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Tulsa Banking Jobs | Extraordinary Workers

Hi there, my name is corey mentor and I’m, with trinity employment specialist, we’re staffing organization, we’re located corporately here in tulsa, but we staff a lot in our oklahoma city markets, and we have people that work in kansas and arkansas as well, but primarily were in tulsa and oklahoma city. Tulsa Banking Jobs We have been in business for 10 years now and we have created a system for trying to hire people that are extraordinary. Every company has someone in in their organization that they’re just extraordinary there they’re very good at what they do they and they have certain traits that you really really appreciate, and so we have created a system for hiring at trinity to be able to really focus in on getting only thosetop of individuals.

People who, when you walk in, if your walk into another company-and you saw you-had an employee that was there and they were just extraordinary customer service and you’re, like my goodness, and you left there going good grief like that, they are lucky to have them. I. Have this happen all the time if you own a business, i? Think you’ll do this more and more. You know sometimes, if you walk into a starbucks and you’re like you know that person’s probably going through school but they’re going to be great. You can tell you, those Tulsa Banking Jobs type of people are what makes such a big big difference in companies they, if you, if you have one of them, you know somebody who’s just extraordinary and you got for fahad that are just horrible. You know this extraordinary person they’re going to move on there, just not going to tolerate it. You know there there’s something about itabout, extraordinary people that make companies sore I’m listening to a book by richard branson right now, and he and the thing is 50 chapters long as it’s long and I’ll be listening to it for 2 weeks now, halfway through, but man does he talk a lot about the employees that he’s been able to hire at virgin and be able to just really do well with them and then have fun and you’ll people who extraordinaire they know how to have fun.

I want to go over some things, real, quick. That I believe makes such a big difference with people hiring and I’m. So I don’t know what you’d want a title this, but may be hiring extraordinary talent. It’s it’s like having someone who is extraordinary is like that perfectcup of coffee in the morning, and it’s wonderful, Tulsa Banking Jobs it’s it relaxes you. It sets you at ease and it gives you a little bit of drive for your day and and mikey employees in the right now, I haven’t I’m an entire staff of all of them. It’s the very first time that I’ve had this in our company in our company’s history work, everyone I believe I’m certain are firing on all cylinders. I mean work cream in it this year, with our growth and with even a lot of things that I see coming in the future. I mean we’re just really crushing it, but it’s because of the team and I’ll tell you it. You know I mentioned earlier that we’ve been in business for 10 years, listen, i, believe it’s that’s how long it that’s how long it took me to understand what I’m talking to you about, and so you know, I want to be able to I want to talk with you about hiring people that are extraordinary, but the biggest thing that I try to look out for is I’ve, created a culture and now I hire for the culture just as much, if not more as hiring for a skill set in fact of skill-set is probably a distant third to our company.

Now and it’s made our main emphasis is their attitude. You know their level of customer service the way, but the biggest thing is:how do they interact with our team and are we going to have fun with this individual and I know? This is going to sound like daycare camp, Tulsa Banking Jobs but it’s kind of like that. Send me I’m your kind of running a daycare. It’s just when you leave the daycare. Are your kids screaming and yelling that they were at daycare or are they like man? I can’t wait to go back ok running a company. You really need to try to create a place where people want to go back, and that’s that’s where this hiring technique that I’m getting ready to talk to you about is so very important to this. What that was a long and true, but this is what this is. The main point of what I want to talk about, how to identify extraordinary people some people would call him a player’s. Some people call and talk not, but whatever it is that you want to call these group of people. They make your company extraordinary, google hard, a bunch of extraordinary people virgin hired a bunch of extraordinary people. All these great companies, that’s what they do. So how do you identify them was try to talk about that real quick. So the first thing is i, always look for and ask questions for trying to identify someone’s having a desire to compete. I don’t want someone in our company that doesn’t want to compete. I don’t want someone Tulsa Banking Jobs that doesn’t love the friendly competition that we create in our in our office. You know towards the end of the month:i want to create a system. Have you ever watched, a bass, i. Think a basketball game is probably the best like analogy. Remember when it, when you’re down to the last 10 seconds. Have you ever been to one of these games and the intensity of the crowd is just shaking, and you can’t wait for your team to score. I mean it’s tied up and everybody’s like screaming offense, whether you’re on offense or on your defense you’re, both screaming you’re, both wanting each other to do well, you’re.

Just it’s got all this intensity, so I grew up at osu and we had the gallagher-iba arena and it’s known for being so rowdy. So I really need to get this, but towards the end of the month, when everybody’s getting ready did you know what numbers are getting ready to get released, you’re getting ready to find out if you had a bonus or not I want to propose an idea to you that you want to create an atmosphere Tulsa Banking Jobs where the end of this month is that type of atmosphere, and you need to be able to hire someone who has a desire to compete where that gets them excited, because if you hired somebody that is different there going to be that’s going to bum him out there going to be at the basketball game. Since you know-and so you want to have somebody who has this desire to compete, but you, but you need to make sure that the other things that were talking about here will will worn off people who want to compete so hard that they want to step on everybody on their way up the ladder. He knows what will get to that here in a second, but having a desire to compete. Ask questions about this. You know ask questions, pointed questions that try to give you an understanding. Weather level is to compete, a healthy desire for it. Second thing is having a champion’s mindset. Have you ever been on a team, whether it’s sports-related Tulsa Banking Jobs I’m, not as big sports guy, played enough sports but never been on a team with someone and it didn’t matter what the scenario was their attitude was. We can do this, we got this and everything seems almost impossible, but their idea is we got this. We can do this. Being around these people. I’ve got an entire team I’m. So wonderful I want to encourage you to try to see this in people and really try to notice it I’m. You know I’m getting ready to run out of time and I’m going to I’m going to go to a different segments for this, but I really want to encourage anyone. That’s interested in this. Listen to these other three things. It’s really important, but you want to try to have someone who has that mindset that mindset that hey we can win this I know it looks almost impossible, but I think we can do this. Let’s, let’s go:let’s get it done. That type of personality is contagious, is wonderful in a company. So if trinity, if you need help with the staffing company, finally stopped people, please give us a call at 918-622-2588. Trinity employment would love to help you. You can also visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks