Tulsa Medical Staffing | 21 Inspirational Career Quotes Part 1

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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome

Back to the, a player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is specifically meant for encouragement to those who are trying to figure out their career. Because in my experience, in a career, it was one of the most difficult time periods of my life. It lasted a little over five years, and honestly it was just a complete and total investigation of what is it that I want to do. And in watching an interviewing and just participating in the job market for so long with our Tulsa Medical Staffing, I’ve had to interview thousands of people and make recommendations and suggestions, and, um, hopefully provide good sound wisdom and advice to people throughout the time. And there are so many people that are just truly trying to figure out what is it that I’m supposed to do here on this earth.

And it is a very difficult task for some to figure that out. You know, I also find it, um, to where people in the middle of their career trying to make a career transition. And so I just thought that, especially for someone new, trying to bust into their career, I wanted to give some good career advice that I honestly wish that someone had given to me because these things are truths from some really super smart people, but it’s not common knowledge, or at least it wasn’t with me. And I really wished I had someone that I trusted that I knew had my best interest at heart. Just sharing some of this advice with me. So I’m here. I’ve chosen to go about this by way of quotes from really super smart people. This first quote comes from Confucius. It says, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Everyone has heard that. I’m sure you’ve heard that, but trying to figure that out for some people is a very difficult task. So how do you go about figuring that out? Um, one of the things that I started teaching, and this is the most important lesson that I’ve ever learned in, you know, all of my career and I, and I’ve seen a lot of success and a lot of frustration, but this is one of the most important things that I’ve learned. And that is the gift and benefit and asset that you gain as an individual of learning and understanding what your particular design is. What do I mean by particular design? Well, what types of gifts and talents has God uniquely given you that allow you to just Excel in a certain area to where when you put efforts in those areas, it just seems easy, radical, and just extraordinary results.

Come when you put effort into this particular area of your life, when, when people figure out what it is that that is, these results begin to happen, they enjoy their time, time flies. By when they’re working in this particular area, I teach a course and you can go check it out on your, your one degree to.com. But it’s a course that I teach. I don’t make any money off this. There’s no trans, uh, you know, there’s nothing like that. It’s just that I find it so valuable that I talk about it wherever I go. Um, I I’ve done several public talks about it, but it really just breaks it. It breaks down your personality and the things, you know, different activities into categories of reds greens and yellows. It goes through your calendar. So you can rate, is this a red or green or yellow with our Tulsa Medical Staffing?

Red means this is something that you can absolutely do. But when you do it, it drains you, you do not feel energized. And you just, you tend to procrastinate these things that are reds. The middle part is our yellows and yellows are areas that you can do. Um, but it doesn’t mean one way or another. And then you’ve got greens and greens are, um, items that really super energized you when you put effort into them. Like I said, you just go to the moon and understanding who you are and putting effort into this is one of the most important things you can do. Um, number two quotes, are it ticks along with that one, but I just find it so important. Um, the next one comes from Carlton, Fisk. It’s not what you achieve. It’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career. Let me tell you what he is meaning by that, that I wish that I understood.

And that is that success does not come by everything happening easy to you. Um, in fact, if everything came easy, you would likely, never learn very much or you wouldn’t learn very quickly. And so your ability to progress would become haltered and there would be a lid on your success. If you didn’t have any kind of adversity coming at you and the adversity is what creates wisdom and that wisdom that you gained during adversity is what really get, uh, defines your career in, in it defines what you’re going to be able to become. Some people are going to decide to give up during the adversity. It’s just the truth. That’s what’s going to happen when you don’t use our Tulsa Medical Staffing. That’s what happens. It happens every day, but how you react to the struggle is a great, great indicator of how your career is going to be in the next little bit.

The last thing, the last thing is work to become not to acquire. Let me tell you a little bit, what that means in there is a, there’s an individual that, uh, that had, uh, had a saying in his it’s, his name is Zig Ziglar. He said, if you help enough people get what they want. You will never ever have enough, have a problem getting what you want. And the idea from this, which by the way, that quote comes from Elbert Hubbard and the, the quote basically means that it’s opposite of what you think. If you hell, if you go and truly just make your intention to help other people first get what they want business will always come to you. Um, you know, the things that you need and want will always, it just always comes to UBIT. It does. It comes from you giving first it’s, it’s really opposite of what you think the world would tell you, will you go get what you want and then you can go help other people that that is not the way it works when talking about the ebst Tulsa Medical Staffing.

You need to start by helping other people first. And it’s actual, it’s actually opposite of what anyone, you know, the world would ever tell you. And in doing this has changed my life drastically. In fact, it’s changed my life so much that I do this every day. I try to find someone every single day to add value to their life every day, every day. And in doing that, I never expect anything to come out of that. Now, today, there was a pastor who was really wanting to feed the people in his community, because there are a lot of people because of COVID have lost their jobs and they’re, they’re just needing food. And so today I drove all the way out, about 30, 40 minutes to a meeting, and it’s a lunch meeting when you do have a Tulsa Medical Staffing service. I wasn’t going to be able to stay for lunch. In fact, I had to skip my lunch and eat a nasty w you know, one of those total cookie things I’m on the way, but I did that.

And I went out to, uh, introduce this pastor to this man. Okay. That’s what he needed. Um, on, I don’t want this pastor to help me with anything. I don’t need him to, um, but that was what he needed. And so I went and helped him with it. So now he is going to have, he is going to give away about 30,000 pounds of chicken, uh, through his church. And they’re going to do a drive through, um, and people in his community around where his church is at, are going to get fed. And I love it when it comes to our Tulsa Medical Staffing. I think it’s great, but every day, just try to find a way to help someone. All I had to do is drive out there, introduce him and leave. And that’s what I did. Listen. If Trinity can help you in any way, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. We would love to be a resource for you, or you can just visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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