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Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m, with trinity employment specialist, we’re staffing organization. We work in the medical field and also have the vision in finance and accounting and baking. We have a system that we have created, that a lot of people are really benefited from and trying to get only 8 players into a company’s. It’s really important to us, and we have a system that it requires elimination and quick elimination. But if it’s followed, it’s the advice that jack welch has a set up with ge and it really works. Basically, you terminate your way to an a player, especially when you’re using the staffing organization doesn’t have to be a mean thing. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing

Tulsa Healthcare Staffing We have a lot of options for people for other options that we can send them to if they’re, not the right fit there, but really what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to find the right fit within an organization we’re trying, to put it bluntly, we’re trying to findwho play well in the sandbox of that sandbox and each company’s a different sandbox, and we’ve got to find people that play really well in that sandbox. With that group of people and I know that that breaks it down, but if you watch kids in a sandbox, you got some kids at play really well together. The parents are really happy when they play together and then you throw one bad person or one bad little. Kid in the sandbox in the whole thing goes crazy and I’m telling you that this is very similar. When you’re hiring for a company, you throw the wrong person in there, everybody gets upset and the sandbox is no longer happy. The parent, the parents, or in this case the managers are never happy or job, is to get happy managers. And we do that by putting as much if not more emphasis on culture and terminating when we don’t have the right cultural fit, because it’ll be a long-term problem and that right there in a nutshell, is our system. It really works, but it takes a good team, meaning trinity team and our customer team working together to making sure that we have the right cultural fit. When we do that, it makes all the difference in the world in the hiring and in the end we safe companies tins of thousands of dollars when we implement this system and when we’re allowed to implement it with good teamwork with with our partners. So that’s really what our goal is. I want to talk to you real quickly about some about hiring techniques. This is what I’ve been on for probably last 2 or 3 weeks and i. Think some of these things will help people the these are some things that company should really pay attention to. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing

Tulsa Healthcare Staffing These are these are some things that as a stuff as a staffing company, we notice other companies doing it wrong and what’s crazy is when, when you do it as long as much as we do you’ll start to notice the companies that man you just gotta cross your fingers cuz, you are not comfortable with their decision-making and you hoped they make the right decision, and you know that they’re making the wrong decision sometimes-and you just want to you-want to just their the boss. You can’t go and aggressively tell them hey, you’re, making the wrong decision and it’s our job to be a servant, but we will voice our opinion, but a lot of times were overwritten, and so here’s some things that we’ve noticed with some of our customers for their they’re, not making wise decisions, at least in our viewpoint. As much as we do, this I think we should prop. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing You know our opinion. Probably is not a bad one to consult. The first thing is, is having a having a realistic understanding of what you can actually get for a certain salary and so will have. We will have some customers say:listen, we want to hire someone at $10 an hour. You know I’m using the money just too I’m using the $10 an hour just to make it easy for me, but they want to hire somebody for $10 an hour and they want to put a job description on there that basically people would get paid 15 to $20 an hour in the normal job market to do, and so eventually, because it’s our job to follow that process, we will go out and get that person for them. But this is what happens every single time that person gets in there. They do the job, because I needed a job for a little bit of time, and then they they get worked like crazy or they recognize that hey. Listen. What I’m doing I could go over across the street to that bank or to that institution and they’re going to pay me five to $10 more an hour to do this job and I’m not exaggerating this horribly like this happens a lot of times, and so when you underpriced yourself in the market, especially in today’s unemployment rate, you are probably going to spend, or at least waste I’m, guessing $20,000 on, because you’re going to have turn over and then you’re going to either have to go, recruit someone yourself we’re going to have to hire us to do it and if you keep in mind it and $11 an hour employee for walmart, if they walmart says if they worked there for 3 months and that person quit so they have to terminate him. They consider that an 11000 $11,000 loss. Keep that in mind, because you know most of you watching this are going to be hiring people harder than $2 an hour. That’s a very low wage right now and the cost of missing it or the cost of underpaying someone having them, leave you and then having to recruit for it and retrain for it.

That’s where the big cost is you don’t want to do that? Make sure that you were in line with what the industry standard is and don’t have unrealistic expectations for certain salary make sure that you’re getting the salary aligned with the responsibilities of the job? I really think this is so important for you, because we we watch. This regularly happened in our cultural net culture. Now it is not uncommon for someone to see a better opportunity and leave and go to that opportunity. So keep that in mind. Second thing is:is having a nun realistic idea of what kind of candidates are actually available. You don’t want one time a person came to when I was recruiting for the oil and gas field. My manager see I was trying to recruit, for this high-level reservoir engineer was it. That was a geologist. I was trying to harford geologist and I was struggling. I mean it was very difficult to find. Yellow striped in the oil and gas industry was booming geologist. Anyone that wanted a job had a job at the time and we needed to find a really great geologist. So they could go find us some oil on some oil in the ground because the floodgates it opened. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing

The government open up the floodgates we needed to make some money and we were down a geologist and I was recruiting hard, but I was very young in my career and my manager came over to me and she told me this-she said:listen, corey i! Need you to understand the severity of why we need to hire this person quickly. She said every day that we don’t have a geologist in play in this. In this particular field. It was a particular section that they want the geologist to be working in they estimated that they were losing 50 to $75,000 a day that we didn’t have someone in that position and all said that opened up my eyes. I was like. Oh my gosh. There’s that’s a lot of money. You know for me back then I’m like holy cow, when, when people have an unrealistic expectation of what is actually out there, the amount of time they go absent of the a person, the more money that they are losing or not being able to go and make his company, and so as a company might want try to evaluate. Tulsa Healthcare Staffing

Tulsa Healthcare Staffing When is it important for us to find the person in train the skill? If that’s a positive, that’s a possibility when the unemployment rate is where ours is now. This is a very wise consideration. Is let’s put in a training program for the right person. Let’s get them trained, up. I understand you can’t do that for a physician. You probably can’t do that for an engineer, but you can do that for a lot of positions and and I think that it’s very very wise to consider doing that hiring people and hiring the right people. It’s extremely important and it’s extremely cost-efficient. When you get it right, it’s so it’s really important to have an understanding of what’s actually going on in in the in the culture of hiring at that moment, because if you were hiring 18 months ago, it’s a complete different market now, and you should know that, and these things will help you just that knowledge will help. You make the right decisions in your company if trinity can help you in any way. Please give us a call. We would love to. Our number is 918-622-2588. Thank you. So much and I hope you have a great day Tulsa Healthcare Staffing