What an does a Tulsa employment agency do for you?

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What an does a Tulsa employment agency do for you? 

**This article was posted by Tulsa Jobs Recruiter, Trinity Employment Specialists

We often get asked from those we work with how does a staffing company work.  Many of the best candidates have not had to search for a job in a long time.  Simply because they are good employees and they have spent their time working and not searching for a new job.

Given our current economy, many exceptional Tulsa employees have found themselves out of work and looking for a new job.  We are seeing more and more employees that have a long history at their previous company and were let go due to mass lay-offs.  It is generally these individuals who truly don’t understand how a staffing company works.  And that is generally exactly how they phrase the question.  “So how does a staffing company work?”  “Do we pay you anything” are usually the first questions.

The answer is no.  The employee does not pay the agency anything.  Our fee is paid by the company that they will go to work for.  They pay the staffing company a fee for 1) recruiting costs, 2) payroll costs and 3) shouldering the risk of the employee on our payroll for a period.

So why would a company do this?  The answer is very simple.  They want to “try before they buy”…  Most companies utilize a staffing company to have an opportunity to see the employee work for a set amount of time and see how they fit within their team and culture.  They also want to analyze their skill-set and see if it meets the standards they require.  By doing this, both the company and the employee will see several benefits.

Both the company and employee get the opportunity to work with one another to see if it will be good investment long term.  The employer is able to see if the employee meets their expectations for the job, and the employee gets an opportunity to see if the culture is a place that they would like to stay.  This short analysis time from both parties usually leads to longer employment for both parties if there is a good fit for both sides.

For the employee, employment agencies are usually able to reduce the time they spend out of work.   Good staffing agencies often know the hiring managers quite well, have developed trust, and know the type of employee that will work well within their specific company culture.  This is a huge timesaver for not only the employee, but also the employer.  Also, most of the positions given to a staffing company are not listed in any kind of advertisement because companies are trying to reduce their administrative time and effort on recruiting. Thus, they will often rely solely on the staffing company to do all of the advertising and recruiting for them and not exert any efforts themselves.  So in a nutshell, many employees will not even hear of many opportunities unless they are working with an employment agency.

When an employee speaks with a recruiter who genuinely cares about people and has a strong desire to do the “right thing” for both the employer and employee side it can be a great thing for both parties.  One warning I would offer to anyone on either side whether employee or employer: I strongly advise anyone to make sure they are working with a recruiter that pays attention to the needs and desires of both parties not just the employer.  Because, when you satisfy both parties, it will lead to a long term employee, employer relationship.

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