Tulsa Staffing | 5 Staffing Challenges of 2020

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am the president of Trinity employment specialists. And we are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We staff all over the nation with travel nurses and, um, just, and in the medical world business and industrial companies all over this region. And, um, today I want to talk real quickly about something. It is hitting every company right now, when it comes to trying to find the right staff for their business. It’s, it’s really, it’s really an interesting thing that’s happening so that these are the top five staffing trends and challenges of 2020. And I’ve got some notes here that I’m going to take a look at, especially for statistics. Um, but the American economy really did a huge surge in the beginning of January, and then took a big dip, um, in April and ever since April, we have been in this craziness of an every two week assault of the media, getting the economy to try to shut down and who knows what to believe with the top Tulsa Staffing.

I don’t want to be political about this. We’ve got all sorts of information coming at us, and you can tell that there’s an agenda, um, with all, with all of these things. So most Americans, listen, you’re not alone. I’m not, I’m not wrong and crazy. You’re not wrong and crazy. We’re all trying to figure out the best way to navigate this thing. But the number one thing that companies are going to deal with, and they are dealing with this right now, our talent shortages. And it, it, it doesn’t make sense. It sure didn’t make sense that we would be having a talent shortage once the economy opened back up, because we had a record number of people who were unemployed and so forth, surely we would have some really great talent out there, but no, that wasn’t, that isn’t the case. And I think I have a really interesting story on why that’s not the case.

And then we’ll, we’ll hit, uh, the other, the other four things when this whole thing happened, there was a big, um, surge in unemployment fraud. And I was hit with unemployment fraud. Someone filed for unemployment in my name, the only weird thing is I own my own company and I’m still working. So obviously this was a fraud thing. So I was calling the, um, unemployment office to notify them. Somebody’s fall front employment, my name, I didn’t want somebody actually stealing money from the government. And then they think that it was me. So I was doing everything that I could to get on the phone with unemployment office and notify them. Someone has filed for unemployment, my name, well, apparently this happened to a ton of people, but this was what was interesting when I was on the phone waiting, uh, for, uh, to speak with someone which generally took somewhere in the neighborhood of five to 30 minutes for our great Tulsa Staffing.

Each time I was on the phone with them, well, they had an answering machine, you know how they have people talking in the background and they notified me every one to two minutes that if you’re applying for unemployment, you do not have to do a job search because now this unemployment, um, you know, we don’t require you to do a job search so you can stay on unemployment. And if you, once you get to, uh, that question where I asked, have you done the proper number of job searches since the number is zero, you don’t have to do any job searches with our top Tulsa Staffing. You need to put yes every single time, whether you’ve done any job searches or not. Now they said this every one to two minutes. And if you’re an employer, you would begin to ask yourself like that doesn’t help us in recruiting. Well, this is a nationwide thing.

So if you want to understand why such a shortage, especially in the state of Oklahoma, it’s because this unemployment package was unprecedented. People normally making $30,000 a year are now making the monthly equivalent of $50,000 a year. And now this has dropped. We have a small window of recruiters. We’ve, I’ve talked to many companies about this. We have a small window where we can begin recruiting because now they, uh, you know, the people collecting unemployment, they stopped getting $600 a week extra. And now we have a window where we can begin recruiting where employees actually have an incentive to getting employed, to getting employment again. Um, but they’re getting ready to start another, uh, you know, added bonus for unemployed people to keep them on unemployment. This doesn’t make sense economically, but it’s what’s happening. And so this is a big reason for the talent shortage.

Um, the number two thing is, is you’ve got high competition for the specialized jobs. Um, there is a lot of competition trying to those people who are trying to get a job and not stay on unemployment. Um, they’re generally going to be specialized jobs. And so there is a hot competition on the employee side. And then also employers are trying to get specialized talent like crazy. So if you find someone that you really liked that has the skillset, you might want to act quickly rather than kicking the can down the road, because you likely have your competitor trying to get at that same point with a better Tulsa Staffing experience. Number three, the slow hiring process is a big problem. Um, one employees are gaining, uh, just an intolerance for things taking a long time. And, um, you know, Ritz Carlton did a, a study not long ago where they, they studied someone in the eighties on how long they could stand in line and be comfortable until somebody needed to bring them a drink.

And that time period was about eight or nine minutes. And then they did that same study in 2007 or eight. And that time had moved down to about 45 seconds. And so our culture has changed quite a bit on the, on what we will tolerate for speed. And this is definitely the case in hiring. You’ll miss someone, if you have a slow to hire. So if you have any bottlenecks, you need to, uh, stop those bottlenecks during the hiring process. Number four, increased transparency really helps employees to trust your company with the top Tulsa Staffing. And right now the transparency that you can give on social media or in just your job ad, you can talk about, you know, some of the things about your company, some of the good things about the job and list some of the things that people need to watch out for some of that transparency actually helps people to trust you.

We have been sold to so much in this country that our awareness of people lying to us is really, really high. And so you have to address this, um, number five unrealistic employer expectations. You’ve got to make sure as an employer to, um, give realistic expectations, be honest and truthful in your job ad and make sure that it’s transparent. Like w like, was it black? We say said earlier, these are some new things that are happening. Um, our culture is shifting so much. So, um, right now, and we need to, uh, we’ve got to address this new generation, um, and what it is that they need and want, um, even on your website, being transparent with what it is that you do, making your job application process really simple and quick will help you a ton. If Trinity can help you in any way with your hiring, we would love to be a resource for you with a proper Tulsa Staffing experience . We’re one of the top staffing organizations in this region. Go check us out on Google and our Google reviews. Um, I think that we have some of the, I mean, some of the highest ranked Google reviews, and we probably have more than anyone else in the staffing region. Please go check us out. Trinity employment.com or you can give us a call at (918) 622-2588.