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Hello. My name is Darcel woods. I’m with Trinity employment specialists. I am the travel nurse recruiter here, and what we’re joined here at Trinity is building on our travel nurse contract base. And so with that, I, as I’ve done this for about 15, 20 years, I love what I do. I care about my nurses, um, that I’ve worked within the past. And I just wanted to bring a new perspective to, uh, travel nursing and by educating nurses, because you call more most agencies and they just want you to send the resume, go through your job history, find your job, send your pay package. Then they put you on the job. We want to educate you. We want to build a relationship with you. We want to be more personal, not so much personal as far as getting in your business, but personal to let you know that we’re here for you with our Traveling Nurses Missouri programs.

No matter if you’re on a contract you’re, if you’re not on the contract, I believe in calling my nurses, um, weekly, because you’re away from your home, your family, I would like to call you and just check on you every week to find out if there’s anything that we can do. Do you have any issues you would like to discuss things of that nature? So if that’s something that might be of interest to you, please reach out to me at (918) 622-2588. In this segment, I want to talk about the different States that you could go to, to travel. Everybody wants to go to Florida, come the wintertime. So Florida is one of those States. Um, everybody wants to go and nurses flock to Florida. The only thing about Florida going on to contract your pay is a little less. Now don’t get me wrong, you will make sometimes double as much as a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

You still make anywhere from 17 to 1900 a week. Most of that is tax-free. But I think the benefit of why nurses want to go to Florida is because they’re on the beach. You worked at 36 hours, you’re on the beach. Um, I’ve suggested instead of trying to stay in a hotel, doing Airbnb, Airbnb, even though you get that housing stipend, you might get for a stipend of a thousand dollars. If you stay in a hotel, you got to spend that at least a third or fourth of your money. But if you get an Airbnb, you can rent a home with other nurses as you work with and y’all split the cost and you probably ended up paying a hundred something a week. So now you’re pocketing most of your money, which is a good factor. So that’s what you’re looking at. As far as going to Florida with the bleak beach, then you could go to California, California.

Let me tell you, you can make really good money, really good money because Florida laws are different any time, even though you work in a 12 shift in Florida, in California, sorry. Um, California, after eight hours, you get overtime. So you got eight hours of your hourly that are you’re taxed on. Then you have four hours on that day that, uh, automatically overtime kicks in. And then if you pick up any overtime after that and you get another over time, so Florida is it’s crazy paid as a Traveling Nurses Missouri. That’s what we call it. And it’s hard to keep up with a lot of nurses get frustrated, but I ask all the nurses to document, document, document at any time, because after you make so much money there and their pay packages run anywhere from 24 to 2,600 a week, pretty good. And, and that’s not counting your overtime. So if you look at calculating, um, 12-hour shifts every day, over time, the money you could make.

So I’m just calculating what we, um, would build a pay package for you other than that is over the top. And then you have Hawaii. Every nurse wants to go to Hawaii, but I’m going, to be honest with you, Hawaii and itself are very expensive. It’s more expensive than California. So with Hawaii, um, you want to go, but I mean, it’s decent pain. You could do it, but I would ask any nurse that wants to go to wine. I would say, make sure you’ve had money saved up because even though you’re making decent money, the cost of living there is expensive to get a place is expensive. Unless you come. I would say, payers, I will say, when you travel, you have a traveling buddy that you did travel before, or you want to travel, get another nurse. And that way you both could go together and then you could split the costs.

That’s the only way I was sending a nurse to Hawaii because it is very expensive. Of course, everybody wants to go to a hallelujah. It’s so expensive there, but again, you got to make at least 1800, $1,900 a week. The majority of that, I would try to build that into your pay, your pay package. That way you don’t spend a lot of money on housing, um, on your hourly rate, that’s taxed with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services. So that’s something I would have looked at now if you want to go to places like Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, they too have beaches and beautiful beaches. Um, the cost of living is not as expensive as going to California or Hawaii, anywhere that you want to go to the beach and the whole months. Cause that’s what nurses do when they travel. They decide I want to get out of the cold States doing, um, the winter, which is a smart thing to do.

So that’s something I would look at. But again, talk to me, give me a call. I would want to educate you on travel nursing. You might feel uncomfortable being away from your family, but it’s very, it’s a good thing for you. I have a nurse. I mean a daughter, a nurse. Yes. I have a daughter. That’s a nurse, two of them. And they do travel contracts. They do them every six months. They keep their full-time jobs. They let them know they’ll do per diem because what they do is they do their 36 hours. They come home and then they do a shift at their regular job. And that, that way you could keep your regular job and then pick up a travel contract. We also have eight-week contracts. Um, the lowest that we get them ready to do, corrections, which a lot of nurses like working in the correction facilities.

Uh, so that’s another thing. Um, the money is, it is pretty good money. Actually. I will say RN makes 17 to 1800, um, on a correction job with a 13-week contract. Now corrections do go to six-week contracts, eight-week contracts, and 13. That is the only hospital that does not do that. Only corrections. So if that’s something you’re interested in, I know a lot of nurses for some reason, love to work in corrections. And I understand why. And let me tell you why because in the correction facility you are secured. There’s, there’s no interaction with, um, prisoners walking around. You’re just doing paperwork, getting meds, ready, passing out meds, the wood door. You don’t have any action with the prisoners at all. So that’s why nurses like to do travel contracts. But even though you do a travel contract in a correctional facility, I would ask any nurse to please keep your per diem status up with the top Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Because working in a correction facility does not, is not bedside nursing. And as you know, as a nurse, you could lose your bedside nursing. If you continually work in a correction facility, because it is not bedside, you’re just passing out meds and doing paperwork. So that’s another avenue and it’s very lucrative for a nurse. I mean, nurses love it. You have to do a process, but it’s a good process that you could also do. Uh, and I have so many nurses that I work with that love what they do via corrections, hospitals. Uh, some hospice there’s different. So I don’t want a nurse who works hospice that thinks they can’t do a contract or a nurse who works in home health. They do a contract now to do a home health contract. You would have to do it in your state because a home health nurse has to go out and do visits for your next Traveling Nurses Missouri job.

I would not send a nurse to Florida to do home health. You don’t know the demographics of that city. It would not be doable for you. Um, so those types of nurses, I would say, stay close to home. Uh, it’s just work in your backyard and, and a new traveler. I would tell that new traveler to work in your backyard. I tell every new traveler you don’t want to. I don’t want to put you out into a different state until you learn and feel comfortable being in a different environment. So if this is something that you might be interested in, please reach out to me. I would like to discuss this more in-depth with you, uh, educate you before you even think about it. Uh, put it on. If it, if you have it on your, to-do list, to become a traveler top to someone, it could be me.

It could be another recruiter, but you want to be educated first because you don’t want to go out there. Uh, now you didn’t go through the whole process. Like I’m dealing with a nurse now of going through the whole process, but I think she’s thinking, Oh, what did I do? Um, here she is to be on the contract on next Monday. And we just get the contract signed from her today that lets me know. She didn’t think it out. Right? She didn’t plan it. I believe if you don’t plan, you will fail. And I, um, I, we don’t want you to fail. We want you to be able to, um, be successful. So if this is something you want to discuss, please give me a call at 918-622-2588 at

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