Finding Good LPNs

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Cory Minter:

Hi. My name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. As a healthcare staffing agency in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, one of the key jobs that we staff for are LPNs. We staff for LPNs regularly. The reason is because, in Oklahoma right now, there is a shortage of good quality LPNs that have hospital and medical clinic experience. Many other medical clinics reach out to Trinity as a healthcare staffing agency specialist to help them with some of these positions.

I want to go over with you real quickly some of the ways that we recruit well for LPNs, and some of the things that we watch out for, and hiring good LPNs and hiring bad LPNs and what that looks like. Let’s take a dive in here and see if we can help you in looking in hiring your next LPN in your medical clinic in Tulsa or Oklahoma City.

The first thing that you need to know when you’re recruiting for LPNs is to know that they’re very difficult to find right now in Oklahoma. Like I mentioned just now, there’s a shortage of good quality LPNs. Not long ago, about two years ago, hospitals stopped utilizing LPNs and were moving to utilizing RNs and that decision was reversed. When all of that happened, the schools that recruited for and really tried to find people who wanted to become an LPN, they stopped recruiting for LPNs in trying to get people into this career field. They started pushing them into the RN field. Right now, we have many RNs but not nearly as many LPNs. Now, you have to really go and try to find a good LPN for your clinic because it’s very important that you have this position.

The way that Trinity does it as a healthcare staffing agency specialist, we have to go and mine for the right individuals. What this means is we are not going to rely on a job ad for someone to come in. Most of your best LPNs are currently working. They are not individuals who are out looking for a job. If they are, it’s not going to take them much longer than a week to find an opportunity if they are good.

Now, the thing that you have to try to figure out is how do you go out and get them? Well, you can utilize resources such as Indeed, and LinkedIn, and even Craigslist, believe it or not, Monster and CareerBuilder depending on which … Now, Trinity has access to all of these, but I understand that most clinics are not going to be able to justify having all these resources at their fingertips. Whichever resource that you’re able to use, use that to try to find individuals who are not actively posting up their resumes. The people that are actively posting up their resumes are generally not the people that you want to go after.

Shift your thinking into trying to recruit for individuals who are not necessarily looking. We call these people passive candidates. They are the candidates that are interested in a new opportunity because they’re not 100% with their employer, but they’re not the type of person that’s out there actively looking and always actively seeking a new position. That’s the first thing to keep in mind when recruiting for LPNs in the healthcare industry. Cut.

The second thing that I want to recommend is to weed out the bad LPNs. One of the ways, I just kind of went over it, to weed out LPNs is to not specifically wait for an LPN to apply to an ad. That is not the best way to find them. You got to go and mine them like I just explained.

When you get someone in, you need to ask detailed questions, not only about their skillset, but also about their experiences in the other clinics. What I mean by this, most medical professionals they’ll be a little bit more open to the atmosphere in each place that they were at. If you ask enough questions, you’ll be able to see what their role was in that atmosphere. You want to find out was it a dramatic atmosphere? Was it an atmosphere that had drama laden in it, which is common in the medical field? Then if so, try to indicate what role they played in that drama. Are they someone who leans in towards positivity, or are they someone who really gravitates towards the negativity and drama?

There are two groups of different kinds of LPNs that we’ve noticed. There are those that need to be a part of some kind of drama and they gravitate towards it. Then there are those that really try to stay away from it at all cost. I highly recommend to any office manager in the healthcare industry that’s listening to this right now to make sure and find all of your LPNs that are in the latter. They are the types of LPNs that really move away from dramatic type of experiences, and they lean in towards positivity. Those are the people that are really going to help you. No question.

Pay attention to their skillset and make sure that their skillset matches. What we’ve noticed is the best LPNs have a good solid social IQ and they are people who get along with others. To put it plainly, and maybe this is a little bit of a redneck type of a term, can they play well in the sandbox with others? Cut.

The third thing that I suggest that you do is, first, you want to make sure that … Cut. The last thing that we want to try to find is we want to hire the good ones. We found out what to look for. We’ve talked about weeding out the bad LPNs. Now we want to focus on hiring the good LPNs. I kind of went over it in the last segment there, but this is it. Find people who are healthy individuals mentally. You can ask a lot of detailed questions to find out how they have interacted in their last places of work.

The next thing is really focus on their references. If they lack the ability to give you professional references of people who work with them, run away from those individuals. I really want to caution any healthcare specialists who is utilizing our company or who is listening to this video trying to learn how to hire good LPNs to make sure that you pay attention to the way that they’ve interacted in the past and look for concerns. If they do not have good references, I really want you to run away from that individual.

A healthy good solid LPN has a good solid work history. When you speak to them, they lean in towards positivity and after asking detailed questions, you can tell that they are healthy mentally type of individual. The third thing is they are the type of people that you see as being a good fit in your organization.

If you will follow these guidelines, it will help you so much hiring great LPNs within your clinic in the healthcare field. We’re a staffing agency that does this all the time. I hope that this helps you in learning some of our nuances that we’ve learned over the last several years. Good luck to you. Please give us a call if we can help you in anyway. My number is 918-622-2588.