Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Do You Need To Make The Most Pay?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter, and I’m here with Darcell. We are with Trinity employment specialists and we’re a staffing organization. We specialize in travel nursing. We, we staffed for nurses all over the nation. And, um, one of the things that we’re, that I’m passionate about that I always want to try to bring to, um, the people that we work with, which are, uh, current travel nurses and those that are considering to be traveling nurses is, uh, this is such a different tradition, different than traditional type of employment. I believe that there is a, a, a concern and maybe a little bit of a fear in a lot of people that are getting ready to jump in it. And I think that knowledge gives you power. And so I want to be a really great resource, hopefully, eventually one of the top resources, at least with candor, um, you know, we just did a podcast or a videocast about six frustrations that, uh, nurses have, because we want to be very transparent and not just be this, uh, ultimate salesperson for your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

That’s like, Oh, come do travel nursing. Um, I do think you’ll make a lot more money, which is a, the very first, uh, one of the things we’re going to talk about today, but this videocasts in the effort to try to just bring education is questions that travel nurses need to ask. So one of the things, if you’re brand new, you’re not going to know what to ask. Um, you just don’t know what you don’t know. Um, and you know, I remember when I started being an entrepreneur, Holy smokes, did I not know what I needed to know, but I had to figure everything out the hard way in at least back then, if I only had a mentor that could just share with me some of these things that were common knowledge, it would have made all the difference in the world. And this is kind of what a nurse doing.

They’re really stepping out into a different way of making money. The good thing is you make double and that’s the first part, what we want to talk about on questions that travel nurses need to ask this, this first group of questions is regarding your pay and your guarantees and ourselves are an expert in Traveling Nurses Missouri services. The first, the first question is, is my assignment guaranteed with a written contract. It is somewhat guaranteed. Okay. Okay. And I’m, I’m saying that because doing this COVID I have had so many nurses call me and say they’d been canceled. Okay. So for me to just be blatant and say, yes, this guaranteed, I don’t want to give them any false hope. Again. Transparency is important. That means to me, is that there is a clause for the, uh, for the, um, hospital that if some kind emergency happens or census drops there, they have the ability to cancel this contract.

What about on the employee side? Um, on the employee, we would never cancel the contract unless we get a complaint. Okay. Okay. If some, if we get complaints on you that are legitimate, that is legitimate. Then of course, we, first of all, we will cancel them. Okay. You can’t come in late, you know, and things of that nature, or, or if it’s, um, medical, then we have to call our nurse practitioner and they talked to her. She made that decision. Other than that, and I’ve very rarely seen that maybe once or twice, but then all the years that I’ve been doing this. So it’s not an issue. So no. And they do let you know that you’re guaranteed 36 hours that week. So very rare they get canceled. Got it. Um, number two is, are my hours in pay rate, guaranteed? Yes. That’s why you sign that contract with your Traveling Nurses Missouri company.

What about overtime? How does that work for, because if you get, if, if you get an opportunity for overtime, you will make a lot more money. How does this go about well, to, to begin, like where we at right now, your overtime is 1.5, your hourly rate. Okay. There are some instances if we have crisis rates, well, we could pay that nurse more money for their overtime. Okay. So beginning, but they still, you’re still making good money on your overtime. You get in your tax-free money. So you still make a hat, you know, half of what you’re making your hourly rate. So we want to stick at that guideline for what they’re making, right. That, unless this crisis got it with our Traveling Nurses Missouri. Um, how much, and how often will the nurse be paid? How they get paid every week. Okay. And then, um, your salary is going to be determined based on the level of experience that you have, the top of assignment you’re taking the location, where your assignments, what are some of the other factors that determine how much they’re paying?

Well, it depends on what that facility wants to pay that nurse. And we go in and build them a pay package. Okay. So it’s according to what they sent us and say, here’s, what is your bill rate? Then we build the payback is from that. Okay. And so we do make sure, we say, if you’re in Florida, which they’re MNI, housing is low Oklahoma, we know their standard, every state has a different, would you attack symbols on different? Okay. Explain to someone brand new, what is M, and I M and I is mills innocent dentals. It’s for your food is for any car trouble incidentals. We, you get that covered in your feedback. So, um, so one of the things that if you were really brand new to this and you are not, you know, you’re really just at the ground floor, listen, part of your pay package will include a housing with a more ambitious Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

Yes. And I’m sure that you’ve probably heard that, but I there’s probably somebody who didn’t even know that that was a part of your pay package and it’s tax-free. Yes. A lot of people don’t know, you know, that’s why they say we can’t travel outside the state or I can’t afford that. Then that’s when I go into, okay, you’re new. Can we leave? We’ll have time to go over all of the logistics. So I want to break it down to them. Right. So this is a very elementary question also, who pays me the facility or the agency? The agency patient. Yes. And once a week, um, will I be paid via direct deposit with a paycheck? If a check will be drawn from a local bank, how does that work? I mean, direct deposit. Okay. Unless in some nurses, you know, they don’t want direct deposit.

We do have a bake art and we can deposit your money on. We would prefer, we would prefer to do a direct deposit where we have a lot of flexibility to us and we have different people on almost every kind of pay system. You can imagine. We would like it to be on one, but it just doesn’t work out that way. Um, what will be deducted from my paycheck, your taxes only for your hourly pay rate period, unless you want to insure? Cause we do offer it first-day insurance, foreign nurses as well. So those are the only items that will be deducted from your paycheck. Okay. Who will pay for my move? You, the nurse will pay for your move. We give you the money everything’s designed in that pay package for, and it’s not so much a move as you just relocating for 13 weeks, you just driving to Florida, you stay and I’ve suggested that you call an Airbnb or sometimes you have a discount on hotels.

If you are a traveler, then you have that. Okay. Um, just a couple more questions. Questions here. Does the agency provide travel award points to its nurses are points based on the number of hours works and do the points blast, you know, how, how does that work? We don’t provide. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, some agencies back years ago we had where we did the booking for them. We had it traveled so much. You’re better off to go through and then own after yourselves and little link. Absolutely. Because you can take all that with you. It would, if they did that a long time ago, we did. Okay. Well that does not make sense for people to do that. Now it was, I understand points. And now yeah, we did it with travel Haven and it was a good thing, but some nurses messed it up, apartments, be left.

The old junky and they destroyed stuff now. So not right. Yeah. Um, the last question then we’re gonna wrap it up. We’ll I have parking privileges. Some facilities. Yes. I just had a nurse, uh, maybe about six months ago in California and California is money is high and her, she had to park and it was costing her maybe $20 a day to park, but they give them a pass. Okay. So they do, they will, the hospitals will provide that. And that’d be a good question for you to ask before you take a facility in a, in a bigger city like that. So listen, if Trinity can help you out in any way with any of these questions, they’re there. There’s probably more that’s come from just spurring this conversation. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online where you can learn a lot about Trinity and even about the positions that we have

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