Tulsa Industrial Staffing | Career Advice to Get Any Job You Want Part 1

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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And today’s title of our podcast is career advice to get any job you want. And this particular advice is going to come completely different than most anything that you are going to read in an article, or just the feel good type of, uh, information that you can go out and get. I mean, if you go on to read an article, you’re going to find something on career builder or monster, and you’re going to have like the one, two, three, four, and five, maybe 10 point, uh, 10 points of information that if you do these things, you’re going to succeed in any crazy way. And a lot of people get off by this. Let’s just get some good sounding content out. And when you really break it down and get down into the psychology of what really happens to people who are the super successful, um, it’s, you really need to investigate, you know, why are, why is it that someone is successful and I’ve spoken about it a little bit with our top Tulsa Industrial Staffing services.

So part of this is, uh, through the one year one degree program that I teach on, uh, my good friend, Dave Jewitt wrote the curriculum, but it is so impactful that I tell people about it as in any chance that I get, but this is going to be a mix between Dave’s curriculum and some, some really good advice that Stephen Covey has. Stephen Covey has written some really great books, um, about career advice. And so it’s kind of a blend of, of, of both, but there are millions, if not billions of people across the world who are in job roles that provide them a level of meaning, purpose and fulfillment that they’re looking for, that’s, that’s not offering them. I’m sorry. Um, and if you’re looking to change roles or employers or industries, or just get a job after being out of work or out of school or whatever it is, um, I really think you should pay attention to some of these things.

Um, just the reality of funding, not just a job, but the right job. Um, you know, oftentimes you have employees or people in America, they go, they go through the education with a significant focus on what they would like to do. Um, but finding work is not something that purely relies on your qualifications that you get in school or, you know, on the job, um, through, through experiences. Ultimately, you’re, you’re going to need to accept that other people are going to be involved in this process in if, for anything else. Um, someone else is going to be making the decision on whether or not to hire you with a better level of Tulsa Industrial Staffing today. Um, so what this means is that you’ve got to be able to build influence with people. And this is very, very important. So how do you do this? Uh, first it, it requires personal reflection and, and really trying to do some self discovery.

Um, getting, getting the job that you want is clearly a highly interdependent one. And it relies on effective development of the influence you have with people, but let’s think through how do you get the job you want by, um, you know, and what is it that you need to obtain? Will there, there are four main attributes that Stephen Covey talks about and the first is personal. It’s over personal influence. You have to have vision disciplined, passion and conscience. And the key to this is being balanced in all four. If you neglect any one of them, you’re going to find it much more difficult to go through a high level interviewing process and, and get the job you want. But if you do get it, you are likely not going to be able to sustain what you committed to and what it requires of you for the ebst Tulsa Industrial Staffing. If you’re not able to hold these four things, and I’m talking about high level jobs, you know, I was talking to some friends of mine that are living in our neighborhood and we were, you know, they, they were talking, I can’t even remember what about, but our, remember the statement came up that, listen, you know, if you’re going to live in this neighborhood there, you’re going to have to, it’s just a requirement.

You’re going to have to be able to endure a certain amount of stress because to be able to live in this neighborhood, you’re going to have to make a certain salary. And if you’re going to make a certain salary, there is a certain amount of responsibility that goes with it. That creates stress and you have to be able to manage it. So, first of all, to even get to a vision, you need to know what this job is because you’ve got to develop vision, but first you really need to have a good understanding of what the job is. And you need to use discipline to figure out what that job actually entails and use that discipline to truly understand the job, truly understand the organization that you want to be employed by and understand the unique requirements that this job is going to require. And you need to take some time to understand the marketplace so that you understand the forces that are in place, including your competition customer’s wants and needs the characteristics and the trends that are in that industry.

If you want me to say it in a simpler way, you’re going to have to pay the price, to be able to gain that understanding. And the price is going to be you. You need to read and understand the challenges and problems that are faced by the organization that you’re wanting to join. And then, and only then you need to identify your PA what’s your passion is, does this job uniquely match your particular design, talents, gifts, your interests with some of the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing, your capacity in your skills. And if so, what does your conscience say to you? Does it tell you that this job is worthy of committing to, and, and, and so if so, can you envision yourself working in this manner? I would suggest to anyone considering a new job that you, that you take a look at, what does your day, what, what does this day look like afterwards?

I remember I was sitting in a CEO round table and one of these guys said, listen, I’m thinking about starting up a new company, but this guy was, has previously been a banker. And he, he has an awesome opportunity to open up a manufacturing shop that would just, you know, it, it would, it, the income potential would be ridiculous and ridiculously in a good way. And, and I remember hearing everything about the job. I did not ask one question. I listened for 30 minutes about this. And at the end of it, I just asked him some simple questions for some of the top Tulsa Industrial Staffing. And it was validated that this was just good information for him to think about at the end of it. I said, listen, are you, are you going to be on this job where you gonna need to work and in the shop? And he said, well, yeah, I would, at first I might have to permanently.

And I said, well, think about this because I knew him. And he is someone that is clean. He’s more of your banker type. I said, at the end of the day, your fingernails are going to be dirty. Your hands are going to be dirty. Most likely you’re going to smell like you’ve worked in a shop and it’s very difficult to get the smell of oil and grime off of you. Even after you take a shower. Is this something that you’re okay with doing any setback? And he’s like, Oh yeah, I don’t, I don’t think that I would like that. And I was like, you really need to consider Tulsa Industrial Staffing that because you’d be all in if you invested in this and he had the money to invest, but after you’ve done this preliminary work that I talked to you about, then you’re ready to go on the job interview.

Do you see what I’m saying? Like after you did all of this that we talked about, that’s when you’re ready, not as another problem for the interviewer to deal with, but as a solution, you will be providing solution to the problems of the decision makers. Those that make the most money in life. I promise you, they provide solutions and solve problems. It’s really, really important. The process of finding meaningful and fulfilling work is not a quick fix process, but rather one that requires self investment, soul searching, um, effort to understand. And if you don’t do this first, then you risk getting caught out in the interview or find yourself in a role that fails to satisfy what you’re actually good at and what matches your God given design. And it just makes the job 10 times harder. And that, that my friends is probably where at least one half of the American work working professional is at, is in a job that they struggle with.

They can do it, but it’s not energizing because most of the duties of that job drain them. Listen, these are great pieces of advice that I hope that you can take with you. If Trinity can help you in your career path. We are one of the top staffing firms in this region in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas with our top Tulsa Industrial Staffing solutions. Please give us a call and let us, let us help with your staffing needs and let us help you find the career that best fits you. And hopefully help walk you through this. You can give us call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.