Defining Your Company’s Culture

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Defining Your Company’s Culture

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa IT Jobs and Tulsa Banking Jobs Experts at Trinity Employment

It’s often difficult for client companies of Trinity Employment to determine on their own if a new candidate is a good fit. We can guide you through the recruiting process and take some of the weight off of your company’s shoulders when it comes to outfitting your workforce with the very best Tulsa IT Jobs and Tulsa Banking Jobs. Has this ever happened to you? You screen a candidate. You interview them. You test their skills. You decide that they’ll be a welcome addition to your team and you hire them. But within a few weeks, or a few months, they’re not performing like they should be, or worse, they quit? Sadly this is a tale it is all too common in the employment sector. Call Trinity Employment today and let us steer your company in a new direction when it comes to hiring and recruiting.

One of the most overlooked aspects of interviewing a potential hire is whether or not they’ll fit in well with your company culture. This is a big mistake, especially given the fact that more jobs require teamwork and collaboration than ever before. Tulsa IT Jobs and Tulsa Banking Jobs both require the candidates to successfully work on a team to make sure that the business and the bank works in a very streamlined fashion. The first step to making sure someone fits into your company culture is to define your culture. No matter how big or small your company is, you need to know its culture. It’s one of the guiding principles as you grow, and something you can always check in with to make sure that you haven’t lost touch. Take the time to determine what makes up your company culture, including everything from work schedules to your organizational ethics and values.

Turn to your human resources department for help. There are many different kinds of tests that can determine the personality of your candidate, which will help you better gauge their fit in your workplace. This does slow the hiring process somewhat, but if you hire the right candidate, it saves you time in the long run. Better yet, you can use Trinity Employment to be your human resources firm. This can both save you money and help you prescreen all candidates before they even walk through your business’s door.

You can also use your current employees to get a feel for new potential recruits. This won’t help you in an interview, but it will help you through all the steps that come before it. Your current employees are probably the people who are the most dialed into your company culture. Because of this, they understand who would fit into their workplace. Set up an employee referral program that takes advantage of this understanding, and employees who are a good fit will come to you.

Need a second opinion about whether to hire someone or not? Outsource all the difficult parts of the hiring process to Trinity Employment and stop worrying about outfitting your work source. Contact one of our specialists today and see the difference that are Tulsa staffing experts can make in your company.

Finding Work amidst a Recession

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa IT Jobs and Tulsa Banking Jobs Experts at Trinity Employment

In recent years many people have felt the burden of a national economy that has been backtracking and in a worse state than it has been in a while. A tough job market with few opportunities and countless competitors can be discouraging. It’s even more discouraging if you keep hearing that you’re overqualified for the opportunities you find. But just because you have more education or experience than a company is looking for doesn’t mean you should give up. There are several ways to turn a negative into a positive, and Trinity Employment would love to be the staffing firm that helps you find the job you really want. We have the resources to help people find Tulsa IT Jobs and Tulsa Banking Jobs that will match their level of expertise and take advantage of their skill set. If you are currently in a job right now that you feel overqualified for, here are some steps when it comes to dealing with that position.

If you find yourself in a job where you are overqualified for the position, it’s important to be humble. You do not want to flaunt your expertise, but you shouldn’t hide your talents, either. Try to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. You want to seem competent, but you also want to seem like a person who would be happy to work in a position that some may consider beneath him. No one wants to work with a martyr, so make sure your attitude is professional and humble.

The scariest thing about an overqualified candidate is that they won’t be challenged working below their skill level, and they’ll subsequently get bored and move on to a bigger and better position. There are other reasons not being able to pay you enough, for example, but losing you once you lose interest in them is the core of it. Address this fear by showing enthusiasm not only for the position you’re applying for, but also for the company in general. A lot of times when overqualified people apply for positions that are a little below their paygrade, they grow into something more by still working hard.

If you make it about the company instead of about yourself, you will reap the rewards in your own life. Try to shift the focus from your qualifications to their needs. What do they need from the person who will be hired to do the job? Find out what talents will help them succeed and show how you can deliver. Don’t waste time reminding them about your other skills. By narrowing your pitch to what they need, they will think less about your other qualifications.

Need more assistance with your Tulsa area job search? We can find you a position, whether it’s temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire. Get in touch with an expert at Trinity Employment today for for assistance that is tailored fit to each candidate that walks through our doors.


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