Traveling Nurses Missouri | What Are You Doing To Get Paid More?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter, and I’m here with RCL and we’re with Trinity Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing agency located centrally here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff travel nurses all over the nation. And the title of this podcast is a travel nursing trends. Like a look ahead at what, what to expect. And, um, we always try to start out with, start off with a little bit of a few stats. It really depends on where you get this particular stat, because literally just another article that I looked at that we had done just a minute ago, actually we’d quoted a Formstack where of board stat, uh, quotes that the average travel nursing salary is $81,000 a year, but then you go and look at the, uh, the Bureau of labor statistics and they quote the average pay of a regular RN, um, is $43,170, uh, per year in contrast to the travel nursing salary of $103,000, 893.

Um, obviously there’s a big gap here. What do you think the real stat is there? I ourselves that’s a pretty big sell 20 grand. Yeah, I’m just gonna say it’s over 20. That is the real stat is that is 103. Yes. And a little bit above, depending on their specialty, because of say a labor and delivery nurse. If she’s going out of state, she could make 2,400 a week. And most of that is tax-free, right? So they can reach that maximum of a hundred and something. I just wanted a little bit of an explanation there because we literally just did a video a little bit ago, quoting the Forbes stat. And this one is so drastic. I want drastically different. I wanted to make sure that we address that. But the idea behind that is, is that if you are a special specialty nurse and you have worked in a hospital for at least two years, um, travel nursing is likely an option for you with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And even if you have a family and your perception is well I travel, I can’t be going to Florida. I would like to, but I can’t really be going to Florida. You know, there are all you have to do is travel at least 50 miles outside of your area. And we have a couple of places that literally just an extra 20 minutes to work every day and you could double your salary. So we have a lot of different options like that. You can consider it because I completely get it. Just the Traveling Nurses Missouri offers so much, the terminology travel nursing says, well, that’s not in my abilities because I’ve got kids, but you can do it within your state. And I have a lot of conversations with our aunts and they’re like, well, I’m not able to travel. I normally, I don’t pass them up. Yeah. When they tell me that, then I say, Oh, well, you could travel in your own state changes that, and that dynamic of what they’re thinking, right.

Then they want to know what more inflammation. Right. Cause they really, they become interested because all you have to be is 50 miles from your home, you know? And you can pick up a travel contract. I mean, if you think about it, it’s a great opportunity for people to, to, to at least check into, because that’s quite a difference. I mean, even in Tulsa, Darcel, your, your average commute in Tulsa, I believe was 20 minutes. Um, and for me, I live in broken arrow. Right. And that’s, uh, for those of you that are not in the Tulsa area, it’s that broken arrows basically like Tulsa, it’s just a, it’s just a suburb of it. Um, and it takes me about 30 minutes just to get to work. So you’re not looking at a whole lot of difference. And then you think about like going to a place like California or something like that, you’re looking at an hour drive anyways.

And another point I want to make, we focus on travel nursing, making the non-stipends, but a nurse could still pick up a travel contract within that 50 miles radius. They just get paid at a higher, hourly rate. They don’t get the stipends. They’re still making more money than they normally will make. You have our hourly rate goes up. Okay. Right. I can make pay you 50 an hour because I have to combine the stipends into hourly versus the tax rate is just not to expert. Got it. Okay. Let’s, let’s start with what the entire service can do for you with our Traveling Nurses Missouri, I and dorsal just begin talking sometimes. But, um, the travel nursing trends look ahead. Um, first, you know, there are different kinds of contracts that you can get. Darcel talked about them a little bit, but generally, you’re looking at a contract, but that’s about 13 weeks or less.

What are some of the other contracts that might be available? Well, again, I just spoke on it. You could have an hourly contract. You still can do 13 weeks, but it’s hourly paid versus the stipends because they’re with under the radar, you the 50 miles, and then you can do contracts for eight weeks. Uh, I have seen six to eight to 13 weeks. Majority of them aren’t 13 weeks. Sometimes we have 26-week contracts. So they’re out there defending a lot of nurses will say, what do you have something a little longer when choosing the best Traveling Nurses Missouri options? And sometimes you could get them 26 weeks. Right? Yeah. So that’s variation. Well, the second thing is that nurses need to just be aware of is the nursing shortage continues to grow. And as basically baby boomers begin to get older, they’re going to need more healthcare. That is one of the number one reasons.

Um, plus it just seems like in our culture in general. Um, and I’ll, let me just talk about myself. Not anyone else. Okay. Just to keep from offending people. I feel like if I go to direct, I might offend people. Just talk about myself. I’m a little bit of a wuss. So if I get sick, okay. Whereas maybe people a few years ago would just drink a bunch of water, maybe take a bunch of vitamins and feel better and feel better after a while I’m going to get my antibiotics. I think that’s kind of a trend now. Um, and so any small ailment begins, and I don’t know what that says about our culture, but we ought to talk about that. But yeah. Um, I’m a part of it. Most men are to agree. Oh boy, man. I mean, that’s just the nature of the beast.

Yeah. Well, the nursing shortage continues to grow for whatever reason. I don’t know about Darcell being right. Maybe she is, but either way the nursing shortage is going to grow and it’s going to grow. And when you have a demand, um, price is going to go up. And one of the ways that hospitals are using, uh, the two, the ability to keep up with the demand is basically paid more in the form of travel nursing, to entice nurses, to leave their current jobs, make more, fill a gap that needs to, that has to be filled in. And so that, that is what’s going to happen. Um, that the next thing is, is the affordable care act through let’s look at, let me, it’s a, it’s a, they threw 20 million new people into the system. So that’s another reason why this is happening. And so looking ahead, there’s no telling what’s gonna become of the ACA affordable care act.

However, we know it’s likely that it is not going to be enticing for any government official to take away health coverage. Correct. So that’s not going to go away. It’s going to stay there. So, uh, there’s a stability in this, in this, uh, field, um, bigger roles for, for nurses. What, what are some of the different roles that are going to be coming about, in the coming years? I just think travel nursing in itself, in general, is just going to boom. Okay. And so your roles are going to be different from your current job because you’d want to be able to travel. There are going to be some case managers, positions available, a lot of behavioral health. I’m looking at that, especially with what’s going on in the world today in 2020 with what we’re going through, we’re going to need more psych nurse, you know?

Um, so that is going to be a major feat. I think within the next coming months, you’re going to see a lot of behavioral health nurses needed. Um, so that’s a plus even in some correction facilities. So I think that’s something, cause there’s a lot of nurses that love behavioral health. So now we gotta pull them to travel. Cause we got to need that with our new Traveling Nurses Missouri services. Yeah. You know, right now we’re dealing with COVID we’re in June and it’s really becoming a big deal. Um, but one of the things that were unforeseen when this whole thing started is just when you yank 30 million jobs, 30 million people will fall in front of employment. Listen that unemployment’s gonna begin to fade away. That at first, it was a big, huge, a fluctuation of money, correct into the market. And um, you know, I was buying furniture just like just yesterday and no, yeah, it was yesterday.

And the guy said, yeah, we’re out of furniture because everybody got there on unemployment and they got more money. So, uh, you know, that’s going to happen, but that’s going to wane away. And I personally, just from my friends talking, um, there, there are many people considering suicide. Yeah. Because this is really throwing their lives away. So, um, so you’re right. I think behavioral nurses is going to be a big, big thing because some of the people are not going to get the jobs back because it’s cold with our Traveling Nurses Missouri today, it hit and a lot of companies are not opening back up. Yeah. So that’s hard for them. Well, if Trinity can help you to learn about travel nursing, we would love to be able to do that. There’s going to be a lot of new opportunities come about. It’s not going to stop growing. It’ll continue to grow. Uh, please give us a call. Speak with ourselves at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us

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