Questions that you can be asked in an Interview

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Questions that you can be asked in an Interview

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It is extremely important that you are prepared for any interview that you go to.  As mentioned earlier, there are several things that you need to prepare for to be ready.  But, none are more important than reviewing possible interview questions and being ready to answer them intelligently.  I recommend that you take the time to write out how you would answer each question.  When you do this, you will force yourself to strategically answer the question and have it stored in your memory if you are ever asked to answer it.

Following are some possible interviewing questions for you to get started.  If you feel you need more questions to help prepare, you can go to the internet and type sample interviewing questions in any search engine and you will have plenty available to you.

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What do you know about our company?

3. Why should I hire you?

4.  What can you do for us that someone else can not?

5. What do you look for in a job?

6. How does this position fit into your overall career plan?

7. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

8. How long would it take for you to make a meaningful contribution to our company?

9. Describe your management style?

10. What do you believe is the most difficult part of being a supervisor of people?

11. Why are you looking for a new Tulsa job?

12. How would your colleagues describe you?

13. How would your previous supervisor describe you?

14. How would you describe yourself?

15. What do you think about your past or present boss?

16. What were the most significant accomplishments in your last position?

17. What have been your most significant accomplishments in your career thus far?

18. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

19. What salary would you expect if we offer you this position?

20. Why do you want to work for this company?

21. What other positions are you considering?

22. How have you kept up in your field with additional training?

23. What are your greatest strengths?

24. What areas would you like to improve your skills?

25. How did you do in school?

26. What position do you expect to have in two to five years?

27. If you took this position, what would you accomplish in the first year?

28. What did you like about your last position?

29. What did you dislike about your last position?

30. What hours would you prefer to work?

31. Do you have a reference list with you?

32. Can you explain your salary history?

33. What questions did I not ask that you expected

34. Do you have any questions for me?

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