Big Deal for girls too, right? So this came out six to eight months ago and the reason the update came out with urgency was there was a kind of a default of bug in facetime. And so Corey, if I facetime you and held the in down, right, you wouldn’t even know I facetime you and it would open up the camera on your iPhone. You don’t even know I did anything. And now I’m watching what you do. Oh good. So there was an update for that. That’s like my wife’s like maximum concern in life. Like my computer over there, you can see it. It’s got that thing that slides over the camera things away. Yeah. You know, even on my, even on my x-box, I have an Xbox for the, for the kids. Well listen, she goes and puts tape over the camera on those [inaudible]. What’s that thing that it’s on it and it tracks your body movements. You can move around. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh she hates that thing then you should, I mean, as home users you’ve been talking about updates. So you go buy all this Internet of things, all these different devices. Right. So I mean, I’m not really worried about a Washer, like somebody hacks in and did another load of your laundry. Right. But now as the home user, you’re responsible for every update to all the stupid stuff you put on your home and you don’t know anything about technology. So I go buy a smart doorbell and a smart lock. Well, if, if you don’t update it, I as a bad guy can hack into it. Unlock your doors, it walk into your home. Okay. I agree. That’s another reason to stay away from technology right there. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s hit the last one. I’m sure we’ve gone over time here. We’re just chatting. Um, the next thing is lack of investment. Insecurity. Of course, that’s, that’s what your company does. But what, what are some, what are some things that they can do that’s very light? I mean, you know, if you go and invest, you know, right now we have a lot to protect. So it’s important for us to invest in a big company like new wave to, to help us out. But what are some things, let’s just say people don’t have a budget and they need to do some stuff. What are some action items that they can do? Just real quick before we get out of here? Well, on windows 10, the security’s better, right? So I need some, some windows defender, if nothing, but no free software’s going to be as, as well a resources paid software from the security companies. You’re going to get what you pay for. And the last thing you want to do is be super cheap when it comes to security. So spend some money on some antivirus or anti-malware for your, your computer. And then also if you’re in a business, don’t, don’t be settling for the Cox security package on their router. It doesn’t do what a actual business firewall does. You are a business, have to buy business equipment. There’s a reason it’s on the market. There’s a reason those companies are successful. It keeps a lot of this crap from coming through your front door. Well, we want to thank you for joining us today. If Trinity can help you out in any way, shape or form. Of course this is a little bit different of a topic than what we normally go off of. This is more of how to get your employees aligned, right with your security. Um, if trinity can help you in any way, give us a call at 918-622-2588 or check out https://trinityemployment.com

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