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Other moneys Koori mentor with Trinity employment specialists we’re staffing organization here in Tulsa Oklahoma and today I’m going to talk about a hiring technique that are hiring techniques and it’s a specific thing we have to do this one occasion where we have a lot of hires that we need to make and they’re all hourly employees. Tulsa Banking Jobs but and so you know the unfortunate part is when he 2 Thess you need to expect to have to terminate or have a lot of people quit and that you’re doing it in volume and over over time the dust will settle but either give yourself a couple months of headache and you’ll you’ll see some of it but it’s a it’s a part of it but I’ve got I’ve got 7 things or not 7 things 5 things that I think would be helpful with someone who needs to make some hourly Harz and make them relatively quickly and these are some of the strategies that that we use that I think would help you if you’re trying to recruit on your own and a lot of times when you’re trying to hire hourly employees it’s really truly best to use a staffing firm to get that done.

There it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of manpower and most medium sized companies and even some large companies they still have the human resources me in power to get it done effectively or efficiently and staffing firms are going to have many employees in that’s all they do all their long whereas the the human resources roles in some of the other companies and they are just really really stuck So anyway I want to I want to go over these things I think it will help some people on the 1st thing is is you set up an employee referral program and then you utilize it and why. And let people know about it. You know I’ll tell you one of the things that we do with people who have applied in the past or if I’ve got a stack of resumes you know I will call them. Tulsa Banking Jobs and you’re only going to get a whole anymore if if people read notion number they don’t answer the phone that stings but a lot of times they will text and you know you can you can text out if you’ve got a database you can text out some information to say hey this is this is with Trinity employment specialist you applied for a position with us we have a position open as a blank and but and so if you’re interested we would love to speak with you but if you aren’t interested but you know of someone who might be please send them over to us if we’re able to harm we would love to give you a referral fee of blank.

And oh i times you’d be surprised at you know a lot of people who are hourly who you know they’re going to have friends that are unemployed it’s you know we watch movies about about you know the single life or the you know and that’s a lot of who you’re contacting there are injured level type positions and there is they have their own network that if you tap into it in the end that one unemployed person knows another one and if you get people talking about it in that way of said you got a lot of people calling and so you can do that via text or via phone. Oh a lot of people a lot and we subscribe to one of these if we ever need to blast something out there tech services where you can do one week you can do one text it doesn’t share the number you know and it just dollar the numbers and it just. Just blasted out for you in those those are some resources for you and I don’t this is if you really need to hire some people relatively quickly and you need them to answer in numbers man is way more effective I believe in placing in and especially for right now type of movement and Tulsa Banking Jobs it’s not it’s something that I think can help people and whenever we get into a hot seat and we’ve got to fill some stuff really quickly that this is one of the moves that we that we make so that. Set up an employee referral program make sure that you let people know about it and make sure that you let a lot of people about it that’s the only way it works is when you do it in numbers. The next thing is is you you share own close communities like Facebook Twitter.

Tulsa Banking Jobs of the social media platforms Glassdoor has something that you can do is we’ll. But you need to you need to get it out there now for us we subscribe to all of these different employment sites and stuff like that but that’s not a quick fix because it takes a little bit of time to get set up properly on those but once you do that you know you have access to a lot of people that are looking you know or they stay active in the employment market and they’re really great resources and that’s another great way for you to get the word out that you have a referral program as well and about the opportunity that you have again people on here a lot of times they’re hourly and they will share the information with with people around and so that that is a really great way for. The next thing is it’s more of a strategy on how to this one here costs money but you know put a place in on Craig’s List and on indeed zip recruiter but here’s a key for you place it in the very beginning of the morning every warning every morning so that it’s posted it’s relevant these Web sites filter through stuff you’ve got to learn how to do this it’s not easy to do that you’re going to have to take some time to figure it out but that is a way for you to stay relevant staying relevant on these websites is one of the most important things and I’ll tell you what the worst is indeed they say grew up their algorithms worse than I’ve ever seen it but here I’ve got to give you a little bit of credit the last little bit they stopped screwing people.

As bad as they were for it they spend an entire year like really really messing things up badly. Tulsa Banking Jobs Computers in the crazy out of you you know where experts at using. But they finally slowed it down a little bit I think they got the word and what they did is they priced themselves out of the market Thank god the economy responded and capitalism worked in this case but a bit Did the fact of it is you know I have a platform to get away from Indy to do anything I can to not use them. But the fact is is that the site does work rather well and so it you know for us to be effective it is a piece of I just if you can’t tell they burn is pretty good this year and I know it and I and I HATE IT I HATE THAT allowed to do it but anyway let me get back to the point every time the word indie comes up I get completely distracted and I go off into it because I just it’s an emotional thing for me.

But if you will post on these every time it it’ll generally reset the algorithms that they have it’s not going to put you at the very bottom you’ve got a decent thing’s going to close the ad reopen it do all these things to get that to happen but generally you can do that not costing you more money and you can stay more relevant with it and so you need to try to toy with that in figure out how to do that every website is a little bit different so you have all these different things you have to do with each one of them recruiting has become a bit of a know how tough a thing but if you if you did some research on it really work on it I think you can figure it out. Tulsa Banking Jobs So that is number 3 now before you can organize a job fair we’ve done this many times and we just post up on all of these sites that I’m in the same way you know and you let people know via text be a Facebook and even a post a job ad and let them know that you’re having a job there.

Tulsa Banking Jobs a lot of times you will get people coming in your office and you can you can find some good candidates that way listen you got to tolerate a lot of craziness when that happens too but it’s a really great resource for you in the last one in this is very effective is partner with colleges I suggest it takes a lot of time to get on their database and learn their system you want to go and do that before a crisis because they’re not quick to move but tell you would they have a really great resource some of them do and a lot of times that’s that’s a really quick way to get some hard as well these things can help you 7 think or 5 things to do in the case that you need to hire a bunch hourly employees right off the bat those are some moves for Hope this helps you and give us a call a tranny if we can help you because this is what we do and we do it will find our number is not when I 62 to 5 a day where we can business online and truly implement dot com Tulsa Banking Jobs.

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