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Tulsa Healthcare Staffing | specialist medical billing

Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, with trinity employment, specialist trinity, we’re staffing organization that we work in oklahoma, city and tulsa. We have divisions that work in the medical field. We are everything from a front-office person to a physician assistants. We have medical assistance, billing, specialist medical billing specialist on medical coders, the entire medical revenue cycle we handle with small, medium and large, the largest medical institutions in the state of oklahoma we provide for, and so we can. We do this for lpns our ends in the clinical side. You know x-ray techs, all the way up to a physician, and then we we are looking for a hundred physicians right now believe it or not. Sowe have all sorts of different things that we recruit for on the medical side. We also have another division in finance and accounting and banking, or we staff for customer service, reps bank tellers loan processors, loan assistance, loan, originators bank branch managers, all of the positions in a bank. We we staff for, in addition to other financial industries, like you know, for for verizon. We do all of their Tulsa Healthcare Staffing financial handlings when, when it comes to collections that sort of thingand, this is something that we specialize in for number of years. We’ve done very well with it when a lot of awards and we’re proud of it today, I’m going to talk to you about 7, hiring mistakes that people make whenever they’re trying to whenever the trying to bring bring in a new employee, and these these things part, you know it’s so so interesting.

Tulsa Healthcare Staffing It doesn’t matter what I read the level at what I read the there is a very common theme that seems to go on about if you watch any of the videos, you’ll start to notice that every time talking about the same things over and over and over again it’s it’s kind of opposite of what you kind of normal here last time you hear you know, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, Tulsa Healthcare Staffing but really like 6s. If you’re, if you’re looking in that business will good grieflike, the definition of its success in business is doing the same thing. Doing the right things over and over and over and over again, and then expecting better results all throughout the time you’re there it’s doing the boring things over and over and over again and doing the right, boring things well for a long period of time. That’s what produces good results. These are some very boring that some of them are boring, but if you will create a pattern of doing some of these things over and over again and eliminating them from some of the problems you’re going to see if you can find some results, so I’ll get get into this with with number one number one I think is the most important one on this. One I dress this probably every other video that I do is in that is a being too narrow in your Tulsa Healthcare Staffing search there, there was a article that start this started. Andit was in the harvard business journal.

If you go to the airport, you can find it’s very difficult to go, find this thing, but it’s very expensive once you get it, but I read an article in there that was recommended to me about a different way of hiring, and this was about 3 or 4 years ago, but I’ve seen it in action now. Obviously, a lot of people put some emphasis into it and they and they started utilizing it and it produce some really great results. Someone share this with you, because it’s not traditional sowhen you when you start trying to hire the person and training the school that will work for about 75% of the positions. You can’t do that a hundred percent for an engineer. You know what I mean, but you can do that for most every other position, you can hire the person train skill, we’re looking at a new recruiter right now in our in our organization and I’m, telling our recruiters I’m, like let’s find the person in training how to do it, and you know some:some companies want to go after the top talent and I get that you have to pay out the wazoo to do it and if they’re, not if they’re, not the right cultural fit, you just paid out, the wazoo figured out there, not a cultural fit and you either allow them to stay there, because you paid out the wazoo to get them or you terminate them in then lose a lot of money because you did bonuses to get them or you really increase the salary to get them. And then you did the training. Realize they’re, not a good fit. Then, all of a sudden, you got an expensive way to go a lot of the most efficient companies in the biggest companies. Do this follow the harvard a journal? They find the person training skills, so my mind, couragement to you is, is don’t eliminate skill, but just open your mind up and broaden your search to not just that particular type of person. I think that you might find a diamond in the rough I found for diamonds in the ruff they’re, my a players to I’m telling you it didn’t even make sense on paper that I was hiring them, but good grief. Have they changed my company, you know I was sitting in a in a session with one of my mentors of the day. He runs it’s one of the one of oklahoma’s largest staffing firms, and he said you Know:i’ve had to open and close offices that every time I’ve closed in office. It’s it’s really down to this one thing:it’s all a hard, the wrong leader, a man that is the deal with company man got to get the right.

The right leaders in place and I think that’s one of the ways you do it tell me. One second thing is trust. Your first impressions I think this is important. When you over-analyze things, you missed the opportunity to pull the trigger, hire someone get them in you’ll figure it out the first week and then, if they’re, not the right fit, you can Tulsa Healthcare Staffing terminate and move on likely. When you turn mates not mean you’re, just letting him go do have an opportunity to go. Do something else got to be nice about it? You want to support them, help them out as much as you can, especially if you were the one that made the wrong hiring decision, but your gut instinct should be on. If you are a true, successful professional, you want to start to learn to trust that brother and second-guessing yourself all the time. They’re thing is people make a lot of mistakes when they lack transparency in the reason is because they’re trying to recruit people they’re trying to get as many people in the doors they can and they and they forget to tell them-hey, there’s some crap stuff about this position that you might not like in being transparent about it, letting them know exactly what the good in the bad is when there’s no surprises. That is always a good thing. When there are no surprises for your a players, they are going to start immediately evaluating whether this is the right place for them, because they know that if they go put some effort into it, they can find something as equal or possibly better.

Tulsa Healthcare Staffing If you get them in there with a non negotiable about something that you didn’t tell them about, and they found out as a surprise. Listen you likely just train them all the way up to that point, hayden. If they’re in a player, you probably paid more per hour to train them and then all of a sudden, your left without someone because they found whatever it was intolerant, so make sure and pay attention-that’s really important! You don’t want to make sure you don’t want to just not let them know about some of the negatives about your position present them right. You know you don’t have to go doom and gloom, but but you need to make sure and let them know that that’s the option number for having an unclear hiring policy. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing I speak about this and almost every video that I do. But if your team has no idea what the hiring policy is, there’s a big problem, you need to have one of the best companies around have one they know about it. They know what it is. I was listening to the the head guy at life church, but basically they are one of the top performing companies or organizations in oklahoma right now and they he talks about this about not having a hiring policy. He he said you know they’re all these new options out there for technology. For hiring people he’s like listen, i, don’t even want to go into it, because there’s not enough to change what I know works and he just keeps following that hiring system over and over and over again, and it’s worked, but he’s dialed it in something that you want to dial in and know what it is. If trinity can help you with any of your hiring and we would love to everyone’s going to make mistakes, and sometimes we can help with getting an a player on your team. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity. Employment.Com I think we can change your hiring process and make it better. Thank you. So much Tulsa Healthcare Staffing

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