Tulsa Medical Jobs | Phone Zombies Create Problems at Work

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to employers and job seekers. And this particular topic is probably going to be somewhat interesting to both parties, the job seeker and the employer. And the title of this is phone zombies create problems at work with great Tulsa Medical Jobs. So let me try to explain this to you real quickly. Let me just give you a scenario. You’re in a meeting and you notice your colleagues, their heads are down. I’m sure you’ve seen this before. The responding to some annoying little ping pings coming from all over the place and those that were polite turned off the ping and they’ve got a vibrate and those that were even more polite, they turned off the vibrate. And so they’ve got this flash coming from their phone, letting them know that they’ve got some new notification, you know, their attention is absorbed by this device, answering emails, responding to texts and scrolling through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, text messages.

All of the things that come, there’s so many different things that come you. You might well as be invisible to this person and just because, just because you’ve got, you know, you’re being snubbed. Now, I don’t think that people are exactly going, well, I want to go and snub someone. I want to go, you know, do something mean for Tulsa Medical Jobs. I really don’t think that, but this is what concerns me for companies. And then if you’re a manager or if you’re in a group, is that there’s no chance that someone’s attention is on that meeting. If they’ve got that phone ding in left and right. Now listen, sometimes we have some emergencies here at Trinity it happens and sometimes, listen, we have become a victim of this, but think about if you’re going to meet for a meeting and you’ve got 10 people in a room, let’s just say they’re making $15 an hour.

That’s roughly going to be about a hundred dollars a day. So you’re going to take $100 divided by eight you know, and so you’re going to take, you’re going to lose at someone $15 an hour. You’re going to lose a couple of hundred bucks depending on how many people are in the meeting, if they’re not present in the meeting. And, and so, wait, not only have you paid for nothing, you’ve gotten very little accomplished and you’re not able to reach your potential as a team. And that’s really concerning. And this is even for high level people for the best Tulsa Medical Jobs, people that really produce at a high level and they produce quality work. You know, it happened, um, to a CEO of the, in the story that I was reading in, uh, the DME, the Dunvagen Dunvagen group, sorry, it’s a management consulting firm in Ontario, Canada and the CEO there says being fully present is important to the, to, to, to him.

And it’s obviously not happening. Here’s some statistics. I generally start out with statistics, but I just fumbled through that. So I’m sorry if, if that, if that appeared of not really well put together, but I had a, I had it in my mind. It was so perfect before, um, 70% of us respondents to the survey. And let me tell you where it’s coming from top Tulsa Medical Jobs. This survey is, um, from smartphone etiquette, KTM engineering. And it’s based on an online survey of 2000 respondents back in July of 2019 77 or 70% of U S respondents said, having your cell phone out in a meeting is inappropriate, but 53%, even though they think that it’s inappropriate, they do it anyway. And while 80% said checking someone’s phone in a meeting is inappropriate, 50%, even though they know it’s inappropriate, they cannot resist, which makes sense for the, the first podcast I did on this was that it’s becoming an addiction in America.

Well, it’s been there for a while, but we’re just now realizing it and it’s reducing our ability to learn and our, our, our brain’s ability. It’s stifling it. So also the, the study conducted, um, in July that 20% of people check their phone at least once every 20 minutes. So here’s some other statistics. Um, uh, 10% have had their, have had their phone out in an interview. Even now, we’ve seen that a lot. A lot of times it’s coming out because it’s ringing. They forgot to turn the ringer off though. Um, so getting, getting, having this happen in Tulsa Medical Jobs industry, in a a meeting type space or some, you know, anywhere you go, it’s really deteriorating the quality of the work that we do. And I don’t know exactly what it is to, to need to do this, but it’s rude and disruptive to everyone in the meeting.

Sometimes meetings come to a complete halt waiting for the offender of this to catch up with the conversation and everybody’s going to have to spend their time again trying to tell them what just happened and it extends the meeting and oftentimes delays decisions because you’re still trying to catch up, get the person caught up. And the more senior the participants are, the more likely they are to engage in, you know, [inaudible] phone snubbing people in meetings. But not only that, think about that. The higher the level, the worse it’s going to be when the decision comes. And the strategy to combat this is just flat out ask participants to turn it off or silence it or put the device away. It generally doesn’t work. Staffers oftentimes just can’t help themselves. And it, they put it in their laps, they leave it on, they can’t, they can’t stay without it. And that’s a part of the addiction that we talked about in our last podcast.

The last straw, you know, that a lot of people figured out in the strategy is, um, on someone’s device. Um, during the entire meeting he asked the group to delay his decision, um, uh, and the arrest agreed upon, uh, that he was just distracted by his phone. And although it was a key player in the decision would impact that person’s team. His presence had been absolutely of no value in a specific, a specific instance that they, that they mentioned here. And so what, what is it that we do with this? Um, you know, how do you, how do you coach your employees from Tulsa Medical Jobs? How do you encourage your employees? So a manager or employee meeting is an opportunity to build a connection, discuss performance, get feedback, but when your phones are out, it really hurts engagement, morale and employees really need to understand this and it needs to be communicated to them.

Employees consistently consistently complained that their one on one discussions with their manager, they feel are neglected. And it can go both ways when the manager does this. So here’s some things. Helping your managers understand how having phones out in key times harms employee morale. It harms their ability to make good decisions and managers who check in and respond to email or place their phones where they can see them or they can see any kind of message come in or they just hold the phone in a meeting, they’re going to participate in disruptive behavior for their team. You’ve got to keep in mind if you’re a manager that your team is watching. Now if you were a subordinate, you can get fired for it and there’s probably going to be disciplinary action. But your manager, you are showing your team how to behave and you know, you’ve got to be able to show them and lead from example.

Um, the second thing is working with managers to create new behaviors for engaging more effectively with employees. My suggestion is is to write out expectations on phone usage in meetings and stick to it. And just let everybody know what it is and then hold your managers accountable to holding that policy, and if they’re not doing it themselves, then there will be a disciplinary action on, on that stance as well. But I really think that this is going to be a big thing in, in days to come when it comes to operations in a company. This is going to get worse before it gets better, I think, and, but you’ve got to just remember this one thing. This is a very simple thing to fix. It’s as simple as putting it away during a meeting and getting it out outside of the outside of your viewpoint.

You know, you, you could put it, it could be as simple as you go into the meeting and you’ve got a box at the center of the table and everybody has to agree that they’re going to put their phone in there, turn the daggum thing off so you don’t listen to all that man. Dang, dang Dean Dean ran all of the things that happen. Listen, I hope that this is a somewhat open eyeopening to you. You’ve got to start thinking about this because we’re losing productivity all the time. If Trinity can help you in any way with your staffing or with any, you know, with employment type issues like this, we would love to be able to do that. Um, it is our honor to be able to serve the people that we get served. You can give us a call@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightoryoucanvisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.

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