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Tulsa Banking Jobs | Building Trust

Hi My name is Corey Minter I’m with Trinity employment specialists we are staffing organization located in told so coma and but we said we’d staff in all of the different surrounding areas in this region and trendy we’ve been a staffing organization for the last 10 years over 10 years now we we’ve been in and been recognized in Inc magazine twice has been one of America’s fastest growing companies I believe that we should we need to try to become one of the best places to work you hear all these awards going on in general you hear about all these awards and especially here in Tulsa and I know some of the places that have received those awards and feel like we have a better place to work. Tulsa Banking Jobs Be a little bit biased but that that’s something that we’re really proud of and we need to try to showcase that a little bit more at least let it be known to the public.

Place that we have to work. But we’ve we staff trying to find people only 8 players that the that work out well when you get a players they stay longer they do want to have times the work and often times they’ll refer over other 8 players over to your organization so you know the idea behind what we do is you start with 12 or 3 or 4 core team of a players and just build out from there and it really works with many of our organizations it’s it’s really neat to be able to build that trust also you know we’ve gotten to the point now with trust with a lot of our customers that we can literally when we just find in a player you know we’re going to have this week we go with all the recruiters we have. Tulsa Banking Jobs We’re going to have somewhere near. 40 interviews they come in our office. And so if you’re going to bring in 40 people a week on average and you do that from months you’re going to meet $160.00 people well they say roughly around one in 8 or one in tin are a players so we’re we’re coming into contact with roughly around Our know you know a handful of a players every week when we get one what we know is special we’ve gotten to the place with trust now where we can sin out to a blanket of people saying.

Regardless of what you’re looking for if you’re open to training the skill we have in a player now. Tulsa Banking Jobs so we’ve got companies that have begin to rely on our weekly a player that we send out and they’re hiring them based on our recommendation of just being in a player they want to train on and I can’t believe it but it’s actually become a pretty good revenue source for us. But that is one way that we try to help other people get places that they would have never thought before you know we love being a place that helps people get where God wants them and and opening up doors that likely would never have been opened before and today I’m going to talk about some group recruiting techniques that I think really pay off some of them cost money and some of them do not but one of these I’m in the process of getting set up just because I’ve read so much about it and but the others we we regularly do here Trinity and so the very 1st thing is is that. When you’re trying to hire. Tulsa Banking Jobs We do wacky commercials. This is what’s so weird there’s so much content online and Anymore a big majority of the advertising that stun is done on sites like Facebook get this I’m I can’t remember the exact number but the average American roughly spins $5.00 to $7.00 hours on that thing or on social media and so because of that you know smart recruiters are going to social media platforms to try to you know gain attention will listen.

Anymore just like the news agencies have to flash something shocking in front of you to get your attention. It’s it’s the 2nd thing with your job ad you have to grab their attention somehow so I want to give you some examples on an on how we’ve done this. We we use bright colors in art and when we do a pictorial so we never just post an ad this is great advice for you you never just post an ad you need it to be BIG have colors and your title means to grab attention. And. And that the things that go viral are always really unusual things things that get noticed are very unusual and I’m going to give you an example of something that we did yesterday or the day before and this was to advertise for some medical billing positions where one of the other business partners has a lamer and so we brought this lamer into the office. Tulsa Banking Jobs took some video of this lamer and of some pictures of this lamer jumping around the office going haywire and crazy with our staff. With the top of. Billing positions you know OK. I know that that does it for some companies that might be like oh we can’t do that but listen people like to laugh I’m telling you they’re not any more they’re not going to judge the quality of your company but that got more interest and we got like we got like 3 or 4 candidates that we are almost certain that we’re going to place so for us that this lemur video made us a most likely I think we’re going to get about $6000.00 of profit off that.

Tulsa Banking Jobs so I don’t know what your profit margin is in your in your companies but you know thinking creatively about how to do this is is very very helpful when when you try to grab attention you need bright colors you need something unusual here you know we all want to be professional but the things that capture people’s attention the more I mean if you think about all the content that’s out there. Tulsa Banking Jobs There’s so much the only thing that gets attention is something that is unique and different I’m telling you for a lot of conservatives I’m a strong conservative. I can just like it the way it used to be to be honest with you but that’s just not the way that it is so I really want you to consider this recruiting strategy get on social media make sure and be creative use bright colors make sure that whatever it is that you’re posting the language that you’re posting it is not just a normal we’re hiring for this great position you know I just don’t think that’s going to get a lot of attention of a lot of shares and there’s a there’s a very powerful approach profile of social media and if you know how to use it properly that’s number one.

The 2nd thing is is having a strong were rewards referral rewards program and making sure that it is very recognized it’s known about it’s celebrated at all of these things so this is just what we do there’s if we ever get a good referral even if we don’t get them placed sometimes we sin stuff out a media we sin gift cards to restaurants in especially if we have any one referring us business if I find out that our staff did not hook someone up for referring us to business like I will be angry that’s how how that’s. Tulsa Banking Jobs Much I believe in this. We have gained more business from using referral cards and just telling people how much we appreciate them by blessing them with something that’s completely unexpected almost every time we do it I’m told Oh you don’t have to do this and I’m like listen you just gave us the biggest compliment we could ever get I can’t not do this and this this is something that has helped us so much in our recruiting by recruiting employees. But it’s also recruited customers over to us just last week we got a employee referral course we did a good job for this person. But. I can’t tell you how much business we got from it it is amazing so these things will help you I guarantee you I didn’t get to the 3rd one but the 3rd one is the one I’m thinking about I haven’t done it yet so I hope that this helps you truly would love to help you in your staffing and we focus on quality over quantity and find a players for other companies give us a call at nominate 62225 a day or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com.