Tulsa Medical Jobs | 4 Things to Look for When Hiring Millennials

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome to the a player matchmaker.

Well we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers and the title of this podcast is going to be primarily for your hiring managers, people who hire people, um, and or maybe just some of your office managers that are looking to hire millennials. The title of it is four things to look for when hiring millennials that use Tulsa Medical Jobs. I got the opportunity, I’m going to get the opportunity to interview John Maxwell through a very good friend of mine, his podcast, uh, the thrive time show. His name is clay Clark. He’s a very good friend of mine and he’s invited me to sit with him when we interviewed John Maxwell. And what a great honor for me. I can’t believe it. Um, John Maxwell’s somebody that I’ve always read his books. I find that he has some of the best leadership ideas to implement in your business as anyone I’ve ever heard of before.

And his engagement as a speaker is something like I’ve not seen before. Almost anything that he gets up and talks about is worthwhile. And he’s taught me so many great ideas. And so when I found out that I get the opportunity to sit with clay and ask a few questions of Mr. Maxwell, I just started, I’ve got to study, I want to, I want to make sure that I really absorb as much as I can so I can ask him some of the best questions possible for the listeners. There are 500,000 listeners a month that tune in to the thrive time show. And so I want to be a very good steward of that opportunity. So I’m going to be doing some John Maxwell type podcasts here and sharing some of the great things that I’ve learned with him, uh, with you. So the, the title of this, like I said, is four things to look for when hiring millennials.

And I want to start out with, uh, a story that John Maxwell had told where he was having lunch with the legendary coach Lou Holtz. And he said, I’ve had really great players and I’ve had really bad players and I’m a much better coach with the good players. And John Maxwell thought that the same would be true when hiring your corporate team leaders and the managers. Um, you know, when you’re looking to recruit talented millennial employees, millennial employees have came to the table with a different set of skills. Not all of them are bad, even though many presentations have been shown that they are very, very bad. Not everything is bad for Tulsa Medical Jobs. And so what is it you look for? Because if you want better teams, you’ve got to recruit better players. And if you want to develop better millennial leaders on your teams, well they don’t, just like Lou Holtz was, you know, they don’t need better passing blocking or tackling skills, but they deep.

But you do need to recruit people with high leadership potential. So how is it that you look for that is what this podcast is going to be about. People development is where your managers create lasting foundations for winning organizations. And really it’s just like good to great. You’ve got to get the right people on the bus and Steve jobs that it Oh, many times. It’s very clear. I’ve, I mean I’ve made it very well known in this podcast that a, a small team of a players will run circles around a large team of B players because recruiting is the first and most important task in developing people. So there’s a, there’s a guy that he’s a CNN contributor that needs a better Tulsa Medical Jobs. Um, Jeffrey Cohn. He was asked if hiring millennials is so important, why do so many hiring efforts fall short so many times in Jeffrey cone gives an answer that may benefit a lot of managers out there listening to this.

The short answer is this. He says, we focus on all the wrong things like the candidates charmed their stellar resume or their academic credentials, but none of this has any bearing on their leadership potential. And despite claims to the contrary, even a candidates past results have little bearing on whether the promoted individual will succeed. Once promoted, promoted, sorry. And your leaders can’t develop people without potential, no matter how hard they try or how good they are. Lou Holt is a great, great manager for great Tulsa Medical Jobs, I’m sure of talent, but hiring millennials who aren’t interested in growing as a leader and then expecting him or her to be very effective. It’s like asking a horse to climb a tree. It’s, it’s going to spend its entire life wondering why it’s not very successful if a horse is trying to climb a tree. And so your managers will quickly become frustrated and you’ve got to try to figure this out. If they want potential clique, tree climbers, you don’t want to try to recruit a horse. You want to try to find an eager squirrel.

And so if you want potential millennial leaders, you’ve got to focus on hiring millennials with the traits of a good leader. So that brings us to John Maxwell’s four CS of recruiting leaders. So when trying to recruit millennial leaders and potential difference makers, your, your managers and leaders are going to have to be able to employ these four CS. So the very first one is chemistry. It shouldn’t take very long to find out if a person applying for a job has chemistry. It is liking this person important. Yes. When someone hides behind technology for good example rather than engaging in conversation.

It can be a bad sign and you need to pay attention to that and not get so overwhelmed by their technical jargon, especially for you guys who are good EEQ guys where you have a great emotional intelligence. If that person struggles to connect with other people, the entire team will likely struggle to connect with him or her and because millennials have been have used electronical devices so much, Domino’s went to an app because they were concerned that millennials were too emotionally bothered to call, call for a pizza because they would rather not have a pizza than call for a pizza, and so they set up an app so they didn’t have to call because they were, they determined that millennials were too nervous to have a real conversation with someone for top Tulsa Medical Jobs. That’s interesting. John Maxwell says there’ll be reluctant to invest time in a relationship. They don’t have good interpersonal skills.

In addition to evaluating the personal connection, they should pay attention to how well that person might mesh with the organizational culture and put just as much of an emphasis on that as they do anything else. Because often they can innately sense whether a person will connect with the culture of your organization, even if they can’t initially give specific reasons why. The bottom line here is Kim’s chemistry really matters. Um, character. A good character makes people trust other people. You need to judge these things. And capacity is another one. It can be deeply fulfilling to invest in millennial employees to help bring out their best Tulsa Medical Jobs, but your leaders will become frustrated trying to bring out what isn’t there. Do they have the capacity? If they want to recruit millennials with the capacity to be developed into good leaders, then you must ask, must not ask for what they wish the millennial recruit could give, but evaluate what he or she actually has the potential to give you.

You’ve got to analyze stress management, their skill level, their thinking. Do they have the ability to be creative and think outside of the box and try to solve problems when something isn’t working out their leadership ability, there is anyone following them. That might be a good question. Who’s following you? Their attitude, their ability to remain positive when negative circumstances. So those are some things when it comes to chemistry. The second thing, contribution. Some people possess an X factor. They’re just winners. They’re going to find a way to win. They’re going to find a way to to be successful even when the situation doesn’t warrant for it. Such people who possess this intangible drive can be a joy to develop in whatever your managers put into them. Get a terrific return on investment. But a word of caution to any manager is millennial employees are often multi-skilled.

Having having some high tech era that values efficiency, it’s easy to presume that hard skill capacity also means soft skill success and it’s very important. I mentioned EEQ earlier, but not everyone who knows social media has a high emotional intelligence or a look like what I was talking about. Help your leaders invest efforts into assessing how potential millennial hire would contribute to their team before investing the time and the money to training. Hiring millennials comes down to this simple truth expressed by another college football coach, a coach, Bobby Bowden. If you get the best players and coach them soundly, you’re gonna win. The same is true for your leaders and managers. When your managers or coaches find the best millennial players and God them will, your entire company will win. So chemistry, character capacity in contribution are four things to look for when hiring millennials. I hope that this has helped you in just thinking about ways to get more out of the people that you hire, especially when it comes to millennials. If Trinity can help you in your recruiting process, we would love to be doing so. Um, please give us a call@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightorcheckouteverythingthatyoucanimagineaboutourcompanyonlineattrinityemployment.com.