Tulsa Medical Staffing | 7 Job Searching Tips During Covid

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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome

Back to the, a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is how to look for a job in 2020. This is obviously going to be for potential candidates right now with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. You know, I just did news, uh, cast on, on our local news channel and they were trying, they were talking about the unemployment package that has been offered, which is, uh, you know, we, we just got through, uh, in July with the, uh, the end of the $600 a week for unemployment. And then we had two weeks lapse we had during that two week time period, we had tripled the job applicants that we had previous, um, you know, once COVID started, man, it just really lit things up. Um, and as far as the changes that we’re all dealing with, but, um, we had tripled the job applicants and now, um, this last, over the weekend, President Trump just, um, signed an executive order to extend unemployment benefits, offering $400 a week in addition to their normal employment unemployment package.

And so right now we’re still trying to figure out what this is going to do. But one of the things that are happening is employees are starting to look at getting back to work, especially those employees that are in the salary range of 12 to $15 an hour, um, because the unemployment package was paying the monthly equivalent of $50,000 a year. And so those employees making 50,000 or $15 an hour or roughly $32,000 a year, um, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s hard to get someone to come off of unemployment, especially when it’s not required to do a job search if you want the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. Um, and so now we’re starting to have people really starting to look for jobs. And so I think it’s kind of timely. What do you do to look for a job in 2020, I’ve got some things that I think that, uh, you should, you should look at.

Um, the first thing is you should look online. Listen, I have a philosophy that you need to take a look at four or five online platforms you’ve got indeed LinkedIn ZipRecruiter and monster career builder. There are all sorts of different, um, different online platforms, but you want to get as many of these systems working for you as possible, like get the good ones, check and check and make sure is this website, did they, do they have a decent presence in my field? And if they do fill out your profile and make sure it’s filled out completely. One of the things I learned when I went to one of our staffing conferences, they brought in all of the executives of these large online search platforms because staffing companies, man, we spend a ridiculous amount of money with these companies. Uh, and so, you know, we had the executives for LinkedIn, indeed ZipRecruiter, um, glass store was there, there.

And one of the things that they all had in common that I noticed is that you become 80% more searchable. Whenever you fill out your pledge, your, uh, profile completely. They want all of your information on the website. That’s what they want. They want your information. They’re probably going to sell it by the way, but that’s what they want. And when you fill out your profile completely, it makes you way more searchable. So get as many systems working for you as possible and follow up with them, um, have, have automatic updates sent to your email so that you have a lot of this process automated for you. Some of these websites have done a really great job at making your job searching a lot easier with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing. So you might as well take advantage of them. Um, you know, according to some estimates only about 4% of job seekers find employment through the internet alone.

Um, however, you’ve got it. You know, you’ve got to, you’ve got to look and use every resource that you can. Number two is that I’ve got here is a network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to network and land a job today says, um, statistics show that over 90% of hiring managers and recruiters utilize LinkedIn to search for in vet candidates. And here’s some things that you can think about when, uh, when trying to get known and seen on LinkedIn. Uh, the first thing is, is, um, have a professional image, put some effort into that, uh, the same thing with LinkedIn, LinkedIn, for sure with good Tulsa Medical Staffing services. If you fill out your profile completely on LinkedIn, it makes you way more searchable to employers that you need to have a professional image. It makes sure you have a pic picture out there. Make sure, make sure you have a background to your picture.

There are lots of things that you can do to make yourself appear way, way better than a lot of people can. The next thing is you need to have a good amount of connections, um, LinkedIn requests, or suggest, sorry, a 250 or more. However, in my experience in looking at LinkedIn, you really need to have 500 or more. That’s where you really begin to gain some, uh, some acknowledgment from everyone else that you are a well-connected individual. Um, the next thing is, is ask for recommendations from your friends. People look at those things. They want to see who’s recommending them. Um, who’s connecting with them. Um, the next thing is, is make sure you have a solid career summary, make sure you stay active on LinkedIn and reach out to colleagues and friends who may be able to refer you, but, um, having some good information that you are sharing on the back end of your LinkedIn website or site is also very helpful.

Number three, contact hiring managers directly and guess what you can use LinkedIn to find them. Um, and when you find a company that you’re really interested in, it’s really easy to go through there and find other people that work in that company and see if you have anyone in common, um, in your connections. And then also you can reach out to them directly, um, on LinkedIn. And, uh, especially if you, uh, if you ask a request for them to, to a friend, you will, then you can just begin to connect with them via messaging. And if not, if they, if they refuse to do a connect with you that way through LinkedIn, you can always give them a call that if you’re a good salesman, I know that’s what you would prefer to do. That’s what I would prefer to do any great salesman. They can’t wait to get on the phone with someone, but not everyone wants to be on the phone.

And so reaching out to them in a, in a LinkedIn platform is really important. I do think that if you reach out to someone through LinkedIn, let them know that they’ve done, that you’ve done the research and that they are definitely the person that you are wanting to reach out to, um, be very, very specific with why you chose to reach out to them and let them know what your goals are. And, uh, that you’re being very intentional, very intentional messages will get a lot more connections with solid Tulsa Medical Staffing. Um, number four, you’ll want to respond to ads, uh, that, that are out there. There are tons of ads online, um, and, and you already know that ads can be a great way to find out who’s hiring in your area or wherever, but employers may advertise new jobs online in shop windows or in print publications. Um, the good news is this can be a great way to find low to moderate-income positions.

Uh, in fact, nearly a quarter of people who use this method for those, uh, lower-paying jobs successfully find employment, because if they’re not spending a ton of money online, they’re going to, they’re not getting a lot of applicants. So as soon as they get interested, uh, they’ll, they’ll reach out to you. Number five, seek out the different offices and resources that are available to you through government agencies. Um, you know, we have workforce Tulsa here in Tulsa. We have, uh, the unemployment, uh, um, office that has a lot of really great resources and they have job counselors there with a lot of job opportunities in there. And it can be a really great resource for you. A lot of times they’ll do job fairs and bring employers right in there. And so it’s a really great way

To do, uh, to do that job searching there. The last thing is, is you can ask for referrals. Um, I think this is so important. One of the most powerful tools around is on social media. And if you can sift through all the negativity on social media after this COVID thing, um, and get through the politics of everything well, then you can genuinely ask for help from your friends. And one of the things that I’ve noticed is that real people just enjoy helping people a lot of times the right people. But if you’re going to ask for a referral, make sure that your social media platforms are up to speed with great levels of Tulsa Medical Staffing. They look professional that there’s not a, you know, bad language on your, on your site, on your social media platforms, in that you have a professional image, really think that this is one of the best ways networking is, is responsible for 80% of all professional jobs. And I think that that’s a really great way is to just reach out. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way with your job search, we would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call. We have some really great opportunities right now, and a lot more than what you would think, given, given the specific situation with COVID, but you can, you can check us out online to see what opportunities we have@trinityemployment.com. Or you can just give us a call at 918-.

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