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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome back.

The A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers today’s podcast is titled the top five challenges facing staffing in 2020. And it’s something that all of us are dealing with in the staffing industry. And if you are not using a staffing firm and you are only relying on your own, um, HR recruiting power, or if you have a recruiting team, well, you’re going to be dealing with the same kind of, uh, issues. So we want to talk about the challenges facing staffing, and then what is it that we can do to try to overcome some of the challenges, but a lot of the, uh, one of the biggest things is, is just knowing what the challenge is and begin to think about it when it comes to Tulsa Medical Staffing. I think just thoughts over a certain amount of time, bring really good creative solutions when you’re not in a reactive state when you’re in a more proactive state.

So I like to keep these things at the top front of my mind. The thing is you, we, as employers have to avoid a candidate churn of, of starts and quits and improve hiring retention and businesses have got to be aware of these top, these top challenges that employers are facing, especially in 2020 with the craziest, just political environment that we’ve ever been in, in the political environment that we’re experiencing is leaking over into, um, our businesses, the economy’s shutting down. I don’t think anyone knows whether it’s legitimate or if we’re being lied to, or if, and it doesn’t matter what party you’re part of a human being. You should, everyone I think is looking at it going, I don’t know what to think right now, primarily because we have not ever experienced this, but here are some things to think about if searching for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. According to the 20, 20 global recruitment insights and data grid, that is it’s a site ran by Bullhorn.

The top challenge cited by recruiters is a talent shortage, which 73% of employers say is an issue. And with much of the, with a lot of intelligent already employed or on an unemployment package, that is way higher than what salaries are normally. And I’m talking about people who make somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 to $20 an hour. There, there is a lot of incentive for them to stay at home professional networking site, LinkedIn, it reports 87% of people are new to job opportunities with our Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And it’s up to recruiters proactively find the right fit for potential employees. I was having a meeting just a minute ago, not, not a minute ago, a couple of hours ago with, uh, one of the new customers that we acquired. Hooray. I’m excited about that. But we were talking about having trouble recruiting for a position that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to $22 an hour.

And he was asking, what is the biggest problem that you’re experiencing? And, uh, the recruiters that were in the meeting with me was saying, well, we can’t get anybody willing to go to work because they’re on this unemployment package with the $600 a week, um, increase now that we are in the week of, uh, July 29th is today 2020 and we are in the middle. So the unemployment package has stopped now. And there’s going to be a time period where they are getting ready to, um, you know, both parties, Democrats and Republicans are going in to try to negotiate a new unemployment package because, um, many say that we need to continue to keep the economy closed nationwide when it comes to the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. And many people say we should not do that. Um, and I don’t want to go into whether we should or shouldn’t, um, uh, because that’s an emotional topic for a lot of people.

It seems like however, um, it is what it is. And so we, we were basically stating that, um, we can’t get people to go to work because they’re on this unemployment package. Well, what they negotiate, you can guarantee you can be guaranteed that um, there’s going to be some level of weekly pay that comes out of this unemployment package. I don’t know how our country’s going to afford it, um, from a fiscal standpoint, but you can be guaranteed. They’re going to include that in there with a good Tulsa Medical Staffing. So I don’t believe it’s going to be as high as $600, but I do not believe it’s going to be zero. So there is a window here where it’s now down to zero, because it, that is ran out that $600 a week. Now we’re waiting for the negotiation to get over so we can find out what is it going to go back up to?

So we have a window now where employers can hire, hire, hire because now employees have an incentive to go back to work because it is unknown what this new unemployment package is going to be. So I encourage every recruiter from this point forward to really get aggressive in hiring right now, have an incentive to go back to work and it will help relieve that talent shortage you need people for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. The second thing is, is you’ve got high competition, primarily with people who are actually interested in going to work. So fewer candidates mean more competition in businesses has to make their offering more attractive than their competitors. So we’re not talking just in, in a form of financial compensation, uh, uh, see in BC survey monkey workplace happiness index found that non-monetary job benefits are a key to boost job happiness. The survey showed that 14% of people prioritized more training, more learning opportunities as important, and 9% said more paid time off was most important to improving job satisfaction.

And so I can attest to this. The first thing that we try to find out from any of our new clients is what are your benefits and how can we showcase what you offer? How can we tell what you offer? Um, it’s, it’s one of the biggest parts of recruiting for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. So I want to encourage employers to be thinking about some of these things and pay attention to what this survey is showing is that, um, more time off is one of the biggest things that people, uh, people are looking for. Number three, in this again, man, we can really attest to this slow hiring process, hiring processes. We watch more companies miss and, and lose good quality candidates because of a slow hiring process because of the competition right now in the high competition. Um, if you get somebody really good,

Good, they are going, somebody else is going to be seeing them and thinking that they’re really good also. And a lot of terms, you know, my, my grandma always said, the early bird gets the worm. This is the case in employment, uh, in, in this same meeting and every meeting of new clients that we bring on, I always let them know, listen, when, when our recruiter and we have a little keyword when we have somebody we think is really, really good. We want to let the employer know this person is great. I highly encourage you to meet this person. It’s not really a keyword. It’s just like, it’s a strong suggestion from us. Listen, we really liked this candidate for you. Please move quickly. And we try to remind them by not moving quickly, you run the risk of losing this candidate. Um, the average hiring, uh, for most companies takes 54 days to complete the hiring process.

I want to encourage employers, especially if you’re using a staffing firm, you’re going to have to be very decisive. Um, number four, increased transparency right now in our culture. Being transparent is really important to people, even in social media. You know, if you were to have a very technical, um, professional type video, professional type, uh, communication, that is not nearly as warming and welcoming as transparency. And, um, you can, you know, since there, since the most talented candidates they can afford to be selective candidates are vetting companies to find transparency. They use glass door sites like Glassdoor, and indeed that feature reviews. Um, we have a lot of people get on our Google reviews to check us out. Um, I think it’s really important for companies to be very transparent, um, and just let people know the good and the bad and the ugly in, in the job and not try to put some rosy, uh, Disney world experience when that doesn’t equal there the reality because people will quit number five and I’ll wrap this up.

Unrealistic employer expectations, low balling salary offers, um, refusal to cover moving costs, the benefits, um, of medical and dental coverage, no 401k plan, no workplace flexibility, no employee development opportunities. These are some of the benefits that employees want from a job. According to Harvard business review an employer that refuses to offer, um, wages and benefits along these lines really run the, uh, the, uh, risks of losing candidates. This is my 10 minutes here. I need to wrap this up. If Trinity can help you in any way with your hiring, please give us a call. We would love to be a resource for you. Our phone number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.