Common Words Interviewers Use

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Common Words Interviewers Use | By Trinity Employment | Tulsa Jobs

The staffing company in Tulsa, we have the opportunity to interview some different people throughout the week. Overalll you can start to see patterns in some words that people use to describe themselves. So for the purpose of this article I want to go over some of the common words that we share as interviewers and present some ideas of other ways to describe oneself in an interview.

Intelligent: The first word that we hear regularly is intelligent when someone tells you that there intelligent that is usually not the best way to describe oneself. The reason is because everyone says that there intelligent. For example: many people use words like likable, friendly, outgoing, and caring. And I think there’s different ways that one can use to describe himself other than just saying there intelligent. Rather than just using the word so it would be highly advisable to use different ways in which you are intelligent. For example use examples as to how you use your intellect to solve problems. The interviewer is much more likely to accept the way you describe yourself if you use examples rather than if you use overused words such as intelligent, likable, outgoing, caring, and last but not least drama free.

Reliable:   Most people see themselves as reliable. However I’ll bet if I asked most of you reading this if you thought that most people that you were around reliable, I’ll bet you’ll say no. But when you interview hundreds of people throughout a month you’ll noticed that almost everyone considers himself to be a reliable individual. But in reality we all know that this just isn’t the case. And most people who claim to be reliable in reality actually have difficulties in their life being reliable. So rather than just coming out there boldly and claiming to whoever’s listening that you reliable, I would argue that it be a better representative of yourself to use different ways in which you did describe yourself as reliable. For instance: you can use examples of how you were relied on by your manager in your previous jobs. By showing specific examples you’re able to not only paint a picture of how you behave but also give a real-life visualizations to the interviewer on how you would handle something where your reliability was showcased.

Hard-working: I just spoke with one of our recruiters here at Trinity and one of the things that they said that they hear all of the time from King’s is that they are all hard-working. But at the same time he said he can share so many instances where after they were hired and they were given an opportunity to showcase the their work ethic that was easy to see that hard-working was absolutely not one of their finest traits. In fact he even went as far to say that those individuals who claim that they are hard-working generally are not. Rather it is the individuals they give examples on how they showed performed on a specific situation who were actually hard working individuals.

Just so very important to make sure that you are well prepared for the interview. And being prepared means to decide how you want to describe yourself in advance. And in trying to get is a great way to find oneself in describing themselves in very generic ways and using generic terminology. Using generic terminology and generic ways of describing oneself is just the worst white hair and does not provide the kind of resort most want to see when they are going to enter for a job that they really want. So I hope this article helped you to explore different ways of describing yourself when you are asked the question in an interview: so tell me about yourself?

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