Tulsa Industrial Staffing | Questions to Ask During an Interview

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You are listening to Trinity employments player, matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome back to the player

Makers. We’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is preparation for questions to ask during an interview, which is very important with our Tulsa Industrial Staffing, especially for employers, but it’s oftentimes one of the most, uh, it’s one of the, it’s one of the things that most people don’t spend a lot of time truly preparing for why? Well, it’s because we’re all busy. Most managers have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, most likely most managers are dealing, spending 70 to 80% of their time dealing with just silliness that other employees are creating.

And it, it becomes difficult to be able to spend the right amount of time and the right amount of preparation to properly get ready for an interview and do a competent job. That’s why, um, that’s one of the reasons why that there is so much turnover is because you’ve got the wrong fit. Part of it is just it’s our culture, but you can definitely slide down the, uh, number of turnovers that you can have in your organization if you can do a good job in interviewing. Um, but before I jump into just how to get interviewing questions, where to go and look how to get prepared, um, I like to jump into some statistics, um, and, and see if we can’t just begin to think about this a little bit at, at Trinity, we’ve been one of the top staffing firms in the state of Oklahoma, and we’re definitely, uh, one of, probably the highest-rated staffing firm with the number of people that have rated us.

And one of the things that is very important is making sure to train our interviewers, how to properly interview at least to encourage this, and, um, reduce their margin of error. That’s really what you want to do. Most people drastically underestimate how much it costs to have a bad hire. Walmart put out a statistic not long ago, saying that if, if they hired someone in at $11 an hour and they only worked three months and they quit well, then, uh, Walmart’s going to consider that to be an $11,000 loss for that employee for a great Tulsa Industrial Staffing option. And they’re only making $11 an hour. They’re only with them for 30 for 90 days. Think about someone who’s more integrated into your company and who might have direct access to your clients. A what-if they ran off some business, you’ve got, you gotta be really careful who you hire. Um, let’s, let’s jump into this.

Here are some statistics just to think about. Um, 62% of employers are specifically looking for your soft skills, listen, that is growing. And it’s that, that statistic on how many people are looking for soft skills over hard skills is growing rapidly. One, one thing that is really interesting is that schools are no longer performing, um, the way, the way that they did before. Um, there, there are, there are several states that are coming out about what, uh, when college used to make people intelligent and more horrible with us for the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing. Here’s, here’s something interesting from the USA today. The article was written by Mary Beth Markland. Um, she says research shows students spend 50% less time studying compared with students a few decades ago, the research compared to college compared college students enrolled in 2000 war one versus college students in 2011. And it’s, it’s really, it’s really been showing that employers are really paying attention to this and that they’re not hiring people the way that they used to.

Um, not from colleges, they’re not paying attention to it because it’s irrelevant. Um, there was another stat and I can’t, I don’t have it sitting in front of me, but it was talking about, uh, students in how much they worked on school. And it was like more than 50% less. And so people are not paying attention to, to students anymore and their hard skills, rather than they’re looking for people who to put it bluntly who can play well in the sandbox with the other kids who can work well with their customers who is teachable. Um, we’re, we’re staffing for a major hospital out in a rural community. And they have finally realized they are turning off so many patients because it’s very difficult to find nurses. And they were bringing in just whoever they could get. And some of these nurses had a very poor bedside manner and they were losing a lot of patients and a lot of the quality.

So they switched and they were like, listen, we would re rather than bring somebody in super qualified it technically we would rather get somebody who has a license, a good work history, but they can also do well with our patients, make them feel cared for while they’re here. And so there’s shifting to really paying attention to soft skills. 93% of employers consider soft skills essential or very important factor in higher hiring decisions. This comes from career builder, but the what job, what recruiters want from job seekers is also interesting resumes tailored to the open positions. Why? Well, our new hiring system, if you go onto some kind of indeed or any of these websites, which by the way we hate indeed, um, the, the way that they treat their customer is just horrible in my opinion. But, um, what, what recruiters want is they want resumes tailored, open job positions, and these websites are giving people easy access to just submit the resume out to a hundred different places at once with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

And so none of them are tailored. What recruiters want is a skillset listed, um, first on a resume so they can see it. They would like to see cover letters. They would recruiters would like to see, uh, uh, application addressed to the hiring manager. 22% said they requested these recruiters take an average of six seconds to scan a resume. How interesting. And, and that’s why they’re wanting a bullet point at the top of the list. You’re I tell people that when, when you’re applying for a job, you’re, it’s very similar to when you, for recruiters for you’re going 60 miles an hour down the highway, and you see a billboard, well, you’ve got to read, you’ve got to write your resume so that in those six seconds, you know, it’s just like driving by a billboard. You can see the billboard, but you only got about six seconds with it. And so you’ve got to make it to where it actually communicates something. And you’ve got to do that at the very top. And that’s, that’s a very important number, but so how do you go and find some of the right interviewing questions? It’s, it’s really important to do this.

When you go into an interview and you’re going to fly by the seat of your pants, the reason is that you’re so busy and you know, the interviews come in, you fully intend to make time for it, but you’ve got so many pressing items coming that you didn’t prepare questions. And because you didn’t prepare questions, that means after your first interview, there’s no way you’re going to be able to remember the exact questions you asked the first interview. So you’re going to ask the second interview that you might have a completely different set of questions with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing, which completely throws off your sample. If you’re just wanting to look at statistics, it statistics teaches you that if you’re going to measure someone or something, you need to measure them or that thing with the same kind of criteria, so that you get accurate of who would be better and who would be not as good.

And if you’re asking questions or allowing how well you’re getting along, or, or other extrinsic things too, determine how the interview went, whether you should hire them or not. It’s going to be a big mistake because you’re not using the same criteria to measure. And so you need to have a good set of interviewing questions, set up. How do you do that? Go on, you can go onto Google and top in the most, uh, you know, best interviewing questions to ask you if you’re an engineer, best interview questions to ask a mechanical engineer and industrial engineer with us for the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing, um, whatever, whatever the position is, go out and find what are some of the best and pick those that really match what you’re needing, and then fill in those questions that you need to ask, but have a foundation that you can measure people with the same criteria.

That way you’re not messing up your sample size. The way that my statistics professor used to tell me a long time ago, I hope that this helps you and get you thinking about, um, what it is that you need to ask, why you need to ask it, how to go get the ride, interviewing questions, make sure you have a plan before you go into an interview and you just allow us the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing, well, I liked that person, um, to dictate whether you hire them, right? If Trinity can help you with your hiring needs. We’re one of the top industrial staffing companies, medical staffing companies, and, um, administrative staffing firms. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.