Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Are You Getting A New Job With Us?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Marcel and we’re with Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that we staff for travel nurses, literally all over the nation. And today we’re talking about, um, problems that six travel nursing problems that you might face. We’re trying to gear this specifically towards a new travel nurse. That’s getting prepared. Um, and most of these problems have easy solutions. So we would much rather just hit it directly on because a lot of the mystery to travel nursing is that just the lack of knowledge and that that makes people fearful. And so we want to try to do everything that we can, whether you use Trinity or not to just educate you on some of the things that could be an issue and then how to overcome them. So this is part two of this series about Traveling Nurses Missouri.

We already did the first two or three, but I got babbling so much. We couldn’t get through at all, but so we’re going to, um, we’re going to, um, hit, hit up on the, on the third one, but first I wanted to catch you up on what we’ve already gone over. So I’m going to squirrel around here. The first thing is the travel nursing, um, paperwork that has to be done. The hospitals require every staffing agency. It doesn’t matter where you go to make sure that their paperwork is up to Jayco standards. And so there, uh, their system holds us accountable to getting that for you. And so some nurses and for obvious reasons, listen, you’re talking to someone who hates paperwork. I mean, it, I hate paperwork so much that I went camping this last weekend with my RV. And, um, and I, I was walking in and they asked us to just sign a couple of papers and my wife instantaneously walks over and says, here, I’ll take over the top Traveling Nurses Missouri company.

So I understand your pain. If you don’t like paperwork, the good thing is, is it lasts a very short amount of time. And then the amount of paperwork that we need for the next round is probably going to be less. Each hospital requires different things for different certifications. So we might need to get some extra stuff from you, but it’s not going to be that big a deal. The second thing is his car troubles. Um, making sure that your car is, uh, completely tuned up. And if there’s any kind of an underlying issue there, you might want to check that out before you start travel nursing. The good thing is you’re getting paid basically double and that’ll help you out with that car expense. Um, the next thing that we had, so we went over three, not too, um, but, uh, a poor cultural fit. Um, the good thing is, is if it’s a poor cultural fit, um, it ain’t gonna last long because it’s only three months.

But one thing that’s surprised me that in our last podcast, Darcell told us, listen, I’ve never had have a poor cultural fit. That’s surprising to me because I’ve staffed in the medical field for a long, long, long time. And one thing that I would not say is that there are not any kind of drama issues in the medical field, because I feel like there are a lot. Um, so, uh, but the nurses are doing different specialties, so they all, and most of the time they’re, they need that nurse. So they, they don’t have time to, for the cultural, yeah. It’s all about being busy, learning their system. The only they’re going to be there at three months. So they have to take the time to learn that a busier. Yeah. So they’re not, you don’t see that. So you’re caught up now, now we’re on number four.

Um, and we’ll spend our remaining time on these other three. Um, so number four is, is an unfamiliar EHR system. Uh, and so you guys all are gonna know what an EHR system is. Every one of them is a little bit different. It’s going to depend on how technologically savvy the person is. Um, again, if it’s me, I’m, I don’t like to figure out new systems. So I would be one of those that are frustrated. What’s your, what’s been your experience? Well, a lot of nurses do not know a lot like Oklahoma. We know we have Meditech. Okay. But a lot of hospitals have sooner and KCS is so many different EMR is what they call them. Right. And so, but the good news is, as the nurse knows, they’re going to orientate them on it. They’re going to give you a day to learn it your whole 12-hour shift in that system on how to document the proper Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

Yeah. So, and I think most of them will grasp. Imagine the same. Yeah. I mean, that’s what I’ve heard from the father. Cause even in the clinics that we stuff, everybody’s got an EMR. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Um, the, the next one, it is housing issues. What are some of the issues that, that are come up and then try to provide a solution as well or sell for some of the, okay, I’m looking at a nurse right now who I’m looking to go to holding the bill. You might know rule holding bill. My cousin lives in Holdenville. I go hunting down downhill. So it’s like the is in the middle of nowhere. Yes. She does a ton of land. Yeah. She said, there’s not a hotel. She said, I did a contract there five years ago and she had to stay in a whole linen wall. Right.

She said it was so bad. She just, I could see through the door was not happy with that. I said, well, time’s got it changed five years from now. I’m sure they might have a hotel. And what, I also tell a nurse, when you’re in those situations, look at Airbnbs, you might drive 20 miles away, but at least you want to be somewhere where you save, you know, and you’re not paying a lot of money for it. Right. So hopefully Holdenville has picked up a little bit. Got, I don’t know that we’re gonna look into, there’s gotta be some room to be South. Yes. Yes. That’s the best thing to do. Airbnb is your best bet because at the end of the day, yes, you do get a housing stipend. You do not want to spend your high stipend all on the hotel fee. Yeah. There are some really good people in Holdenville however, there, uh, the, the quality of living in a major city versus what Holdenville would consider quality living there with a good Traveling Nurses Missouri service.

They’re definitely different. They’re different outlooks. Yeah. But I mean, that’s where I grew up, so, Oh yeah. It, didn’t not in Holdenville but in a smaller town. Oh gosh. Yeah. The next thing is homesickness. Have your experiences? I have never be as a nurse as to them, this is a vacation. It’s a way to get away from family. Well, tell them what you told me. When I, when we were talking about the doula I listen, they can’t wait to getaway. They really at least like, okay, I have a nurse I’m looking for something. She has a one-year-old. Now she has a 16-year-old and a one-year-old. And I was like, how are you going to do a travel contract to said, my husband stays home and I’m going to work. I need to getaway. When y’all you very rare.

See what she wants to do. I think that’s what a lot of moms want to do. Absolutely. Probably deep down, but it’d be like day three and they’d be missing that one-year-old. Well, she’s done it before. So it’s a good thing. Yeah. I wanted to make sure of that. Yeah. One of the things that I really like about Darcell is just how she walked people through certain situations and every, every kind of situation is completely different. It really is. And every person is different. Every person’s need is different. And she just has a very certain, um, uh, disposition at how she just walks people through things in a very, uh, calm, you know, I, I really feel like just listening to you on the phone that you’re calming them down just in the way that you’re responding to them, not anything other than that, other than just being able to respond in a calm manner to have a great Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And they want someone that they can just be upfront with them be transparent because at the end of the day, yes, we want to make sure we fulfill our obligations with the hospital, but we don’t want to send them someone in their skittish, not very afraid. Um, hands-off, don’t want to talk to the recruiter, but you have to engage with your computer and your computer, which you’re her recruiter. And then, you know, the recruiters should be able to walk you through every step and the best thing would paperwork try to do your paperwork as soon as we send it to you because where we run into trouble, I’ll do this part today and then I’ll do another part, you know, for yourself that never end the position is gone or get on it quickly. Yeah. Especially right now, there’s a lot of demand for nurses that are looking for work that gives you a new Traveling Nurses Missouri.

The good thing is, is that you can truly double your salary in many instances. So right now, more than ever reactionary, the nurses that are reactionary, they are the ones that are actually getting the assignments. And those that are kind of sitting back and taking their time are losing opportunities. And I’ve listened to Darcel over the last month. That COVID is what caused it. But, um, but as it’s ramping up, you know, she’s just losing nurses left and right. Luckily you got three to work last week, which was really great. But, um, but listen, if we can help you in any way, we would love to, I think, to ourselves, a really great resource for you just to learn, um, give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us