Tulsa healthcare staffing | Asking Questions and Getting Answers

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Tulsa healthcare staffing | Asking Questions and Getting Answers

Hi, my name is corey mitchell and I’m with trinity employment specialist trinity. We are staffing organization, we’re located here in tulsa, we staff in the surrounding areas and we staff in the medical field, everything from rn medical assistant, lpn, medical front office, specialist, medical billing, specialist, cpt, coders, all of the medical Tulsa healthcare staffing field, all the way up to a physician in a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioners as well, and then our business division, we staff in finance and accounting and banking and in those positions we have a couple of randompeople that just called and ennis occasional do:administrative assistants, customer service reps and that sort of thing. That’s that’s what we do in our business. I want to talk really quickly about how how to hire and find some of the top talent. What what are some of the things that you want to look for in your a player’s? It should take at least give yourself a shot at getting an a player when everyone’s going to interview well. But what are some of the characteristics that if Tulsa healthcare staffing these people say this and that and the other in an interview? What are some of the common traits that they share to wear all of a sudden? This is this is something you want to pay attention to. So, let’s, let’s go through quick i.

Think I think that some of these can be very helpfulyou want to try to find out. Is this person highly adaptive almost every one of these you’re going to have to find out in a combination of two ways, one behavioral-based questions and to the references I would take your behavioral-based questions that you ask your employees and and if anything, wrong out any kind of scenario in kind of story that they Tulsa healthcare staffing told about i, would ask the manager or that person about that position that you’re checking on the references with you need the candidate to be highly adaptive, and so you can ask questions like tell me about a situation where things just went out of the ordinary in your job. How did you react to that? Is that something that you enjoy? Is that something that you were able to do well with? Or are you somebody that really wants to keep things in line and inorder in that might appear to be a trick question, because the way you phrase it you know you can use some sales on it to get them to bite the bait of starting to complain about their company if they ever threw a curveball in there. But you want to Tulsa healthcare staffing say tell me about that situation. What did you like? What did you dislike? What are some of the things that you did well with some of things you didn’t do well with? That would be a great follow-up question. I would ask a lot about that and see in their eyes. If they were excited about having a change was just be honest:every company is going to get thrown a curveball. Every position I’ve ever been in have been throwing a curveball, that’s something that I personally I enjoy having a curveball, but you talk to some people they’re going to hate it and that’s going to be a bad thing for them. You’re, a players are generally going to be okay with getting thrown a curveball and enjoythe aura. Tulsa healthcare staffing Finding pleasure in solving that problem versus just all my gosh, this messed up my day, I wasn’t planning on doing this today. I hate this I hate life. You know what I’m saying the next thing is is:do they ask great questions when a players are not the type of people that when you say hey, do you have any questions for us know you covered it all, that’s not in a player generally, it’s not thata.

Players are going to be naturally curious. They are going to ask quite a few questions. Actually they’re going to try to figure out what a day in the life is going to be now some a player’s you might catch, em off beat, and they would ask you questions later, maybe in the second interview once Tulsa healthcare staffing they’ve had a chance to think about it, that that is a possibility. So if you ask someone in the very first interview after 20-30 minutes and they’re, just not prepared for questions, you know most people are going to do at least one second interview. If they don’t come to with questions your second interview, I would cut him. I really. Would the next thing is is:are they vivaciously curious I just mentioned this? You know, I was talking to my door, my wife, my wife was talking to my daughter, the other day, I believe my daughter, she’s just she’s just 10 years old, but I’m telling you man she’s got the fire of someone that is going to be really great and I’m super excited to try to Tulsa healthcare staffing give her the right direction, but I know it’s going to be difficult. Cuz she’s got a strong personality, but one of the things that I love the other day that happened is might my daughter was listening to the radio and they were explaining the history of a song and my wife change the channel. My daughter was like well why you doing that and in amber said well I’m trying to get to the music? Are you interested in that she’s, like yeah I’m, trying to learn about why the song came up about? You know that little bit of useless knowledge is how people become great. They pay attention to these things and I’m, not saying that my wife’s, not great it’s just my wife is more of an organizational mind. Tulsa healthcare staffing You can tell that my daughter is the type that’s going to be a go-getter in in a big big way:amber hold the fort down the foundation down and sienna.

My daughter is going to be the type that goes and creates the fort. You know, but people who are generally a players, they’re going to be curious, they’ll want to know things will be interested in Tulsa healthcare staffing things. Did a lot of people just don’t care about, and so anyway, to pay attention to that at how curious they are about the job naturally, and really truly interested. The next thing is i, like team players have to ask questions about this and get ready for people to lie to you and tell you. Oh yeah, I’m, a great team player, love working with teams, I’m asking behavioral, stop questions. Give me an example of how you worked together in a team like environment. What are some of the things that went well and what are some of the things that didn’t go as well as you, please? Okay, when you ask this question pay attention to what they spend the most time talking about that’ll likely give you a Tulsa healthcare staffing pretty good indication on what they value the most. The positive interaction with the team or the negative interaction of a team so beat be very conscious when you ask that question and pay attention to the answer that they give and then, if you do, a second interview, ask the question again, but ask him in a little bit different way and make sure engage those two if they come back negative or negative on both on both times. You ask that question:how to cut this individual and and try to find somebody who wants to work more with a team because you’re trying to create a cultural fit one person that doesn’t want to work with the team on your team trust me I’ve had that and it and it’s tough. These are just. These are just things that I do.

You know you might be a better recruiter than me, but these are things that I think are important. The next thing is:are they good resource managers? Ask him about a tough situation, and then how did they put? How do they put it together when they didn’t know? What to do? Tell me about a situation when you had no idea what to do. What did you go? Do and you’ll find out a whole lot about how people put things together and how resourceful they are you can they think outside the box and solve a problem quickly? You got you will see. This on. Remember shows that used to be on like survivor. You Tulsa healthcare staffing know these shows where you had to put things together real quickly, and you could tell real quick who the person was on that team that you’d like to be working with, and the people that you’re like. Oh no, it would be miserable okay in somewhat of a way, that’s what you’re doing an interview you’re trying to do you’re, trying to figure out who works well with the other players and who, who does not? The last thing is you just need to see and look for people who take pleasure in learning. Like is learning a negative you’re telling me I’m doing something wrong type of an issue or is learning a. Let me go home. Look at that. Listen I receive that i, don’t see it right now, but I received that. Let me think about that. I’m telling you it’s a complete different approach. There’s there there lots of thing things that are benefit to somebody who can say. Let me think Tulsa healthcare staffing about that and get back with you. Learning attitude is a huge, huge thing. If trinity can help you with your hiring, gives call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity, employment.Com

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