Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Are You Getting Help At The Nurses Station?

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Hi there. My name is Cory Minter. This is Darcel, and we are with Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff for travel nurses, literally all over the nation. And what we are going to talk about today, um, is a topic that I think a lot of travel nurses think about and talk about, especially for people who are new into travel nursing, really considering it really interested in it. And really this is what this videocast really is about, is to help walk people through some of the things that might be alarming, um, concerning, scary, whatever it is that, uh, they, that they are concerned with. And so what we want to do is hit these issues head-on, and then kind of walk you through it’s really not as bad if you kind of has a plan. So, um, let’s get started with six travel nursing problems that you might face and how you’re going to avoid them or how to avoid them. The first one, Darcel, I don’t know if there’s any avoiding it at the very beginning of no, because we have to get them ready so you can avoid any of the issues that you might need with our Traveling Nurses Missouri program.

So what is it, um, we’re talking about the paperwork that you have to get going, uh, started now. It seems like there’s a little bit more paperwork than a traditional and is a lot more paperwork is a lot more, why don’t you explain what everything that they need. And then once you get an initial, how much more are they gonna have to do? Well, the thing is different facilities require different paperwork. So I’m going to start from the beginning. You would have to do your application with us. Okay? Then you have to do what we call a skills checklist. And at the skills checklist, you just rate your experience from one to four. You do that. You send that back. Once you send that back, then I get three references. Some hospitals required to one manager. One supervisor has to be a manager of supervisors, new friends, uh, and that’s due to the fact that most hospitals are Jayco certified. So, they will look over the paperwork. So we have to make sure we have that. Once we get the references, then I will build a profile, send it to the facility, the facility at that point, recognize, okay, we want this candidate for your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Then they respond back to me saying, okay, we want to offer so-and-so the contract. Then we go into the second round of paperwork. Okay. And this is where it’s hospital-specific. We have our guidelines here at Trinity, what we have to do to send a nurse, but then the hospital has a different, um, guidelines of things that you have to have. You might need pals. You might need the stroke certifications. You might need NRP TNCC. So the certifications is very so again, in the beginning, I will actually what certifications you have. And hopefully, we could match them with the facility. Then after we do that, then I will send you out the testing. Okay. You get two chances to take a test, just say, for instance, a med search nurse, I send you out that first test is what we call to test a. Now everyone has to pass the test by 80%.

If you do not pass the first time, I will send you tests B you test. If you pass at that time, that’s good. But if you don’t pass it, then you have to wait six months to retest. Right. It’s really important. Well, the hospital puts these requirements on us. Um, you know, we do the very best that we can honestly, to just make it as painless as possible. But what would you say? Uh, you know, in my mind, if I were advising a nurse don’t, you know, better than I do, but it seems like if, if you just kept in a file folder, somewhere in your house, every piece of documentation that comes with your nursing license, um, wouldn’t would that help? Like, that would definitely help, but just because I know how nurses are, they go to so many different facilities, so they have all their paperwork, the basics, but again, it’s going to be different from other hospitals with a good grasp on your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Say for instance, Oklahoma nurses easy is easy paperwork, but then when you go to other States, we don’t know what they require. So they don’t even have that. Right? You don’t even have those handy. So that’s something we have to do. Even the blood, the bloodshot records are different. Most nurses should keep basic shot records. Would you be surprised that other hospitals require other things? Well, one of the things that we do here at Trinity is we have a, we have someone just dedicated to helping you walk through your paperwork here. And we, we do every possible thing that we can to make it easy. As far as having online, uh, you know, an online share whenever it’s possible. Um, and the biggest thing I think is just keeping everything in a file folder, keeping it organized and working with, uh, someone like Duracell to help you get, get going.

Um, the next thing is his car troubles, because they’re going to be probably driving there. Have you ever had this happen where they had cartridges? I have, I have had a person who accepted the contract sign, the contract, and then before they had the week before they left, they had cart shop home. Right. So for someone who doesn’t know, explain to people, all right. So if you sign a contract, when I signed a contract, I’m like, okay, I know I’ve got to complete this. That’s a contract. So what happens in an instance like this, where there are some car troubles, they have a contract going on, like explain to them what, what happens then? Okay. Say, for instance, a specific nurse, she had car trouble. So we worked with her to try to help her fix the car. Now she cannot get her car fixed at that time when we have our Traveling Nurses Missouri service.

Cause a lot of times you got to call your mechanic. They have a certain deck that could get you in. So what happened with her was we got an opportunity to move her contract out, but a lot of facilities do not like that because they’re geared on having you start because of orientation dates. So if we move you out that week, we moved her out. We had to take it two weeks because orientation is only twice a month. So that could prolong your, making some money for your family at that time. So it was very important that even after you decide that you want to take a contract and you want to go outside the state, make sure you get your car looked at. That is what we recommend.

Well, and then Jake, uh, take some time to just investigate the place that you’re going to and find a reliable shop so that you know exactly where, um, you would take this, you know, take the, you know, general things that go wrong with your car is going to be a battery where jumper cable, jumper cables, we’ll, we’ll take care of that with your new Traveling Nurses Missouri. And so I would make sure that you had some of those things, you knew where it would, you know, your, your car would need to go and already do your research and kind of know the lay of the land that way, if anything did happen, um, you know, preparation alleviate some of your, uh, frustration in some, in some situations, the next thing is travel nursing problems of it’s a poor cultural fit. This seems like a positive to me. Why would you talk to me about it?

It can be a positive. I think it’s more of a positive than a negative because they’re only there for three nights a week. Absolutely. And most of the time when you go on, I have never really had a nurse that complained about the environment. Really I’ve no, no only thing that most nurses talk about is if they go into that contract talking about their pay with their coworkers who are core employees who are not making the money that you make was vital. Absolutely. And then they treat you like, well, you’re going to do all the work. So it’s always wise not to even discuss pay period. They know you’re traveling. They already know, but do not even mention it, you know? So I have never had a nurse that’s didn’t like the environment.

Well, but from, I have to jump in from a legal standpoint, um, we, you are able to talk about your pay. You are, um, illegally, however, and so we’re not discouraging you from that stance. Um, Darcell is only trying to come at it from the standpoint that, you know, you just keep, just keep a general sense in mind that you’re likely going to be making more than almost everybody else on that floor. And, um, you know, if somebody, if somebody, you know, is making a whole lot more money than you and they’re bragging about it all the time, um, you’ll be frustrated with that person eventually. Uh, you, you don’t want to become that way with your Traveling Nurses Missouri, that problem, uh, or not that problem, but that person, um, I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up, cause we’ve already hit our 10 minutes-ish. And so we’re going to make it a part two of this, um, of this videocast I’ve Trinity can help you in any way with your, uh, travel nursing. And just from an education standpoint, even if you don’t go and do a contract with Trinity, we would love to be, um, uh, a source of information. Knowledge gives you power in almost any kind of situation we’d like to give you as much knowledge as we can, and just be happy to do it. If we can, if you, uh, would like to speak with Darcell, please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us

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