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Hello. My name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment specialists. I am the travel nurse recruiter, uh, for the travel division here at Trinity. And what we’re doing is just want to educate, uh, we’re bringing to the forefront, um, travel nursing to educate our nurses out here and all across the US um, of what to expect. If you want to have thought about doing a travel contract. And right now, I want to talk about, um, flexibility in travel nursing. The flexibility in travel nursing is you’re away from your home. You’re going to do a travel contract to me. It’s a vacation away from home. Uh, you might have a family, so to pick up a travel contract, we’ll put you in a whole different, I think a frame of mind because you could lose like going on a vacation in a sense for 13 weeks with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Yes. You’re going into a hospital that you know nothing about, but the nurse, the hospital’s going to orientate you, uh, probably going to be an orientation for two to three days. So you’re going to learn, um, their system, which as most of you in the nurses know that you use the EMR systems you use Epic and sonar is so many different EMR, but your most, most of all, you guys know how to do that. So you’re going to go through that for about three days, and then you’re going to hit the floor running with our top Traveling Nurses Missouri. So the flexibility of that is you can do your 12-hour shifts consecutive if, and I suggest always when you talk to a manager, um, and the interview to get block booking, always ask, don’t ask your recruiter. Can I get a block booking when you’re talking to them? Cause we can’t say yes.

And I know there are times when recruiters do say that, I will be honest with you. That’s something that we cannot discuss because we don’t have their schedule. We don’t know ho the floor of the hospital. So how could I say yes, we could get a black booking. I always tell the nurses that when you have your interview, discuss that with that manager, because that manager has the schedule, she knows what’s available. That’s how you get black booking block booking is having all of your shifts together. Now there are times where most nurses want to work one day, take two days off work another day, take two more days off and get a new Traveling Nurses Missouri service. That’s the flexibility that you could have. Um, you don’t have to have a block booking, but a lot of them want to do the 36 hours. Then they got four days to hang out, to learn a place, you know, a vacation in four days.

So that’s a lot of flexibility for nurses that, and you don’t have to go home and take care of family, or you’re in a different environment. You get to explain to me, uh, go shopping places that you never do things that you four days is a long time to have to just learn a city. In 13 weeks, you would be comfortable within a couple of weeks. You meet new friends. There are things, always things to do. Go to Tennessee, where you could go to Nashville. There are tons of things to do. You could go to Florida, go to Disney World, go to California as a Traveling Nurses Missouri. So just look at the things. It’s not just a job per se. You could enjoy your time away. Now I do have nurses that are workaholics, that do that 36 hours still want to pick up extra shifts. So if that’s you and you just want to go, you can just work, work, work away from home without all the pressure.

And no everything is taken care of the home. We welcome you to come on board as well. We love that. We love that. You want to do the overtime. The hospitals will love that. So that is something. Cause I have talked to nurses that say, unless I can pick up over time, I don’t want to do it. Okay. We can get you over time. They need travelers. So, of course, you could get overtime. So that’s the flexibility. There are lots of overtime or you don’t have to have overtime. You could do a block booking and you could scatter your days out. You know, a lot of nurses don’t like to work on weekends. I’m going, to be honest with you. When you are a traveler, you have to do at least one weekend day. Most of the time, it depends on the facility, depends on the manager when it comes to the best Traveling Nurses Missouri around.

That’s something you could discuss with them. Uh, also, um, most nurses think holidays. I want to take the holidays off. No, they, they work just with theirs, their team, just with you as well. They decide you could work one day holiday and then they take off. So you switch up that way. Their, their nurses are not working all the holidays. Where, where the travelers are making all the money. And I know that’s fair. That’s no more than fair. They don’t mind you taking, if you want to do Christmas, then you got to work new year’s. So look, it’s those types of things that you have to look at. And if you don’t want to travel around the holidays, that’s up to you. There’s a lot of nurses that do because you do get paid time and a half. And sometimes we give you what is called platinum over time, where you work, you make way over your overtime rate with a Traveling Nurses Missouri job.

Um, so if that’s something you’re considering, I would ask you to give me a call. I would like to discuss the different facets of travel. Be it where you want to go, how many hours you want to work? Where do you want to go to a resort-like Florida? Do you want to go to Cali? We have all type of nursing as well as corrections. So if that’s something you want to discuss with me, please give me a call. My number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can send me your or visit our website, Looking forward to hearing from you.

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