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Tulsa Banking Jobs | Helping Professionals

Hi My name is Corey mentor and I’m a trinity employment specialist we are staffing organization that’s located here until So home we staff in 3 main areas we start in the medical field we staff are everything in the medical field that you can imagine we staff are medical systems medical billing medical front office and medical revenue cycle medical coding. In the clinical area I mentioned medical assistance we have LP and Aryans. Tulsa Banking Jobs nurse practitioners physicians assistants everything that you can imagine all went to a physician that’s what we staffed for in our professional arena we staff are finance and accounting and banking so accounting positions C.P.A.’s all of these level of positions we staff for and administrative assistants and customer service top roles that’s what we do in our in our professional division and in the last few months we’ve started industrial division which is the new revenue stream for Trinity and there we do see it seem machinists warehouse workers mechanical engineers mechanical assemblers. You know in the in some of the administratively executive roles within industrial arenas and so our industrial staffing has really ramped up lately thanks to President Trump and that NAFTA agreement that he signed brought a lot of stuff into into this area and into the country but I want to tell you what I want to talk about real quick want to talk about if you’re trying to get hired What are some things that you should do you know I’m always trying to talk to employers and give employers. Tulsa Banking Jobs Advice on hiring and try to be you’d have a real good informational resource for them.

And sometimes when I do that I get a miss another pair group of people that we serve and that is our employees is so at Trinity you know we’re we love you know we make money by helping place people but not always Is that true trendy God’s got a place for everyone it’s not always through us it we’re OK with that but we love helping people get work God wants so I’m going to give you some advice Destro quickly maybe some things that you should think about in your hiring that might help you so the number one thing that I think can help professionals get hired is networking in referrals I’m telling you it’s the top it’s the best if you’re not a player this is the best it’s not job ads it’s networking referrals I’m telling you that’s how the best opportunities come up most jobs. That are really really high quality are advertised for. Tulsa Banking Jobs What oh my gosh as the truth and I know it because oftentimes we create jobs for a players and they just haven’t acted like you know we haven’t advertised for we’re thinking about this you know you get the right person in there. You know they’ll open up a slot for you lot of these medium size companies will. And so. When you are a professional in the field like if you’re in you know in industrial type field will go into network networking meetings like A.B.C. which is a industrial type you know builders. Association Builders Association.

That’s Tulsa Banking Jobs where you’re going to get around people that know a lot of people in the industrial field it’s what it is but when you get to know them and they make a referral somewhere else that’s how you get known and so with if you’re not employed and you’re looking for positions networking it’s one of the best ways to do it I went and spoke yesterday at a thing called E.O.S. in Tulsa it’s called the executive luncheon series and we I had to I had one C.F.O. and one C.E.O. come up to me and say listen I would really like to talk with you about a position All right I’ve got opportunities for the skies I’m not trying to place it’s firm up it’s for buddies people that I know that might be looking for it you know Trinity might get involved but a lot of times I’m smoking referrals for them and and that that’s the way that it works is you’re around other professionals and the tendency is if you’re unemployed is to go hide in the corner or not let that be No because it’s embarrassing but you’re not employed or that you’re looking or whatever you know and so I think that is by far the best way is is through getting a referral from a friend but you do that through networking. Next thing is career websites and insert searching platforms course you want to get all of these the thing is is that you know I had through mine through one of the. Programs that were part of it’s called the. Tulsa Banking Jobs It’s called the Staffing Association American Staffing Association A I say we go there in it is the largest Staffing Association in the world and so you have all of the biggest vendors are there to talk to all the staffing organizations because guess who uses a lot of jobs site. Staffing organizations way more than a lot of other companies do so they are really after business so they have the executives there everyone show up try to be in our business well what you get to do is spend a lot of time around their developers their C.E.O.’s and all that good stuff let me give you a hint fill out your profile completely don’t just post a website don’t just post resume up there it makes you.

A more searchable like. 5 to 6 times more searchable on some websites and this is this is all across the board that’s what they find important they want your information they find your information valuable and so when you fill out and give them what they want they give you what you want you want to be noticed they want your information given your information you’re more noticeable that’s just what happens and they told me that personally so that’s been kind of a helpful thing that I’ve been able to share with Tulsa Banking Jobs people the 3rd thing is you can go out to job fairs you will find companies that you didn’t know exists in Job fairs you need to go over there and be specific let me let me give you a bit of a hit on job fairs because. I do these don’t like them but we do The reason I don’t like them is because you have certain people who have no intentions of get a job they like to come grab any swag that they have and they take a thing.

As and those are always the people you don’t want they’re there to get some weird toy I’m serious I had somebody grab like 8 cameras one time I had Bret the minutes they took the breath mints important in the back but all of a bow. Tulsa Banking Jobs you got to tolerate this stuff in so a lot of unemployed people who are professionals you just you get in there and you’re like oh my gosh Allison seeing myself with most of the people in here and I get that you’re going to have to eat a piece of humble pie to go in there I get it but there are a lot of companies that are looking for you thing is every other company they’re frustrated with that process too but they are not there for the people that are going to be taking their breath mints they’re there for people like you they’re professionals and they want to talk to you and they a lot of times are the H.R. people and it might not it might be something that’s not something available right they have but they remember you if you’ll say it’s a great way to stay in contact with some hiring influencers next thing is company website go find the companies that you’re interested in and get on their website find the right people and start communicating with them being communicate with them on Linked In as well but just let it who you want know who you are learned know listen there’s you know there’s a lot of companies and tools and I’ve narrowed down to 5 that I would really like to work for and your company is a company that would really like to work for this is what I do and and I would love to speak with you but your company is one that I’ve targeted as a perfect place for me if there’s any way that you’d be interested in talking to me of them to Tulsa Banking Jobs.

Talk to you that is a really great way for you to get yourself know it might not be right then but they’ll remember you for later on the last thing is is social media use your social media be bold be proud but then know I’m looking for a job friends if any of you know anything in this arena if any of you know of someone that I should speak with I would really like to speak with them on the top professional I know I’m an employed. But I am a professional right now be bold be strong I tell my teen year old that all the time when she’s nervous but it’s the same thing for adults be bold be strong let people know confidently what you’re looking for and people love to help other people it doesn’t seem like it when you listen to the news but in general that’s the way that is that news throws people off on what humanity really is you know there are a lot of bad people out there but for every bad person I think there’s 10 good so use this I hope this helps you give us a call at not 186222588 or even business online at Trinity employment dot com.