Tulsa Industrial Staffing | Things to Do Before and During an Interview

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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

And welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is five things to do before. And during an interview, I just want to, I want to talk to our candidates that are looking for, uh, a new job transition, transitioning to a new job interviewing for a new job, whatever it is that is happening. We want to be able to add value. Um, interviewing is interesting. It can be very difficult for some people with the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing today, for some people, it’s a natural knack that they have, but either way, whether you are very, very good in front of people. When you put something, when you put yourself on a stage, or if you’re someone that needs help in this area, preparing is always a good thing. And we want to be able to add value to you and provide you with the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing today.

You know, we’ve been a staffing firm since 2009 and all the time we’ve been interviewing so many different people. We try to walk people through, um, the interviewing process. In fact, what I’m reading from today is a handout that we give to every single candidate that comes through our doors on five things to do before an interview five things to do during an interview, seven questions to consider, ask asking during the interview that way it helps people to be prepared. And just to be thinking about it, because let’s just been honest. If you’re a good employee, you shouldn’t be spending your time becoming an expert in interviewing or being interviewed. Um, hopefully, you’re spending your time being an expert at whatever it is that you do. So let’s take a look at this. What do employers look for? Um, here’s a statistic that is interesting with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

Um, coming from career builder, understanding what the interview interviewer is looking for. It can be half the battle with that in mind. Did you know that 36% of employers look for mold multitasking skills, 31% look for initiative 21% look for creative thinking? And the other 12% looked for something else in a candidate knowledge and an interest in the business can really help you succeed during your interview. Make sure you’re researching the business because rather than being surprised, 47% of interviewers said they wouldn’t offer the job to a candidate if they had little or no knowledge of the company. So being prepared is really important. So what are some things to do before the interview? Well, number one, we are the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing research company, how do you do that? Well, if it’s a public company, go online and read their stock, ticker, find out what’s new in the company, find out what direction they’re going, find how they’re doing for you with the.

You’re going to be able to read the most recent news, if not go online and research the company. There is a lot of information about the organization and you need to know about the organization. I do want to tell you that if you find out certain things on Google reviews or whatever that make you concerned, ask about it rather and ask about it in a very positive light. Let me give you a great example. We are one of the highest-reviewed staffing firms in our state, and we’re one of the most reviewed staffing firms in our state with the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing. And I will tell you that. So we’ve got like a 4.8 or 4.9-star rating with there and Facebook and I think store as well. However, we’ve got some people that have said some negative things about us, and none of it is accurate that I know of there is the top Tulsa Industrial Staffing for you.

There’s some people that go on there and say these horrible things about us. And we don’t even know who they are. We’re like, we don’t have any record of interviewing you. So give the company a little bit of a shot at explaining if there are some big concerns, but you definitely want to research the company, ask some specific questions about the company, next dress, professional and conservative. Listen, I suggest that you dress above what you think that position is going to be dressing as the t. So if they’re wearing jeans, I think you should wear slacks. If, if you think that that position every day should be wearing slacks, I would wear a suit just yes. Above wherever you think it is.

That’s very, very good, good advice because you would rather be overdressed than underdressed every single time, especially if it’s a job that you are really interested in. Number eight, number three, arrive, early plan for traffic or other delays. You would not believe how many times I was going to a meeting with one of our clients and we run into traffic. There’s a wreck on one 69. We’re here in Tulsa. One 69 is just notorious for wrecks. There’s a wreck. There’s a, you know, they shut down one, one day. There was a fire, some car caught on fire. They shut down the highway and we’re stuck on it. Oh my gosh, we’re going to be late to our meeting. Listen, every single time we leave at least 30 minutes early and allow ourselves 15 minutes of extra time to deal with whatever might get thrown at us.

You never know what’s going to get thrown in your way. So arrive early number, number four, keep a fragrance to a minimum. And remember a lot of these facilities anymore are smoke-free, especially our medical groups. They’re all going to be smoke-free. So if you go in there and you had just smoked a cigarette, it’s probably going to be able to be smelled. And so, you know, if, especially if you’re a nurse, some of the patients are allergic to smoke. You’ve got to be careful with these things, but some people are also allergic to perfume and, you know, uh, I, I understand wanting to mask it a lot of times when people come in here, they’re wanting to mask the smell of the smoke with a great level of Tulsa Industrial Staffing. And so they came home perfume in our poor recruiters. Listen, I’ve had it happen to me before, um, where you’re going to have a headache all day long because this person threw on perfume at a level or cologne at a level that it is shocking and it hurts.

So keep it to a minimum number five review questions, the interviewer, my ask, and have answers prepared. Um, so basically go online, print out a list of questions you might be asked, and just go through in your head. How would I answer those questions? Very easy and have those questions prepared. That, that way, if you, if you get a list of about 15 or 20 questions, you know exactly how you’re going to answer it. If it’s asked of you, they’re random questions you find on Google or wherever, um, you’re probably going to be prepared now, what are five things to do during an interview? One, get rid of any gum or candy in your mouth. It’s very, very annoying when you’ve got somebody sucking on candy or chewing on gum, number two has a warm smile and a handshake. I remember, uh, watching, uh, Sarah Silverman talk to Jerry Seinfeld in comedians, in cars, getting coffee.

And, um, Sarah silver wounds talking about her. Boyfriend’s daughter’s face in the car. And she just asked her, is that your normal face? And she’s like, yeah, she’s like, uh, you need to change that because you got to throw a smile on because you just look incredibly unhappy and she’s like, are you incredibly unhappy? She’s like, no, not at all. She was like, well, your face is showing it. Be careful that you don’t get into that, uh, into that, uh, you know, frame with someone number three, have good eye contact and stay engaged. Um, I know that having good eye contact is going to have to be, um, confident with people, but you’ve got to stay engaged, make sure you’re a good listener. Answer the questions, you. Don’t go off on tangents. You know, really stay connected. Number four, ask three to five questions about the company or position.

We already went over how to find all those questions, but be prepared, have them written down. Don’t have them in your mind, have them written down that way. If you get tongue-tied or if you don’t know exactly what to ask, you can always go there. Um, and lastly, thank them for their time at the end of the interview. Just make sure to thank them. No, just walk out and make sure that there’s a cordial ending. And then the next thing you know, you know, you need to have questions ready to astern. You can ask what skills and experience would you like in an ideal candidate for the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing around? How would you describe the duties of the position? What are the biggest challenges that someone else previously in this position face? What I face? How could you describe the work culture here? How would you describe it? Do you enjoy working here? What do you like and what do you wish were

Different? Can

You tell me about the team I’m going to be working with? Will I get to meet them? What are the prospects for advancement? Be careful with this question, um, that you don’t look like you’re ready to advance day one. Um, and then lastly, when should I expect to hear from you and how would you like for me to follow up great questions to do? And just being prepared helps so much. If Trinity can help you in any way, we just always want to add value to people. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. We’re one of the top staffing firms in Tulsa, for sure. And even in our region, we staff and industrial staffing, medical staffing, and general administrative staffing. You can also go check us out online at Trinity employment dot.