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The Number One Tulsa Recruiting Service and Tulsa Staffing Agency

This content was written by Trinity Employment

We understand that it can be difficult and sometimes be a huge headache to try to recruit employees for your jobs in Tulsa. It takes time to interview each candidate, find out their skill sets, their training and if they would even be a good fit for your company. Most the time companies go to staffing firms but the problem is they don’t really understand what you need. All they look at is what looks good on paper. But we have found at Trinity Employment that personality plays big role in whether someone stays at a job or not. Call us today and allow us to do what we do best. 918-622-2588.

Trinity Employment was made to be different from every other staffing firm in the city. Our founder and leader, Cory Minter decided that he had had enough of going through staffing firms. It bothered him that they did not pay attention to the job description that they were given. It created a wide gap between what the company was looking for and what the he was looking for. He knew he could do it better. He knew he could start Trinity Employment.

The number one rule that Trinity follows is, details, details, details. Our team is trained to pay attention to the details of each company and each candidate that comes through our door. We have learned that just because someone looks good on paper, does not mean they will be a good fit for a job position. We close the gap between finding a good person, to finding the ideal person. Companies trust the people we send their way to fill their jobs in Tulsa. We only send those who would be good fits.

We conduct a detailed interview to extract the information we need to find the right candidates. We go over background checks, job background, drug screening and any other information you need as a company. We dive deep into each person and start moving forward, presenting you with the top candidates for your job positions. We work and partner with each company to help them find what they are looking for as company. We are here to serve you.

Call now! Allow us to help find what your looking for! We have made a name for ourselves and we have been featured in the Tulsa World. You can trust the name of Trinity Employment, home of the professionals in matching employees with jobs in Tulsa. Banks, businesses and companies trust our brand. We bring the talent to you. You decide who to keep. Find your team members through us!

Finding Tulsa Finance Jobs

This content was written by Trinity Employment

If you are looking for Tulsa finance jobs, if you are, you are in the right place. Trinity Employment has been the number one choice for companies, businesses, banks, and more for many years. We are one of the top recruiting firms in Tulsa and have matched millions of employees to jobs in Tulsa. We have been featured in the Tulsa World and we have doubled in size every year since we opened our doors. Trinity Employment is ready to help you or your company fill those open positions.

Trinity Employment was started by Cory Minter, who had gone through many staffing firms himself. He found that they lacked the proper attention to the details. In his mind, the details of the company and the candidate were the most important to matching someone with the right job. He decided that couldn’t be all there was and so he started Trinity Employment to prove just that. With over ten years of professional human resources knowledge, he set off to start and run Trinity Employment.

The selection process was simple. Find the ideal candidates with the proper skills and personality that would work well in the culture that your company provides. We find the one who would fit into a Tulsa finance jobs. We go through a detailed interview, learning about their skills, training, personality, and do a background check. We screen the best candidates and only recruit the ones that are specific to your needs.

We focus on the needs of both parties. Not only is it important for the company to have someone ideal but the person who is looking for Tulsa finance jobs needs to be paired with a company that is ideal. We go over the details of both the employer and the employee. We find the highly-qualified and trained professionals for your business. This cuts your HR cost and brings you a team of professional recruiters who know what their doing.

Call now! Find out more about the company and why we are the best choice for you. We have a knack for finding talent and getting companies what they need. Our customer service will over exceed your expectations. We prove that our service is hassle and headache free. We bring you what you need every time. Meet with Trinity Employment today!