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You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back.

The A-player matchmakers. I’m here with Cindy Foskey. Cindy is helping us out today in Ethan’s absence and um, Cindy is the, uh, a sales development person here for trinity and she’s worked here and really her and I have to go on a trips to go and see employers pretty often. And I wanted to bring you guys in on some of the craziest conversations I’ve ever heard of Cindy. You know what I’m talking about. We, we have a good time. So, um, today’s title is 12 recruiting statistics to change the way that you hire. And so the reason that this is interesting and this is going to be mainly for the employers is just, it’s interesting to know the way that Americans think. They think different. They’re at different, there’s some d listen to hiring. Game’s changed in the last eight or 10 years. We switched Cindy from an employee’s or an employers market where the employer w Kinda had, you know, employees were begging for jobs, uh, during the last eight, eight years. Be sure to make time to work with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing!

And then now, now it has changed. Employees have almost all of the power. Um, employers are needing to like market and do all sorts of stuff to keep, uh, employees interested and, and, and go through the application process. So that’s what we think. This is interesting. And before we get started, I want to invite everyone to go to our, uh, podcast or if you know of people that might be interested, please go onto our website@trinityemployment.com. There’s a podcast dropdown menu and that’s where all of our podcasts are. We have well over 50 now. Um, but we also have a lot of other great information. We have resume templates, all sorts of stuff. Do you want quality Tulsa Medical Staffing? So please go and check that out. We would love to, uh, be able to assist you. So we’re gonna go ahead and get kicked in here. Usually we start out with some sort of statistic to at least discuss.

But since the entire thing, Cindy as a dentist is distinct, let’s, let’s just go ahead and get started. So the first thing that employers need to know is that 66% of candidates want to hear more from employees what? And so we’re talking about this just earlier and this is like Yelp. Um, yeah, yeah. I didn’t even think about that. Candidates have a great advantage these days that they’re able, they have all these online sources. They can go online and check out the companies. Did you do that with us? Did really, where did you like, I’m curious, where did you go to look? I did go on Glassdoor and, but I also, I checked out your website. Yeah. And I, I checked out the Google reviews. I saw that you were five star company. That’s what really attracted me to trinity. So that was very important to me.

I think everyone, huge reviews person. So I trusted her. Listen, I think everyone is, I think they think about it before we even go to a restaurant. It. We’re checking those reviews out early. I’m always checking reviews that this is a new, this is a newer thing, but listen, it’s not going away and it’s getting stronger. And so I want to encourage our employers, listen, if you don’t know what your employees are saying, you might want to go check in glass door would be a great resource for you to go do that. Yelp, you can go to Google and find out what it, is there anything else that you know about that? I don’t because I knew about Glassdoor, but I don’t know why it didn’t come up in our conversation earlier. No, there’s really not any others that I can think of. So you need to go and check and see what the, what people are saying now, if you’re an employer, I want to encourage you to do this. DO not wait any longer, these guys are ready to help you today with the top Tulsa Medical Staffing.

No. What people are saying. And then if you have a reasonable response that you would like for people to know about, I want to encourage you to respond to it. Um, you know, Trinity Gut Trinity has a, not very many thank goodness, but we have some negative reviews. Some of them, we don’t even know who these people are. Like we went to go find out who is this person that’s riding these things that do not sound anything like us and we respond to the person, please contact us. We’d really, we’d really like to work this out. But after they did not respond to us, we had to respond to say, we have checked our entire database and we have no, we really don’t know who this person is. And so we suspect that this is something that is, it’s just not nice or, or there’s something going on here and, and listen, people listen.

If you saw that response that I think that’s kind of an authentic response. People probably believe that. Yeah, I’m sure they did. Yeah. They don’t know any different. So yeah, a reason not to believe it. The second thing is, is candidates are twice as likely to accept cold emails if they’ve interacted with your brand before. And so we’re, we were talking about this earlier, Cindy, like it says in statistics that seven PR, you need to see a brand seven times before you begin to see that. It’s legitimate, but I can tell you right now, you know your brands and you know what you’re going to go, you know what you’re going to go by and you’re like, does that mean something to you? It really does. Yeah, because I think that we are most likely to accept. You have to be so careful these days because there’s so many scammers out there.

So if it’s something, if it’s a company that you’re familiar with or if it’s a family member or a friend that you’re familiar with, you’re more likely to accept the cold email from like even even products that you buy, you’re going to, you’re, you’re going to look at that. Like if, if, if you’re going to buy, we, you had mentioned a pair of shoes, like if I’m going to go, you’re going to trust Nike way better than you are. Some brand that you’ve never heard of before from Walmart or like a pair of shoes is a great example because I don’t know. Well, these pair of shoes that I’m wearing right now, okay. This is, this is the honest truth are these things are 100% leather nice. Which that’s why I bought them, right? But they were on sale and there were 75% off and there were the style. You will enjoy this company because they always provide the best Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

Like now I actually really liked these shoes. Okay. But month two, they’re falling apart and the souls are coming off the glues coming undone. The brand of the shoes is Westinghouse in something. I’ve never heard of it before, you know, now. And so obviously that wasn’t, if I would’ve bought, if I would’ve bought a pair of, oh, what, what’s one of those really nice Cohens Cohens guaranteed. Those things aren’t coming apart and if they do, you know, they’re backed up. And that’s why I stick with like major brands like Michael Kors. I know that if I buy a pair of Michael Kors shoes, they are going to be very comfortable and they’re going to last. They’re wonderful. Now I went to the outlet mall at, at uh, Branson this last week. And there, there’s a lot of, lot of women walking around with Michael Kors. But no, listen, it’s not a Michael Kors anymore.

It’s like Mk. Yeah, there you go. But every night. Oh, how weird is it to not actually, I think the only reason I knew is because of you. So funny. Um, number number three, it takes an average of 27 business days to make a new hire. And I want you to know that I believe that that is very accurate. I believe that sometimes that is justified, but I believe that many companies miss out on a lot of hires, a lot of good hires because it takes 27 days. And listen, we just, we just hired a big time position for company. I don’t want to go in details cause I don’t, you know, if people knew and, but it is a really big time position and they were going to be spent, it’s well over six figure salary and listen, it took 31 days to get the job. Please call now for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing, you won’t be disappointed.

All right. I am telling you, I’m telling you they about lost her not once but twice. We literally saved it twice. It is very stressful and very frustrating because we know that the great candidates, the really the a players as you call them and they go really fast. So we tried to stress to the company. If you don’t, you have to snatch them pretty quick because they go really fast. Well, and that leads us into our next, uh, our next, uh, statistic. The best candidates are off the market within 10 days. Oh yeah. Listen, we, we lose more great hars do here every week, every week. At least three. I would, I would imagine. Absolutely. You know, and, and, and these are great hires. People really want them and they just, they just slept. Nope. We let them know. I know, I know that Jay, Cindy’s part of this is business development. So her, her job, she’s going to be developing the relationships with the, with the managers. Right. But she is also responsible say, hey listen, we just want you to know they’re, they’re getting contacted by another company.

Yeah. And oftentimes we will send them out to other companies as well because this is somebody that’s desperately looking for a job. They need to find, you know, they need to find a position rather quickly. So we send them to

multiple, well, especially, especially when we don’t have, when we don’t really have a job border and we’ve got somebody that we don’t know, we just know that they’re great and listen, we want to, we don’t do this without them being great. That’s right. So we want to create a position for them so that we can help them get places. Yeah. And so company and so sometimes, yeah, I mean it, that that happens, but it’s, it’s really important to keep those two numbers. It, uh, it takes the average business 27 business days to make a hire, but the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. And so if you have a goal within your company to hire a players, when you know you got one, you better pull the trigger and have a system set up that you can empower people to make decisions quickly if you’ve got an a player. Because, um, you know, we, we read in our last statistic the cost, the cost of losing a bad heart or losing a bad heart, $15,000. Um, career builder also says that the cost of losing a good har is $30,000. So, um, make sure that you put some, uh, some effort or at least some thought process into that. The next thing is your average cost per hire has risen to more than $4,000. Holy Cow. Does that surprise you?

Um, no, not really. Why? Um, well it takes, well, the training process, you know that the time that it takes someone to train a, a new hire, you know, is you know that well and then if you have to, if they don’t end up working out and you have to replace them with someone else from our Tulsa Medical Staffing service.

and just getting them on board, getting them on board is, is really like, I know that indeed. Oh Man. Do you have any idea Cindy, of my tastes for indeed right now? I was on the phone with them yesterday. Oh, is that right? Oh Man. Actually, I think we have a good account manager or we have a, we have somebody that’s at least going to try. That’s good. Yes. It’s rare. It’s rare over there, but, but anyway, um, their cost has, has almost tripled just in the last three years. Yeah. And so whereas in, listen, I, I hate to say it, but the only reason that we’re using them is because you know, their, their system works. It’s a very, very expensive, but we know that when we need to get the rock kind of higher, that that is a system that works. So we’ve, we’ve really dialed it back and given our business, uh, to other companies as much as possible over the barrel.

Well, I think they realize that they’ll overplay their hand, I think. But, uh, but at least right now, yeah. They’ve, they’ve got a really good product and so we need to be able to utilize it. But, but you’ve got to keep in mind, it’s not just them. I mean, the, the big dogs in town are, are not in town all over the country, or probably indeed ZipRecruiter. Um, monster. Yeah. Monsters big. But right now indeed and zip recruiter are just Glassdoor. They’re the new trendy things and um, you know, they’re, uh, they’re controlling the market by raising the prices and it’s, it’s getting a lot more expensive. So you need to keep that in mind that, uh, your cost per hire is rising using a staffing firm all of a sudden, oh, it’s cheaper to use us and let us take, you know, and let us have all the stress and yeah.

Well, yeah. And uh, and you get, you get some pretty good insurance sometimes on some of the hires there. Absolutely. The next one is 60% of employers are very concerned with the cost of unfilled positions and rightfully so. I know, I know when I was at Samsung, large oil and gas company that used to be in town, and we are, I remember my manager coming up to me one day, Cindy, and saying, hey, listen, um, every day that you don’t have this position filled, it was a geologist, you know, as exploration. She’s like, we estimate that our company loses $10,000. And I just remembered the, the hair on the back of my neck stood up when she told me that because you and are geared the same way. You tell me something like, oh, I gotta get something done. Then puts it all in perspective Tulsa Medical Staffing ideas.

It, you know, you know what, that’s really what it was. And that’s what most people miss, is that most people just, they, they underestimate the amount of money it costs. It costs a company to not have a position filled because production is down. Yeah. And so, um, and so keep that in mind also, especially when you’re talking to Cindy about, about staffing services. Um, the next, the next statistic is 64% of applicants would share a negative application experience with friends and family. What do you think? I believe that. So, um, you know, we, we really like to share, we feel comfortable sharing with people that we know, care about us is what it kind of boils down to. I think. Well, if you treat some, I’ve learned this in business, if you treat your employees or your customers really, really, really good, I mean Disney world, good, right?

If they get that kind of experience, you might get them to tell one or two people. However, if you mess up something badly and it’s your fault, and even if you’re apologetic about it, um, and they’re frustrated, they leave frustrated, they will tell a minimum of 25 people. I’m certain of it. And if you don’t believe me, go to your Google reviews on, on most companies. I’m so, I’m so glad that we, we don’t have very many, you know, but even us, you can go find bad Google reviews on us or you know, something wasn’t right in their minds. And so they went, they really went off and, and most people are, it’s very difficult to get people inspired to go write a good review. It is not very hard at all to go get somebody inspired that you’re passionate about writing about one for you.

All right, so we’re, we’re about out of time here. We’re going to do one more. I’m going to go to the last one here. Um, employee and turnover can be reduced by 28% by just investing in the employer brand. And that, that Cindy, that something that we’re, you know, you and I are responsible for is trying to create the employer brand. We are moving to try to begin a campaign to get Trinity’s name out more. We spent the entire first 10 years of existence, literally keeping ourselves silent to the masses because we didn’t want walk in interviews. We wanted to be very specific with who we interviewed and not become distracted. And we’ve moved as we’ve grown and grown and grown, it’s become more and more important for our company. Your name to get out there. So we’re looking at like billboards and certain things like that as we can afford it to begin to do this.

But, um, but listen, that’s something that I’ve got to consider and many companies need to consider is that your employer brand really matters now. Yes, it does. And something that I really love about trinity is that you’re such givers because we’re always stopping by with Chick-Filet cookies or candy cops or something, you know, for the, for our partners. And I love that. Do you think people just get sick of us bringing stuff to them? But a lot of times I get the sweetest emails, you know, our phone call or text or something. Let me know how much they appreciate it. Yeah, I got that. A, they’re in the Bible. It says when there’s a, I’m going to butcher it, but you know, you give a gift, you’re planting a seed, you know, even if it’s some, even if it’s, you know, uh, when it rain, it’s raining right now. So my goal, um, what umbrella I’m going to, I’m going to go try my best to give an umbrella to some unsuspecting person that’s going to have to go walk in it. So I appreciate it. People appreciate it and it’s a seed. Listen, if trinity can help you with anything, especially with employment related, if your employer, we would love to speak with you, give us a call@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightoryoucanvisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.

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