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Tulsa healthcare staffing | Professional And More

Hi I’m corey miller, with trinity employment specialist and today I’m, going to talk real quickly about hiring the right people in your company. What are some of the things that you ought to look for in an individuals and I think I think some of these things might be able to help you out, but they’re. Just there’s a few things that I’ve written down so I sat down and thought about and I think it’s really important to just keep hearing these things regularly and keep considering them. The first thing is is make sure that when Tulsa healthcare staffing you get a position, do you know it really? Well, as recruiters oftentimes, you have human resources, people and then you have your department managers, the human resources people they kind of know the job, but not really. Sometimes things have changed in the job and you got an old job description. Make sure that your hr person or whoever’s doing recruiting really truly understands what it is that you recruiting for that’s the first thing. You really need to do. Andthen, you need to decide and post the position on the right type of website, and you know you got all sorts of different job boards that you can choose from, and you want to pick the right one, but for us you know this was this was something that I dread. You know, make sure and put it on the right job board. Man will choose like 8 or 10 and find at least at least at least 90% of them are free. You know you can use a lot of social media and really blast it out there and use one, maybe two job boards that actually cost money, but be very specific at what you put on it. You know that each Tulsa healthcare staffing job board generally brings a certain kind of group of people.

I would read about what they’re really good at and what they’re, not you know for, for our experience. Right now, indeed, has just jacked their prices up, probably triple well. In fact it is triple and their quality went way. Way. Tulsa healthcare staffing They used to be one of the top companies that we would utilize, i, wouldn’t utilize. Then i. We have an entire system plan to get off of ever using that website again, but make sure that you’re that you read a little bit about the current knowledge. That’s out there about these websites and right now in the recruiting website, world I can tell the job boards are changing quite drastically and they’ve gotten to where they are not nearly as effective as they is. They were just five or six months ago, I’m, 3 months ago. This this whole thing shifted and it’s all a profit centered thing where they’re trying to generate three times the profit in one year, so I don’t know what they’re doing, but they changed a lot. So be really careful read up on some of the newest stuff. That’s out there about websites and job boards before you go to post and i, think that’ll make sure and help you out a little bit. The next thing use social media to gauge someone’s personality. This is really important. You can’t tell everything you can’t make Tulsa healthcare staffing a full-fledged decision based on social media, but you can kind of tell how a person is going to be so, for example, if you pull up someone on social media and you’re trying to bring someone in for a very professional level job, maybe in a conservative more of a conservative top role, will you probably don’t want to get on social media and see them smoking weed with someone?

You know that happens all the time in hart worth. You know all the time, and if your candidate beat be aware of that, you know that people can go on social media. It’s open. People can see what your liking. If you put, if you put 20 pictures of you, the last 20 pictures of you Tulsa healthcare staffing partying it up like a 17 year old. Well, then, people people have no choice but to consider that when, when it’s out there-and so you need to make sure that you do a good job as an employer, though of going out and looking for the personality, just as much as you do as you do, the skill set skill sets very, very important, but you got to figure out if that person is the right personality fit for your organization, and so you know what your organization is. Make sure that you try to have a good personality. Ask a lot of reference questions on on your references, try to figure out who this person really is, how they interact. What they’re like in the office and make sure that that seems to you to be a good fit for the office, because I’ll tell you if you want to kill culture, you’ll put someone in there that really messes it up. Just one person can take down about 10 people, I’ve watched it happen. The next thing take care of your current high performers. Make sure that your current high performance, your current high performance, are taking well well care of financially, but also that you were taking care of them emotionally in the office and that you’re putting a lot of effort into making sure that they are doing Tulsa healthcare staffing well and they’re healthy working inside your organization, I think it’s really really important, often times our current high performers are often for rotten and they leave you for that and they just you just rely on them to do a good job, and so you just forget about him and they don’t feel as important anymore. They don’t feel like they’re having a good time anymore, and so it’s really important that you include them and make them a high priority. Because can you imagine life without them? It would be very, very difficult if you’re, an owner of a company, often times they’re, giving you a little bit of freedom because of their ability, so make sure that you take care of your high performers, and the next thing is make sure that you hire for attitude and optimism.

You can tell this in in an interview. You can ask him. Behavioral stock questions about things that they like and things that they didn’t like see see which ones they spend more time with things they like or things that they didn’t like. You ought to be able to tell how often how often will this person think and it’s really really Tulsa healthcare staffing important. We have good thinking, people on her team. Thank god, but I’ve had people that were naturally negative and you can see it it just. Naturally it went negative and they did their job really well, but they brought everyone down in their pursuit of doing their good job and and so having people they’re, just naturally positive on your team. It’s a huge huge difference and it’s a huge morale booster. You don’t want to hire people that just don’t make you feel positive when you’re around them I mean it’s, it’s not fun. Tulsa healthcare staffing You get a chance to work with people that you like, create that opportunity for yourself, don’t bring it in tolerate people. It’s just like you know it’s it’s it’s much much easier to have a good culture in in your team, and you know it doesn’t mean that person’s bad. It’s just it just might mean they’re, not good for your team. You know and I think that would be a very optimal thing for you to consider. The last thing is, it is:is your candidate hungry for the job i?

Did this I started doing this a long time ago, and my team thought I was crazy. I quit doing it in front of the team because it kind of flipped him out a little bit, but I wanted to try to talk the person Tulsa healthcare staffing out of the job and see if they fought for it. You know, you’ll tell a lot about a person. I’ve read about this. From a guy named chet holmes wrote a book called the ultimate, sales machine, and he started doing this. This is how he did it and I’m, not quite as aggressive as this dude was, but I find a ton of value in it. So this is what the guy did he’s like. You know, I really, don’t think you’re a good fit for this position. I. I, just don’t think you do very well and then shut up and I’ve done that one thing it made me uncomfortable to wear, I didn’t do it, but just three or four times, but this is what happens. Some people cower down and they’re like oh, really yeah. You might be right and then there’s some people. That will say no I disagree with you. I think I would trust this position this in this in this is why and oftentimes would, especially when you’re trying to hire a salesperson, that that is the way. That’s the kind of answer that you want. You want somebody’s going to fight for their job. You want somebody’s going to aggressively go after things and those are typically traits of your eight players. You know they have the fortitude to stand up for themselves and say now. Man i, think I would be great. Tulsa healthcare staffing I disagree with you, and so anyway, there’s something for you to consider i, think they’re, great opera, great opportunities to investigate a player’s, find the right players for your team and get yourself a great culture while you’re, while you’re building your team. If trinity can help you in this process, we have a process for hiring. Only a player’s give us a call. Her number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank

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