Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Are You Looking To Find People To Work?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter, and I’m here with Darcel and we are with Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff for travel nurses all over the nation. And one of the things that we try to do better than anyone adds value to travel nurses, um, in the, in the form of information, authentic information about this field, because this is such a difference to traditional employment, that when the entry point can become a little bit intimidating to some people and they really just don’t know what to expect. And so, uh, you know, our, what we’re wanting to do is try to help give people some information on what to think about and what to expect. And then if you need any further information, we really want to encourage you to call Darcil here at Trinity at (918) 622-2588, just for clarification with our Traveling Nurses Missouri option.

But I hope that you find this information helpful. These are questions that travel nurses need to ask. This is going to be a part two to this series, and we actually have several different groups, have a question of questions that would be very helpful for a nurse, even someone who’s experienced, um, to just think about asking. So they have that knowledge in their pocket for they go off to a site that might be a little bit farther, far away. Um, it’s always best to know now. So that’s what we want to try to do. And these questions that need to be asked are questions that you need to ask about your assignment. We just finished talking about questions that you need to ask about your PE the most important part to you. This is the second most important part too, you know, probably third behind benefits, but third, the most important thing to you is the assignment.

Here’s the first question that we have here. Ford is so, um, our travelers, have they worked at this facility or location most likely before, most of the time they have not have really with this many that we have out. Most of the time they have not. And if they have, we have to get approval that they could come back. And that, I mean, especially if it’s been less than a year, that’s just the way it is. They’d rather have a new nurse. That’s never been to their facility. Really I’m so serious. Now, if they had a nurse that’s been there over a year and a half, they’ll let them come back. They gotta search for everything. You know, they gotta make sure that there were no dings, no hiccups before they approve it. Well, I guess that would be a positive for the new travel nurse because it is there, there are no expectations and most people are going to be more curious than judgmental Traveling Nurses Missouri is not applied here.

Right? And another thing that a nurse needs to know, if you have worked there as a coordinator perm, it has to be anywhere from four to five years before you can come in as a traveler. Wow. Yep. Yep. It’s gotta be a pay thing. It is a pay thing. You were a core employee making this amount of money. They refused to pay you. So they give them that timeframe before they take them in as if you’re just they’ll quit just to come in as a traveler if they let them. Yeah. If you’re just keying in on this and you’re just, now this is the first podcast or video because you’ve listened to travel nurses back about double. And that’s probably what that’s, that’s what you’re talking about. Number, question, number two. Is there anything special I should know about the facility or location? What off the top of your head are?

Well, a lot of nurses, they asked me, which is a good thing. They said, do you know how many beds in the hospital? Right. You know, on that floor, how many beds, how many say labor had many babies? Do they deliver? Because they tried to get an idea of how busy it’s going to be. Right. So they do have questions like that. Uh, other than that, you could go online and read about the hospital itself. Okay. Yeah. Very good. Uh, number three, what is the nurse-patient ratio per shift? Which you just talked about when you need the best Traveling Nurses Missouri options? That same thing, right? Because it depends on the bedside of the hospital. Now we all know ICU is going to have anywhere from two to three at the max L and D you might have a plethora of, you don’t know how a baby’s going to be born. You know, you might have a lot, but the med surge is normally five to six.

So yeah. Have you ever had a situation where someone took an assignment and they got in there and it was just like chaotic? Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Because their own employees call off so that, so they have to do extra work right. All the time. All the time. Got it. Yeah. Um, well there be unlicensed staff other than ancillary staff in the unit? No, not at all. Never everybody has to, you know, you have your charge nurse and it’s a hospital that Jayco certified and you can’t, we’re not going to be dealing with you can’t they can’t go on the floor. Right. And they’re very much they’re monitored, Emily. Yeah. The contracts that they are going to do a serious evaluation of a hospital before they take them on. And then they hold the hospital accountable as well as the Traveling Nurses Missouri agency.

Yes. Um, and so they’re kind of the middleman that, makes make sure that this goes well. Um, number four, what type of scheduling is done? Who makes the schedule and how often how’s that work? We make the schedule. When we discuss them, wanting to know what’s going to be in the contract. Yes. It is. Most schedules are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, 7:00 PM to seven eight. What have you ever had a nurse where they, have a schedule in their contract, and then they’re, they’re trying to change it at the hospital when you look into the best Traveling Nurses Missouri services. They know better. That can never happen. It’s guidelines in that contract. That’s what you wear. Now, if you want to pick up extra shifts on daytime when you’re off, that’s fine, but you can never change those hours, right? Yeah. If they want over time, can they just let them know absolutely, absolutely overtime? And they want them to work at, Hey, listen, you’ll, you’ll make more money.

That absolutely question number five. Um, will I work in shifts? Well, I’ve kind of already answered that. APP that’s basically what you’re going to work. Yeah. Yup. Um, what are the facilities? Orientation procedures. Normally they do 12 hours orientation, right. Then, because again, they want them to know the EMR systems, how the clock in because most of them use the chromosome. So they got to know all those details. Listen, it’s pretty decent because I remember reading the contract and I don’t know the exact number Darcell probably does, but I remembered how many hours I had to pay for orientation. We got a nurse starting that, but it’s like, yeah, they can that on the staff. She said, trust me, it’s a decent amount. Yes it is. And, and they, they milk it for everything they can. Yes. Um, so I, it would surprise me if you do, have you had someone come in where it was a bad experience in orientation?

I really never know. Cause it’s a small orientation class, you know, it’s maybe four or five people at the most. Yeah. Okay. Question number seven. Um, our study God’s provided, uh, with the tests that, you know, we mentioned in the last videocast, sometimes there is a test given, uh, are there any study guides provided? No, because every nurse knows about prophecy. They know they go in there and you just test on what you learned in school. That’s why it’s the nurse specific. Okay. Every test is designed for what they’ve already, they’re doing on the floor now. Okay. You know, like a med surgeon, E R I love delivery. They know everything already. It’s all right. They’re equipped for it. Okay. Are, have, have there ever been any licensure issues that you’re aware of? I mean, other than it, it’s got a lot. I mean, we’re going to check it.

Oh, we have, we have a credentialing specialist here. And so we’re going to bring up any concerns that we have throughout the contract. Yes. Yes. So I can’t imagine that happens very well. Cause I always ask them, do you have any dings on your license? Well, we can always look it up. Yeah. We can look at it. You’d be surprised. Oh really? It’s not documented a lot of times. It’s not, but if you do the background check, that’s when it comes up. A lot of times it’s not documented on their license background checkup depicting. Yeah. So that’s why we want to know. And then you’re signing. You’re saying I don’t have any on the application. We have an instance when we had the whole, that nurse accountable for that last question here, what type charting systems used or they figure that it depends on the EMR system that the Traveling Nurses Missouri may use.

And they’ll learn that in orientation. Okay. Yep. Alright. Re another real quick one. Uh, will they be allowed to make up ms? Shifts? Uh, sometimes that has happened if, um, let’s say like car issues and they couldn’t get there on time or whatever, they’ll let them, they’ll put those. Cause what we do is before you start a contract, do you have any days that you need often the contract? We write that in there because they do not like surprises and there were no, no, no. With medical personnel. No, no, no. So I asked them that right upfront. Do you have any time off requests if they do? We put it in. Okay. Yeah. So, all right. We need to wrap it up there. So I had a couple of other ones. I was going to try to sneak in. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way with travel nursing or if you want to ask Darcel any questions with some followups, just so you can know, please give us a call. We’d love to speak with you. Uh, it’s nine 1862225884 bar for our office. Or you can visit us online to get a lot of information about Trinity and check out some Google, uh, Google reviews to Trinity