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I’m scoring material and I’m president Trinity employment specials we are staffing organization located here Toles Oklahoma we staff in our surrounding areas as well we staffed primarily medical field and we started in the medical field and we staff are everything from office position medical billing medical coding. Everything in the medical revenue process. Revenue cycle. Medical assistance L.P.’s are in. An X. ray techs always the physicians assistants nurse practitioners physicians all of these positions we staffed for in the end in our. In our professional division we staff are fine it’s a county banking. And. You know all of those positions in there. Tulsa Banking Jobs In the in our industrial division we staff are C.N.C. machine this warehouse workers. You know professional staff within industrial companies there are industrial staff staffing segment has really ramped up lately and so we’re doing more and more industrial staffing his will I wanted to talk to you really quickly about just unique recruiting strategies and things that big companies really need to pay attention to. The thing is is your recruiting process really needs to be set up where actually the tracks top talent and not just Cindy a bunch candidates.

It’s really important because you’re worrying the way you set it up sometimes you’ll just get candidates. Tulsa Banking Jobs you don’t want that you’ve got to try to find that really true top talent me this would people in the middle like it men management completely just for good they have they just don’t study it I don’t think they know it and that is the success of a company is only related to the person’s. Talent that they have where the company’s talent I was I was meeting with a check casher with a quick trip and you know if you’re in a different part of the country you might not know what a quick trip is but in this part of the country they are the Taj Mahal of convenience stores no question listen compare them with loves or any of the other staffing firms or not staffing firms sorry to media source I mean there’s no complete there’s no competition there. But the thing is I was talking to a chair and he said he said this one thing he said I asked him What is your limiter to growth the SEC was we make so much money we could build a ridiculous amount of stores.

But we just don’t have the talent to manage them in a way that would hold up our quality. The biggest limiter to almost everyone’s growth is talent you’ve got to find people that really know what they’re doing so or you’re trying it for us in my experience and I’ve done it I’ve got it in Tarsus group of staff that have been trained in the staffing industry the same guys it takes a year at best to get somebody trained usually you’re looking at 2 or 3 years before they become really really effective for you and so if you want to try that method. It works I’ve done it you know I’ve done both ways it’s a toss up because you do get a players but it takes and it takes a while to get there. Tulsa Banking Jobs But here are some recruiting. Process is to bring top talent 8 players in your organization. You need to get away from traditional jobs scription it’s you know this is the very 1st point of contact to get them to get them through the door and a lot of times well being traditional job scriptures are top of the position job duties things that we would really like to have here’s a call that’s a traditional job description you really need to go into you’re selling the company. That your job title means to be catchy. Needs to be it needs to grab attention rather than saying. A nurse practitioner the job title might say Have you ever thought what it would be like to work at one of the best quality health care facilities in the country.

That’s a different deal and then talk about what makes them so great you got to get that you got to get them excited about it your traditional job descriptions are they don’t work anymore and this is what I would suggest you do go and google the best job descriptions out there and you’ll get some really great ideas from some innovative writers that’s the thing that I struggle with I’m not a great writer I’m an author of 2 books. But I had to have heaps of books I’d have people about me at their. Most people are not great authors and you can go on to Google invites really great ideas use some of their language put in some things that are specific to your industry and that will help you a lot but you need to get away from your traditional style of jobs scription says you’re going to just grab the average much there or someone that they’re not being really picky you know they’re just they just need a job the people that are really really picky those are generally the people that you’re going to want and you’re going to have to entice them in a different way than what is used to. Tulsa Banking Jobs So that historical cost and time metrics are useless for process control on and I don’t want to talk about those most job boards are or squad lists you know the secrets of some of sin my sourcing or what we call it mine. And so when you when you go out to try to find people most of the time especially in today’s. In today’s market.

You’re not they’re not just out there looking for jobs they’re what they call passive candidates and so their resume they’re interested enough to post the resume up but they’re not actively looking every week they don’t have to. There are similar ideas says fight in their job. Some of your best players are like this and so it takes you reaching out to the MC You can go on the back end of a lot of these websites and look for candidates here’s the thing guys takes a lot of time that’s what people harness because they don’t have the bandwidth to do an effective job of recruiting in their in their companies is very true I don’t know of too many companies that have the bandwidth to be able to do a proper recruiting It is difficult it’s different and it takes a lot of time it’s not like things used to be where you have a job scripts the post out and you have people come in you’ve got to go get top talent because there’s just not enough qualified talent out there for all the specialty top positions that we have it’s just it’s just not there. The next thing is is stop looking at resumes their resumes of are talking with unqualified people Tulsa Banking Jobs You don’t you don’t want to spend a lot of time talking people you know we had this discussion to yesterday though this week earlier where one of our crews brought up shit like you know listen we’re getting some Deans on some of our reviews because we’re not calling people back.

That had applied Well the reason we’re not calling them back is because they’re nowhere near qualified to anymore we have an entitlement. Society I’m telling you and believe the things that people say about us because we didn’t call them back and they were nowhere near qualified for the job so you know many months ago we said we started sending out a form e-mails that said thank you so much for applying but for this position you know for our client you’re you’re you don’t have enough. You don’t have enough experience to be considered you wouldn’t believe what we got back from that people would go in there in just Tulsa Banking Jobs. Another way to some other. Person being. What we thought was a cordial hey we received your resume you don’t qualify it so we wanted to let you know so you could move on we thought we were being kind we got hammered and it wasn’t not as an absolute that or it was slow guys we encourage them at the end we know that there is a great place for you we want to encourage you and I mean it was you could not be nicer. The people are entitled it but here is the thing like you still can’t spend time. Tulsa Banking Jobs With people it’s a hit that we just have to be willing to take. And we’re we’re going to take it we want to be kind of nice to people but we can’t speak in 10 minutes on the phone explain to someone why they’re not qualified like we just can’t do it so only spend your time with the people that you can tell are real candidates now don’t spend time with people that you’re not sure you know these are some of the things that are just unique ideas for uprooting out helps you truly we would love to help you staffing for medical staff in industrial staffing finance accounting or banking we would love to be able to be a piece of that that process for you give us a call at nominate 62225 a day or you can business online at Trinity employment dot com Tulsa Banking Jobs.

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