Tulsa Industrial Staffing | Career Advice to Get Any Job You Want Part 2

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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hi,

Welcome back to the eight player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is career advice to get any kind of job that you want. It’s really, really important. This first part, that this is a two part series in this first part. Um, we went over a mixture of your one degree by author Dave Jewitt and, um, dr. Stephen Covey, um, from some of his, uh, some of his career advice that he’s had in the book, seven habits of highly effective people. And basically we were going over how to make sure that you are, that, you know, the job that, you know Tulsa Industrial Staffing, the, the problems that are needing to be solved, that, you know, the industry, you know, the competitors, you know, like you do your, you completely do your research and, and truly trying to investigate, um, your vision, your discipline, your passion, and your conscience, and making sure to put effort and balance those four main categories in your, in looking for the next job, this part two section, um, we’re, we’re going to go into, um, the, the, just the principle of empathy and how to, how to really follow this through, um, in getting your job.

So this is a high level type of, um, of mentorship, discipleship, whatever you want to call it. Um, and it’s really a high level of thinking. So this is for someone who’s really trying to get a professional level job, you know? Um, so, you know, if you’ve, if you’ve taken the time to identify the industry, the profession, you know, you’ve got a short list you’ve gone through the four that we just, that we just spoke about, um, of your vision and your discipline, passion, and your conscience, and you’ve balanced those things out. Um, and you, you know, your industry know the competitors, um, you know, how do you know that it’s going to be your dream job when, when it looks at a day to day reality, and how do you get your foot in the door and stand out with, without, you know, like perfectly aligning your experience and qualifications that they’ve asked for, um, you know, the part of this two part series, um, it helped it helped you with the discovery process of, um, working out what to go for and how to prepare in this second part, um, is going to look at some of the advice around practicalities of making a good, compelling case for any employer in the, the first is the principle of empathy for our Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

So how often do we go into an interview or a discovery meeting with a potential employer worrying about what we’re going to say, what’s going to be asked what this, what that, Oh my gosh, what’s going to happen. But, and although this is important, worrying reveals that you’ve been limited in the way that you’ve done your research and discovery. And so how do you actually want to be in the interview is a good question. And, you know, we’re all hoping that they’re going lock us. You know, they might offer us the job, you know, and you know, we’re going to be a potential partner in the future. And, you know, we have a good understanding of their situation and part of the solution we can add value, but this particular area that we’re going to be talking about, it makes it very clear that people who know what their potential employer is actually looking for are going to be the ones that get the job.

And so you’ve got to show an understanding of their most significant problems, better than anyone else that they’re looking at. You have to be able to show a level of passion and commitment to meet their situation better than anyone else. In other words, you really need to look at what is it that they need, and you’re going to have to seek to understand that and be very patient while you seek to understand what they need. So you can listen, begin to understand, and then tell them what it is that you think that you can help with. You need to suggest if necessary a trial period, even if it’s at your expense until they can become convinced that you’re a better solution to their problem than anyone else that they’ve met with great Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

Um, simply because that’s what great leaders do they trust themselves. You’re going to take the initiative to make good things happen. You don’t wait to be told. You’re always being acted upon. Um, and you need to become very aware, very sensitive, and very empathetic and respectful. You’re going to need to learn, to engage this job, finding process in a principled way to really, truly, truly do it right, and get a, get a job offer at a high level. There’s no exaggerating for effect or deceit or manipulation or lying or cheating, or do plus, or duplicity or putting other people down. Don’t worry because Tulsa Industrial Staffing can be maid easy with what we can offer you.

You, you’ve got to become very focused on the organization’s needs their concerns, their problems, and their customer’s needs. And you’ve got to be able to talk their language and anyone that will take an approach with the decision maker, they’re going to get attention. And in most cases, you’re going to blow them away with your, with your depth of preparation and discipline and willingness to pay the price, you know, to sacrifice and get the job done. Right? So first you have to seek first to understand, and then seek to be understood with our top Tulsa Industrial Staffing. This approach is very positive for you because it’s, it’s, it’s very much putting the principles of empathetic communication into practice. You’re going to stand out when you’re able to back up your words and actions with sound discovery, rather than trying to impress with Bo buzzwords or hype and any true professionals going to realize what it is it’s just talk

And the true professionals, they know the difference. The reality is that an organization is employing a person and not a resume or a robot. And this might sound incredibly obvious. The reality is that so many people make the mistake of thinking their value to an employer is solely based on the qualifications experience and information contained, um, in, on the resume or in their head that they can spout it off. The real important thing is when is in execution, everyone can talk or even the, even some people they can talk, but they’ve gotta be able to execute. However, when, when you have the ability to take the lead in almost everything that you do, starting with a low approach, um, you’re, you’re going to stand out with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing,

Wish you the very best in your job searching it. It’s very difficult to go through this process and really, truly be disciplined to seek, to understand, and then try to seek to be understood and, and really do your research before you go in so that you know, the customers, you know, the struggles and you can better understand what it is that their needs are. When you think about it, anyone hiring anyone there they’re hiring someone to solve a problem. That’s really what it is. And the better that you can understand what that problem is, the more of a chance you have of impressing them, say, listen, this is who we want to work with. If Trinity can help you in any way to find the right career path, we are a staffing firm. We’ve been staffing in the Tulsa market for the last, uh, 12, 13 years.

Now we’ve been an inc magazine is one of the fastest growing staffing firms in the United States. And I believe that we are one of the highest staffing firms when it comes to quality. And I know how important we put it. We talk about it every single day. If Trinity can help you out with, with your staffing needs as an employer, or, um, if you’re an employee just looking for the right career path, we would love to be a resource for you. Please, please check us out online with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing services. You can see all the jobs that we have available in line, or you can just give us call (918) 622-2588.

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