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You are listening to Trinity employments player, matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome back to player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways,

Add value to job seekers and employers today’s podcast is for, is titled five ways to encourage employee engagement. This is obviously going to be for, uh, employers primarily, but there’s a big, there’s a big reason for this. And it’s because employee engagement is at an all-time low with a lot of employers, uh, with, with a lot of companies all over the United States, a big part of it. Um, COVID has really thrown everyone into the dumps to some extent psychologically. Um, and it’s just really important that companies create a great culture in it is certain and everybody knows. Everybody knows that this is the truth, but the companies that are going to rise to the top are always going to be those that are able to hold and maintain, or I’m sorry, build and maintain a really great culture with employees who truly care and are actually engaged with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing services.

Um, when you get a circle of people who can do this, they’re going to run circles around other companies. Maybe those other companies have many more employees, but it doesn’t matter because those who are engaged are going to get a lot more done. They’re going to be a lot more effective and people are going to enjoy their experience as they use that organization’s product or service or whatever it is. I want to start out with a couple of things, uh, a couple of quotes, one by Stephen Covey and one by Zig Ziglar. That really just is to create some, uh, some interest in this and some importance of it. Stephen Covey, who is famously written, the seven habits of highly effective people with more levels of Tulsa Industrial Staffing. Um, he put in, he wrote, always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers, your best customers.

It is very true. Um, it here at Trinity, um, you know, and I just finished joking with, with our employees and, um, it, there, there is a weird, you know, I’ve always had to play with this honestly, of being, um, making sure that I am firm enough, that people aren’t going to take advantage, but yet at the same time being jovial enough that people are having fun. They feel like they can have fun around me. And then the most important aspect that I always want to have happened. And I think that most of our, it probably all of our employees would adamantly quickly be able to say this is that if, if I was in trouble, I absolutely could rely on Corey to come and help in any way. Um, I’ve heard, I’ve heard on occasions. You know, my wife keeps saying that she’s like Corey, all the employees know that you’re going to give him the shirt off your back if you need it.

Um, and no, not that, not that anyone in this company wants me taking my shirt off and showing the dad bod, but figuratively speaking, metaphorically speaking, I’m going to do what I can to help them. And I want, I want our employees to always know that in, and there are many things that you can do to do that. And we’re going to talk about some of those things later. Um, but research indicates that workers have three prime needs. One interesting work to recognition for doing a good job. And three being led in on things that are going on in the company. And here at Trinity, we have a meeting, uh, that everyone’s engaged in or three meetings a week. We talk about what, what are, uh, on Monday morning with great Tulsa Industrial Staffing, we have a meeting with all staff, letting people know these are some of our hot items.

These are all of our job orders that we need to handle, and we set goals for them. And then, um, on Wednesday we have a meeting just talking about best practices, is everything working well? What kind of adjustments need to be happening? And every one of these meetings, we want people to bring in suggestions. And I tell even our brand new employees, I tell them, listen, the mere fact that you are not yet ingrained in our system makes right now, one of the most valuable times for you to be able to offer suggestions because right now you don’t have a certain way that it’s always been done. In fact, you’ve got all these suggestions in some of the best ideas always come from, why don’t you just do it this way? And people are like, I don’t know. It, that’s a great idea. So a lot of we, you’ve got to create that culture in.

That was one of the ways that I created. So we’ve got five ways to encourage employee engagement. It’s really, really super important. Um, and number one is don’t skip onboarding and training. Uh, I know many companies who do this, we staff for many companies. And so, uh, as a result of that, we hear, and we just kind of get a good feel on who knows, who does a really great job of training and who doesn’t. Um, and some really great companies, don’t do a great job at training upfront. And so it’s really up to that employee to do everything they can to get going on the right foot quickly. Um, but one of the things that, especially with your younger, uh, employees is showing them how things are done, showing them how to do it well, and then giving them away to measure whether or not they’re doing a good job is really important with our top Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

Basically. Um, people need to know when they’re winning and when they’re losing in their job. And you, you almost need to be able to set it up in a way where you can tell that at almost any given time, but you don’t want to skip onboarding and train. You want to make sure that, uh, this, this person is able to be walked around the office and shown everybody welcomed properly. And all of that, all of those things, things that really just set the tone, it sets the tone for someone starting new in a company, number two, you need to set company goals and make sure that everyone knows what they are and it, right. It really is super important tomorrow, tomorrow. And I’m sounding like I’m, I’m doing a, a bragging session. I’m not meaning to, I’m trying to give an example, but it sounds like it’s bragging.

It’s not meaning to be bragging, but tomorrow we just met a huge metric. We needed to, we wanted to pass a certain number of hours. We wanted to get back after COVID back to where we were before we started. And we surpassed that two weeks ago. Thank God, praise the Lord. Hallelujah. We finally did it. And we’re going to have a monster party where I’m giving away gifts, doing all sorts of things to celebrate what that was. Well, the entire team knew what that number was and whenever we hit it, everyone knew we’re going to have one of Corey’s parties, which is half ridiculous and half nice things that we give away. And it’s a, it’s a lot of fun. We’re going to have a great time tomorrow, but the idea is not the party. The idea is that everyone knew when the party was coming, everyone did with our great level of Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

And we all, all agreed upon those goals. Number three, you need to acknowledge employees. It’s so important that you acknowledge when they do something well. And it’s really important that you at least address it when they did something, not so well. Um, but one of the ways that you can do a lot of encouraging, and if, if, if you’re the type of company that always encourages with bonuses and stuff, listen to anymore, what people really need to hear is valid. And if you can, if you can acknowledge your employees, I try to do it publicly. I want them gloating. Um, in fact, in our last meeting the other day I had, uh, one of my managers going, well, everybody else is doing a good job. Right? And I was like, well, yeah, but I will her to know how proud I am of her right now.

And I did it right in front of everyone. And I hope it didn’t make people feel well, but I feel bad. But, uh, I just wanted her to know, and it was important. It was strategic, but that’s what I think you should do. Um, uh, number four, focused on employee development and give them the training that they need. One Gallup poll found that 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials view development as important in their jobs. Now, people more than ever feel like it’s important. And number five, don’t micromanage. Um, some things you have to micro-manage. I get it, especially at the front at first, but when you micromanage all the way into the ground, you will, you will manage their spirit into the ground as well. And they’ll, they’ll never be able to accomplish, uh, what they would and because they won’t ever see their potential with the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing today. You’ll never give them the opportunity to go explore and get it. Listen. If Trinity can help you in any way with your job searching, uh, if you’re an employee or job searching, if you’re an employer, we would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can go visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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