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Hi, my name is Cory mentor, Cory Minter. This is Darcell and we’re with Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization. We’re located centrally here in Oklahoma. I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff all over the nation for travel nursing. And one of the things that we’re very passionate about is educating the different travel nursing, um, individuals in our area, and nationwide. We want to be a great resource for educating. Absolutely. It’s the reason that we do these videos. I believe that this is one of Darcy sells little superpowers. I’ve watched and listened to her counsel and walk different nurses through this process, especially nurses that have thought about travel nursing, but they really haven’t ever done it before. And there are so many unknowns and the, you know, there, there are all sorts of fears that humans face, but then, the strongest of all fears is the fear of the unknown when it comes to the best Traveling Nurses Missouri service.

And there was a, there was a God that said the star. So, and he was the guy, I can’t remember his name, but he created like the Hitchcock mysteries, like the CU Joe’s. And so this was his, this was his little, uh, quote is pretty interesting. Travel. Nursing is going to increase, um, by 2022 by, uh, 15 to 20%, I believe that it’s likely going to increase even more. Um, according to a Forbes article, you can make double the salary. The average salary for a travel nurse is $81,000. But as you know, Darcell, and you would probably be able to speak it’s higher as much higher. Yeah. Especially when you add in the travel stipend and everything like that. We are doing part two series of 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing. We went through one through a four. And let me just go ahead and state them real quickly with your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

The first one was, uh, there we go. First was explore travel nursing. We talked about the different websites that you can go to and blogs. In addition to what we do here, just educating people about the generalities of travel nursing network with different travel nurses and get and learn from them, the good and the bad research, different travel nursing companies go on to Google reviews and see what people are really saying about them. You’ll see that even at Trinity, we’ve got good and bad. Thank you, Lord. We’ve got way more good than bad, but, um, but, uh, Google reviews will tell you a whole lot. The last one doesn’t burn your bridges. The way you handle your business is really important. This area, because you have just a very few select groups of large MSPs or management service providers for hospitals. We travel nursing agencies, partner with these guys, and they have a very great, I wouldn’t say great sometimes, cause we don’t like it all the time, but it is a very powerful, very powerful, um, tool, a software tool that the managed service providers use on behalf of the hospitals. And so if you handle your business incorrectly, according to any of the nurses, um, you will get flagged. And if you get flat, you only got about three or four large systems. You get flagged in those things and you can get blackballed and you will lose this unbelievable opportunity to double your salary. So this leads us to number five, um, consider becoming a float nurse at your current job. Talk to people about how you do this and how does that benefit Traveling Nurses Missouri?

Okay. How you become a float nurse is from your current job right now you’re doing maybe 36 hours a week, maybe 40 hours a week. If you want to pick up travel contracting, do not. I tell every nurse do not to leave your current position, go from full time to PRN, meaning you become valuable to them. Just picking upshifts. That’s available. Say, for instance, you pick up a contract in Oklahoma. You pick up a contract in Oklahoma, okay? You driving maybe an hour, an hour and a half away. When you come back home after you did your 36 hours on that contract, go to get to your hospital and pick up one shift a week, you know, or you could pick up one shift every two weeks. What that does is ensure that you have your full-time job when you come back. Okay? Because if you leave that full-time job and you go do a travel contract and say, for instance, we hope and believe that when you finished that contract, you get an extension or we’d find you another contract somewhere else when it comes to your Traveling Nurses Missouri need.

But just in case there’s nothing available. We want to just be right upfront with you. There are some times in your specific specialty, there’s nothing available. They’re all filled. So I want to give me, cause I try to, at that point when they’re two weeks, two months into the contract, find them something else. If nothing’s available, be doing this PRN, I work on finding them something. And that ensures that they keep their full-time job. And not only that, you have to be able to keep your full-time job to pick up those housing stipends when you do travel. Cause that’s you, that’s your home state. So you have to keep that going. That’s very, very important. And that’s how you qualify for the nontaxable. One of the things that I didn’t

Share with the people watching this is why should they be listening to you? And I, I wanted to tell you, Darcell has been doing travel nursing staffing and recruiting for over 20 years now, or right at 20 years. I’m sorry. It’s not over the twenties, right at 20 years. And, um, as you can tell, she’s re she really tries to look out for other people. I watched this happen all the time. And so, um, I’m just, uh, she is a great resource whether you use Trinity or not. I think she’s a great resource. Um, number six has a savings account. Um, what T talk to the people about we’ll talk to the people. That’s fun. Talk to our potential travel with a Traveling Nurses Missouri job. Absolutely. Well,

the reason we say have the same as account, but some of that money aside again, just because you’re on a contract, you’re making really good money. You realize now, okay, I’m on a, I say, I’m in North Carolina. I could go to the beach, you’re spending money. And then it’s like, Marcel. I have had nurses say, when can I get a loan on my stipends? We can’t do that. So what you do is you put money aside and say, for instance, you don’t have your way. You can’t get your bank. We do have a debit card that we could issue you. And you could take so much money from your paycheck every week and say, can you put that in there, put it on that card. And we could mail you that card versus you’re out of state. They can’t get to their bank. Always put some of that aside because it’s helpful. I’m gonna tell you, even though you might make $2,300 a week, that’s good money for a nurse. They spent it.

Yeah. One of the things that I thought of, um, and I read about actually not too long ago was how important it is that, uh, nurses create a budget for themselves. And let me explain to you why. Uh, and I thought this was very insightful. If you were to go to, for example, to Florida and do a travel nursing because that’s kind of a nice place to live right now, right? Um, well, you’re gonna feel like you’re on vacation. Well, let me, let me tell you what I do. Or at least my family does to me on vacation versus this is the real truth. They start spending money. They want to go out to eat at every place. They don’t want to go to Burger King. Right. Okay. Right. They like this new, yeah. You know, crab shack and the crabs are expensive and the lobster and all this stuff with our Traveling Nurses Missouri offers.

And so you, when you feel like you’re on vacation, it’s a natural thing for us. I think for everyone, I’m pretty tough money. So I’m like holding on to it, but everyone else we’re learning from him, everyone else is like, let’s spin. So, um, one of the things that I think you need to do is just set a budget for yourself. So you can allow yourself to go out and feel like you’re on vacation. But, uh, you know, just like, uh, my, you know, when me and my wife various first started running a budget, I couldn’t believe how much money I was spending at the convenience store, a quick trip that was, and I was just stopping by there every day. Um, just getting a small coffee, but when you looked at it at the end of the month and I was blown away at how much money I spent and I think travel nurses can,

yes. Also, make sure that you absent, you really set a budget, talk to Darcell about it. She’s got some really great advice. Um, number seven, uh, gain specialty experience in needed areas can talk to them about what areas that can make the most, that sort of thing, and gain up, okay. To gain experience on that specialty. Say, for instance, your med search nurse, I would say because if you’re a med surgeon, nurse, your contract has to be med surge. So while you’re on your current job, talk to your employers, see if you could pick up some PCU experience, some CCU experience that would give you a wider range of a different specialty. Because in the nursing world, as the nurses know, you could only work in your wheelhouse. If your wheelhouse has made a med surge, you would have to stay there. I can not put a med search nurse into an ICU position or, um, or position.

You have to have that specialty under your belt because as they know a better Traveling Nurses Missouri job is the solution, that is the way it is. And so why are you on your current job? Talk to your manager said, can Ash pick up some shifts in the CCU learned that specialty? Because in essence, to go to a CCU contract, you have to have at least a year of that under your belt. So that is very important or you’re stuck and never leave the bedside. A lot of nurses want to take up management positions. You take a manager’s position. You, you lose all of your bedside nursing. Yeah. And you can never go on a contract.

Well, there is, uh, there is a method to the madness at learning how to make the most money when you can build your resume in the right things. And each one of those things adds to your salary. It’s really helpful. We try to keep these at 10 minutes, we’re getting ready to go over soften it. I’m going to hit numbers nine and 10 right here at one point. , number nine is to keep your basic certifications up to date. And number 10 keeps the portfolio of your medical records up to date. These things help you to not ever have a crisis when you can, uh, you know, put a, put a, uh, reminder on your phone or on your calendar. When your licenses expire that way you as a nurse, this is a really big deal and you don’t ever want to get behind. And if you’re a travel nurse, your medical records and your certifications, it’s really important that you keep those up to date because just like what she said, you make money with those certifications. If Trinity can help you in any way, give us a call, especially with travel nursing. Our number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us at

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