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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello.

Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. The title of this podcast is eight problems with your interview process and how you can fix them. And the reason that this is really important is that now more than ever is really, really important that you’ve got the right people in place. Um, the statistics about how much it costs to get the wrong hire is just really, really astonishing. And really statistics are all over the board on here. You know, I’ve, I’ve heard of, you know, an average, um, bad hire costing as low as $25,000, and then as high as over a hundred, depending on the level of the position. But, um, I liked the way that Walmart stated it. Uh, several years back, this was several, several years back when they used to pay their cashiers just $11 an hour for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around.

And they said that if they had an $11 an hour cashier position and they started, they trained them and they quit within 90 days that right around the 90 days, Mark, it would, Walmart would consider it an $11,000 loss. And that was for an $11 an hour employee. So it can get really expensive to have a bad hire. Here are some interesting stats, 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. This is, uh, all of these stats are done by global HR. Um, 39% of businesses report a decrease in productivity due to a bad hire for sure. And not dimension the customers that you might lose. If that employee were to just not do what is expected by your customers. I’m 41% of businesses estimate the cost of a bad heart to be over $25,000. Again, that’s by a global HR. And I think this is really interesting.

Um, a quote that I’d read that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people at the end of the day. You bet on people, not strategies. And I believe that’s so important with Trinity. Uh, you know, it’s all about the people that we have. We can have the very best strategies ever in life, and if we have the wrong people, um, it, it just won’t go as well. I remember reading about Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs had an interesting story. If you ever watched any of his videos or anything where he was talking about, uh, his development of the Mac computer, the iMac, I think it was. And during that time period, he said he, he went throughout Apple and he found all of them, a player is a very small group of them. And I remember him coining the phrase, a small team of plus players can run circles around a giant team of being C level players. And he made that come to fruition when he started the Mac and, uh, and took it into the stratosphere, eventually making the iPhone, the iPod, the, uh, iPad and just, you know, catapulting Apple. Um, but I want to go ahead and jump into, so how is it, what are some things that you can do, um, to improve your interviewing process and what are some of the problems that people have with a great Tulsa Medical Staffing?

You need to assess your interviewing performance. Every company will have its own way of doing things, but, Actually taking the time to analyze your own process? And is it any good? Here are some common mistakes that we see from office managers, um, that, and they just pop up every now. And then number one is general inconsistency,

Pretty easy to access with our Tulsa Medical Staffing Accidentally allows interviewing inconsistencies to filter into your process. And it’s really easy because sometimes you just want to, you just want to dive into a conversation if you’re like me and you enjoy talking to people it’s really quick, it’s really easy to kind of veer in maybe the wrong direction, but something that’s interesting, or maybe you find something that interests them. But from scheduling interviews at different times of the day to enter the room in a bad mood, or after a bad thing that has happened, we’re all still human. And even the smallest things can affect our judgment. But the biggest way of overcoming this is being consistent. It’s critical to be strong, you know, to have a strong, successful interviewing process. It’s, it’s really, I just messed that up. It’s really, it’s really important that you stay consistent to have a strong interviewing process if you want the top Tulsa Medical Staffing by far.

And that means having the same questions for every candidate, um, having the same rating system. Um, I, I like to numerically grade each question for different candidates and, um, make sure you are keeping it as consistent as possible. That’s the only way statistically you can have one of the best, uh, outcomes is use numbers to make your decision just as much as you do emotion. Um, so, so the second thing is, is having an interviewing bias. Um, we’re again, human beings, we’re prone to bias. There are certain people that we just naturally like, but have you ever met somebody you, you really liked at first? And they ended up being one of the least lockable person, you know, um, it’s really easy to do. Um, but there are loads of things that can make a person prefer one candidate over another, and you’ve got to make sure that you stay in tune with it, you know, cultural fit and personality are important, but they’re not the most important things to consider.

Um, a great way to prevent bias is to host a panel interview. Um, ideally with interviewers of varying ages, genders, cultures, personalities, we always have everyone’s opinion. Um, before we bring somebody in, um, it, it isn’t always possible, especially at the first stage of interviews. Um, but eventually you can kind of work everyone in and you don’t have to put everyone in a panel. You can bring them in and get, um, different people’s opinions. I’ll tell you what, one, one of the things that come out of when we do this, we’ve caught people lying because we’ll sit back and be like with our Tulsa Medical Staffing, well, what did, what did they say when you said this? And they’ll tell one person something completely different, and then we’ll realize, Oh man, we got somebody really not being truthful here. Number three is interviewing fatigue, interviewing fatigue is a real problem, and it can really sabotage, you know, your interview and your judgment during them.

You know, just imagine if you’ve said an entire day of interviewing candidates and at the end of the day, Holy smokes, you know, you, you forgot everything about it, especially if you have more than two or three interviews, um, this, this can be a real flaw. You know, don’t allow yourself to get fatigued, know when you’re going to get the fatigued schedule, regular breaks, you know, limit the number of interviews that you have during the day. And, uh, panel interviews also may help you to get a clear and unbiased view of candidates. Number four, a lack of preparation with a good level of Tulsa Medical Staffing. This is probably one of the most common things that we see is that everyone’s busy. We’re all busy, we’ve all got tons of things that we’ve got to do. And oftentimes we intend to prepare. And what happens is, is, you know, a million things happen that morning and you just didn’t get a chance to really sit down and look at it.

And sometimes that’s really the first real glance that this person’s getting at their interview or at their resume. And that’s, that’s unfortunate solutions to this is make sure you thoroughly read the candidate’s resume, um, you know, making note of anything you’d like to ask, um, the candidate as a followup question to your original question. So you can stay consistent, um, come up with detailed criteria of exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate and make sure and share that with every candidate. I mean, use that same criterion for every candidate, you know, learn all the details of the job description, make sure you really read over that and make sure that it’s accurate and go over some of the things that you see as a concern, um, with, with everyone, number five, snap judgments, we all do this within seconds of meeting someone. It’s really easy to make a decision about what you think.

I remember we used to have a, um, we used to have a glass door that we would walk through and there would be like a hallway and you’d walk and you’d see that person for about five or 10 seconds walking down this hall. It was actually a really nerve-wracking walk because you knew they were looking at you. You knew you were looking at them, you’re sizing them up, they’re sizing you up. And I just remember going, man, this isn’t going to work or, Oh man, I’m really excited about this one. And I’m sure they’re doing the same thing. Listen, it goes both ways, but trying to make sure and give the person a chance is really, really important. Some of the most impressive people I’ve met, just weren’t what I thought they were at the very beginning when it comes to our Tulsa Medical Staffing. So, um, so put yourself in the candidate shoes, try not to let your initial judgment be the process, you know, stick to your script and definitely bring people into the interview with you. Um, I’ve run out of time with this one, with this particular topic, but those are some really great things for people to consider. If Trinity can help you in any way with your job searching. We are a staffing firm we’re located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we would love to be a great staffing organization for you. Please give us a call at Trinity employment specialists at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us at online@trinityemployment.com.

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