Tulsa Medical Jobs | 6 Requirements for Hiring a Leaders Assistant

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying

to make a good positive difference in both employers and job seekers. This particular podcast is going to be directed towards leaders or potential leaders, six requirements that leaders need to have. When you’re developing a great culture in your company. It’s really, really important for leaders to be able to understand this. One of the main things that I’m trying to do is I have been given the unbelievable privilege of being able to interview Mr. John Maxwell with a great friend of mine. His name is clay Clark and it will be on a different podcast show. It will be on the thrive time show as the number one business podcast in the nation with great Tulsa Medical Jobs. Holy cow and congratulations to clay on that. Um, but he has asked me to sit in and be able to ask them questions of Mr. Maxwell. And so, um, this particular podcast comes off of a quote of Mr. John Maxwell and this is the quote.

It says, the definition of a nightmare is a big dream and a bad team. And so being able to recruit and find great leaders on your team and then not only that, being able to be the top of leader, the other leaders will want to follow. That is the hardest thing I’ve found because it is so easy as an entrepreneur sometimes just be a doofus. I’m, I’m your typical entrepreneur. And on occasion listen, uh, in my staff will tell you on occasion I can make some really bad calls or be a doofus. And I’ve done that over my over time. However Tulsa Medical Jobs can help you, in really paying attention to the emotional, um, the, the emotional state of our company and really being able to tune in to where things, when things are not going right or being able to watch their reaction to something that I, or a new strategy that we’ve implemented.

And being able to see that and know when there’s an issue and then stepping in and trying to resolve that before it becomes an issue is one of the greatest things that you can do as a leader is just having a high E Q. um, but you’ve got to be, you’ve got to have the right team around you. For me, I have to have a really great executive assistant. A phenomenal executive assistant for someone like me is like an air traffic controller for my life with all the best Tulsa Medical Jobs. Uh, not only my business but my whole life. Um, because I’m very, very great at being able to implement certain things that are at a high level. But some of the details, I need someone around me to make sure that we, we keep those things right because a good executive assistant, they helped me manage intricacies of the intersections between work, family, social obligations and all of those things and it, and that is just a great difference maker for me.

So I’ve to have somebody on my team that understands the culture. However, before you can find someone like this, you must first become a phenomenal leader. Linda Eggers has been John Maxwell’s assistant for over 30 years. She’s often asked how to be a good assistant. Her response is always the same. Find the top notch leader to work for. In other words, if you want the best, you have to be the best and so here are six requirements for the leader looking for a great person to have around them. One is is you set the atmosphere, having the right personnel and the right principles in your organization sets the right atmosphere. Listen, as a leader when you walk in the building for top Tulsa Medical Jobs,

if you’re the right type of leader, you set the tone for that day and I, this was a very hard lesson for me to learn to be honest with you because on occasion I would, I would walk in in a bad mood and instantaneously people are going to be in a bad mood. Today is the day after Christmas. Today is December 26th, 2019 and I walked in and people just came off Christmas and they took their vacation before Christmas. So, let me just tell you, just be honest with you, there’s not a lot happening in the employment market right now today. There’s not a lot of decisions being made. I feel like people are here just trying to put in their time. There’s not a lot of energy going around. And so if I come in with the same kind of energy


everyone’s going to match that so quickly. So what I had to do is I had to come in here. I’m joking with them. I make this big ordeal that somebody put a box in my floor who did it? Everybody’s laughing now. Um, I’m, I’m trying to set the tone for the day and it’s really, really important that because you set the atmosphere, I had to get people joking because, and laughing because they weren’t laughing when I walked in. The number two thing, you gotta be secure. How do you do that? You gotta be the first person to apologize. Be the first one to forgive. You better be humble. You better be vulnerable. You’ve gotta be honest and authentic because unrealistic views of yourself create unrealistic views of success for others. I do not mind letting my team know when I made a bad decision and here’s why, and here’s the results and I’m sorry.

Please forgive me. I think that’s one of the most important things that I’ve learned to do as a manager. There’s a big difference when you realize that you’re wrong and you just go and say, listen, I made the wrong call, but I was looking at this and I could have, you know, I mean, there is a justified reason for this. I did blah, blah, blah. Listen, that doesn’t farewell. Let, let me, let me talk to the leaders out there just real quickly until you, one of the most important things that you can do. Same thing with my kids that need Tulsa Medical Jobs. I had to do this, my child the other night. Um, walk up to them and say, listen, I made the wrong decision and it, and it wasn’t right and I, I’m really, really sorry. Please forgive me.


And shut up. That makes more impact than anything with my daughter the other day. Um, she said something and she got me frustrated and I raised my voice at her. And that didn’t help anything. I promise you it didn’t. But I raised my voice at her. It wasn’t crazy. We’re not yelling and screaming, but she was not listening to me and she was arguing with me and my wife. And so I raised my voice at her and said stop. And that didn’t do anything for the situation. I could see it in her eyes that she was like shocked that dad yelled. But that’s not the kind of example I want to set for her at all. So I went to her that evening and I said, listen, I was wronged. Raise my voice

and I want you to know I’m really sorry and I’m going to try to not do that again. Would you please forgive me? And I shut up. Now what I wanted to say was, Hey, you weren’t listening to me. So I had to, I had to get your attention. I wanted to give all these excuses on why I raised my voice. Cause I felt like I was totally justified. But that wouldn’t have done anything, especially for someone like her. So make sure you’re secure in with yourself. You have to be secure with yourself before you have the confidence to do that. Number three, you connect who wants to have a relationship where connection only happens when something goes wrong. Connect with your staff frequently. Make sure you get on common ground and continually move from your world to others, to other people’s world. Let me give you an example that Lee Cockerel taught me and I’ve, and I’ve recently watched real great leaders do the exact same thing.

He told me this, he said, listen, I spend at least a third of my time walking around the parks. Oh, hold on just real quick. Lee Cockerel is a, used to be the vice president of operations for Walt Disney world. So he handled everything for all the operations and we all know that Disney does it better than almost anyone else. And so listening to him was really important for Tulsa Medical Jobs. So this is what he told me. He said, listen, I spent a third of my time walking around and meeting with the staff, or they call them a w, w what’d they call them? Uh, characters. No, it wasn’t characters. It was cast members. I walk around and I meet with all my cast members. A cross member is someone who’s behind the counter selling a Coke. And he walked around and met with everyone in the park regularly and he spent one third of his time doing it.

And that is how he found out what was really happening in the park because they knew that he was listening and he was asking on purpose. It’s really important that you connect. He connected with them, and that’s how I found out. Number four, you are generous. Be generous with your time. Be generous with your recognitions and be generous with your communication. Make sure you’re not closing yourself up in the office and just being a grouch today, it would have been very easy for me to say, they’re not talking, they’re not being, having a good time today. I’m going to come in my office because I don’t want to be around that. Um, but instead I go on there. I make jokes. I make sure that they’re having a good time. Number five, you are teachable. Remember when I was apologizing, I’ve done the same with my staff.

Please forgive me. I’m teachable. Listen, I’ve surrounded myself around people who are smarter than me in the areas and I do not ever want them to think that they can’t come to me with their best ideas. I can be teachable and I am sometimes wrong, so you must know your weaknesses and ask for accountability in those areas. I have my wife who keeps me grounded. I promise you if there’s a better way than adopt to that way. Andrew Carnegie said this, he said this, I owe whatever success I’ve attained by enlarge to my ability to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am, and you’ve got to be. You’ve got to be confident to be able to do that. Number six, in the last one, you know what is important to you? Know your priorities in life. Put them in order. Make sure you’ve got that on your desk.

This always allows you to set expectations for yourself and others and hold yourself accountable for it. Good leaders know where they are going to go and they have plans to get there. And from my experience, you know, um, John Maxwell, um, he can, you know, anyone that’s around him can say that they were able, they weren’t able to find a phenomenal leader until they first understood these previous six requirements that he’s laid out. I hope that this has helped you. Um, Trinity would love to be able to help you in recruiting people like this. Please give us a call at nine one eight six two two, two five, eight, eight or you can learn a whole lot about Trinity and how we implement these type of search capabilities online on our website at Trinity employment.