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Tulsa Banking Jobs | The Right Move To Make

Hi my name’s Corey mentor I’m president Trinity employment specialists and we are staffing firm located 2 appear in Tulsa Oklahoma but we also staff in the surrounding areas. And we staff in 3 main areas the 1st Syria is in the medical field that’s where we started our company and we staff are everything from a front office position all the way up to a physician and so that includes medical billing medical front office medical coding revenue cycle managers you know all of the management staff in there X. ray techs Aryans LP and then we have another division this was a which is Trinity 2nd Division which is in our professional type positions and they’re mainly administrative functions accounting in finance and in banking so you have bank tellers loan originators loan processors accounting one you know they are accounts receivable and accounts payable. Tulsa Banking Jobs Reconciliation those top positions we staffed for and then our most recent division is in industrial staffing where we staff for warehouse C.N.C. machinists and all the managers that are that are involved in the industrial world and so today I’m going to talk to employees which is a little bit of a shift from what I talk about generally and that is I want to just talk about some strategies.

If you’re trying to find the right the right kind of job right now it’s more of an employee’s market so right now it’s really shouldn’t be that difficult to find a job but you can really try to focus on getting the right job for you get secure in that position during this time and in really get into your career in an area that you want to so if you’ve been trying to get into a career field for a long time it’s just not worth it because prior to this really our employment market hasn’t been that great intil the you know until the latest presidential change and now the job market is really soaring. But here is your A couple things the 1st thing is you make sure look in the right places. Tulsa Banking Jobs if you have a desire what you want to do I really think that you should go in try to figure out a way to do that what most people do is most people. Spin time.

Just taking whatever or whatever opportunity comes their way and because of it many people in dub in career path if they really wouldn’t want it but if they’re going to try to start over into a new career path the salary decrease really concerns them or there’s just not any opportunities for someone who would be new to the field and so it doesn’t give someone the right kind of opportunity and so you do you’ve got to go and try to find the right places to apply and seek to do that you really need to start searching to try to figure out what do I really want to do in a really great question that you can ask yourself to try to begin this process is what would I do if. If you what would I do were you didn’t have to pay me anything at all and I would just enjoy it but if money were never an issue and you had $100000000.00 in the bank Tulsa Banking Jobs.

Tulsa Banking Jobs What would you go do then and that’s a really good thought process to begin trying to figure out what it is that you want to go do. The 2nd thing is you seem to focus focus on a target job you know we interview people all the time Trinity for Also because we have all sorts of different positions. Tulsa Banking Jobs each one of our categories in industrial and professional and in the medical field those are complete separate apartments so we’re not intervening for all of the positions you know each recruiter is it that people come in often you know I guess and what is it you would and unfortunately one of the very 1st questions to you is what would you have available and that’s just a really really bad decision because then you’re jumping into that boat and just go wherever the wind takes you. The 3rd thing is is have a good application and digital presence so those are 2 different things one whenever you apply a lot of times you’re going to be applying online and it may feel like it’s going into a big dark hole but there’s actually some software behind that that really can help recruiters if you’ll pay attention to it the software is going to be keyword based in it is going to be bringing keywords to the hiring manager and anyone that hits those keywords is going to shoot them right over there and so if you really work on your application process and if you get your application down really really good I think that that would be a really great help in getting you in front of people the next thing is is one of the 1st things that anyone’s going to do if you get your process application.

Says down you get the right keywords here getting in front of people with your digital presence that’s the 1st thing they’re going to do is look you up and see who is this person. Everybody does this it’s public record and so you know when when you’re searching for someone for a job you know or you’re in you’re considering them for a job it’s really interesting when you get in there and you see somebody blowing smoke out and they’ve got a joint in their hand. You know or you look at some of their feeds and there’s a lot of cursing. There’s a lot of immature top behavior it’s really not a good thing so you need to go in and clean up your digital presence because every one of us has one now and and it means something. And so you need to pay attention that the next thing is you were prepare for your interviews. Don’t just go if you if you’re going after your dream job try to go out and find questions that might be asked of that person and you can do that by just google you can you could type in and sample interview questions for an accountant I mean that that’s a really great way to start you’ll start to see some of the professional questions that are asked of an accountant but really diggin specifically in here’s here’s the thing Knowledge is power it gives you a lot of power if you just know what’s coming in so if you create an answer to all the questions that you find online and really truly prepare for your interview the likelihood is when they ask you you’re not to be caught like you’re a deer in headlights going oh crap how do I answer that you’re going to already thought about it and probably had something mapped out and it’s just going to make you appear more competent in the truly helpful for you less thing is is you want to send a thank you note Tulsa Banking Jobs.

Or something you know a thank you note is probably the most appropriate but in sales and know that one of the things that I try to do is I’m never ever don’t send a thank you note ever for anything you know I know it’s been a while since I’ve personally looked for a job but we hire people all the time but I’m just telling you what works people really appreciate gratefulness they know that it’s not natural to be grateful they know the most successful people on earth are grateful people they star in so having the ability to be to show your grow your gratitude in a thank you note or something that captures their tension the let’s let them know that you really appreciated the time with him in plus you only have about a 3rd of the people that will ever send a thank you know maybe less than that and so all of a sudden you’re going to be in the top echelon it least of people that show gratitude So these are some things that I think might be able to help you in your in your job search if Trinity can help you at all please give us a call our number is not 186222588 thank you so much Tulsa Banking Jobs

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