Tulsa Industrial Staffing | 7 Job Searching Tips for 2020

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You are listening to Trinity employments A-player matchmaker podcast, starring your host, and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello, welcome back to the A-player match.

Well, we’re always trying to find different ways to evade job seekers and employers. The title of this podcast is going to be job search tips for 2020 that I think are important. And they’re a little bit unique in the way that they’re, uh, set up many surveys, um, including reamer, remote.co predicts that half the population, um, will be employed, um, by the end of 2021. And this was expected to happen by the end of 2020. Um, of course, there’s a lot of speculation about that now because of the election that is looming, but this is going to require a significant change in the way we navigate our careers. Um, everyone needs to begin to imagine what 2021 is going to look like for their career. And, you know, in just taking a look at this, I, I, I want to point out some things that I, I saw as takeaways for your average person, who’s looking for a job with our Tulsa Industrial Staffing.

Um, the first one is, is that your life lessons really matter in a job search, although hardships are not a direct career accomplishment, it’s part of the fiber that weaved you together in your career, in your career trajectory. It’s the, it’s the information that you gathered on things that you liked, things that you didn’t like, and there are success building blocks that are in there. And resilience is what employers will need to see more of an opportunity more than a negative necessarily. And navigating your career becomes difficult because, uh, mobile job search, um, is something that, you know, you’re going into a big black hole and you just don’t know exactly where, um, your resume is going to go. But when you’re going through interviewing and thinking about how you’re answering questions, okay, your life lessons really matter. And the stories that you can tell are helpful and important, I feel like the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing is here for you.

And so I want to encourage anyone who is, um, preparing for a job search. You know, I had a buddy call me the other day and say, Hey, listen, man, is there any way that I could get you to mentor my son and get him just prepared to do a job interview? And I was like, yeah, that’s fine. And one of the things I told him is he needs to be thinking about how different life lessons have impacted him on deciding that this is the right career path and be able to tell a story with it. One of the best ways of marketing yourself as being able to tell a story it’s really super important. The next thing is, is compensation negotiation. It’s, it’s, it’s a con it’s a consistent moving thing that needs to be looked at a little bit different with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing services. So as you consider salary as a priority, of course, your salary alone is going to be really important, but you’ll also need to look at how much everything else means to you in your negotiation package.

You’ve got healthcare packages that can be this, that, or the other. Some of them are costly. Some are on the fringes of unaffordable for the long-term. You know, all of these things will, will change and you need to be, you need to be thinking about your saving for retirement. Does this give you what you need? Um, and you’re just going to need to modify the way that you think about salary. Because one of the things that we notice in staffing is that most people only look at the salary that they’re getting paid. They don’t look at, Oh, well, man, they’re paying a hundred percent of my medical coverage. Whoa, what does that equal? And then actually calculate that out and go, Oh man, that’s an extra $300 a month that I would have to pay for out of my check or whatever the case might be.

But you need to find out what is important to you because have a spouse who provides medical coverage and that’s not something that you need or want. And so in that case, we’ll, it’s not as important to you. And so just knowing what’s important to you, I think is gives you a big, uh, leg up, um, a clear career, a clear career rear trajectory is going to be rare if you actually know it. Um, but giving the recruiter a general direction that you’re wanting to go is so important. You got to keep in mind that having a career trajectory out 10 years with technology changing the way that it is, it’s, it’s going to be more and more difficult for that to happen. But being able to tell a recruiter what it is that you’re wanting to do and what you’re going after and what, you know, what would make your day, if you got a job doing this with our great Tulsa Industrial Staffing, that or the other is so very important, but I will tell you one of the most frustrating things, and I’m getting this actually in a lot of the CR in the, in a lot of the oil and gas field, you wouldn’t believe how many people have reached out to me asking me to help their friends out in the oil and gas industry.

And I ask each one of these guys, um, what is it you’re wanting to do? Keep in mind the oil and gas industry is just taking a plummeting in the Tulsa market right now. And, um, and many companies are laying off and they’re not rehiring. And so a lot of these guys are trying to figure out, all right, what am I supposed to do now? Well, they’re coming to me going, I don’t know, man, what do you think I should do? Well, I just met you. You definitely don’t want me to tell you what you should do. That’s not a good idea. And I think a lot of people get caught up in that as, uh, something that they didn’t know to think about, and that’s alarming because you know, when you’re, when it’s, when you’re not stressed and you know, you’re able to pull up, you know, and look at it, look at a problem from a higher distance, I guess, you know, well, it’s captain obvious.

Well, of course, you’re going to need to be able to give, tell a recruiter or an HR person, what it is that you know how to do, but I’m telling you right now, this is not in the middle of a crisis or whatever the reason is this is not something that a lot of high ends or high thinking high producing people are thinking about. Um, because they’re asking a recruiter that they had just met what I think that they should do. And I, I get that some extent, you know, what’s out there. What are, what are some things that you’re seeing I get, I get that but ask that specifically the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing is here for you. Don’t answer the question. Go, well, I don’t know what you think I should do. That is always a big, um, mistake in my mind. Um, the, the next thing here is your network is your job search navigation.

I totally agree with this. Listen, one of the things that I’ve almost had to jump off of lately is are all of the social media platforms just blasting out the most negative political agenda that that person might have, or it, but it’s just so unhealthy to look at that so much. So I understand if you have decided to not be on social media as much, however, I do want, I do want to remind you that your social media platform is a great, huge tool, but let me give you some hints on how to use it. If you’re looking for a job, one of the things that are really hard for people to admit, because it shows weakness is to just say, listen, I’ve been laid off in October, use your help to find opportunities. Are, is there anything that you guys of that you could, uh, you could lean me into or make a connection for me for most people when you humbly ask, they really try to help, but you’ve got to ask about the best Tulsa Industrial Staffing today.

And a lot of people still are just too prideful to be able to say, listen, I’m out of a job and I don’t know what to do. Um, do you have any suggestions for me? And just the ask, you wouldn’t believe how many people will step up and just really try to help you. Um, the next thing is, is your team will matter more than your boss. Hm. We’ve seen a rise in teams interviewing candidates, and that’s what we do here. We really want to know what our team thinks and we want them to be bought in. We want them to have an enthusiasm for working that, with that person, so that when they come here, that person is going to have an enthusiasm for working for the company based on his or her projected team. And, you know, right now remote work is almost a norm.

And so, you know, there, there are all sorts of different ways that you’re going to have to change, to get a team, to really come together. But individual branding is essential to attract the team as a catalyst for hiring. Um, and I believe it’s one of the best ways of trying to find the right fit. But the last thing for you, if you’re looking for a job and you’re in, you’re trying to find the right tips, just whenever you start a job, be agile, be visible, be adaptable, be agreeable. Um, and, and just try to find your fit and how you can add value. But one of the ways that you can add value to people is just begin adding value. And every day, every day, try to find ways to serve different people in the company with our top Tulsa Industrial Staffing services. And then if you’re an employee and you’re part of that team, you ought to be doing the same thing, but I hope that this helps you in trying to find different job search techniques, um, to think about these are definitely different than what you would see somewhere else, but I thought they might be helpful. Hope you found that as well. If Trinity can help you in your job search in any way, we would love to be a great resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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