Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Can You Expect This Great Job?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. And we are a staffing agency located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we staffed specifically for travel nursing. And this videocast is specifically for travel nurses that are looking to get started. One of the people that we love working with, I love watching the face of a nurse. Who’s worked as a staff nurse for at least over a year in a hospital. And then all of a sudden they get to see how much more money they can make in travel nursing. It’s a little bit nontraditional, but especially when we are able to let them live where they’re at gayness, a housing stipend just by traveling 50 miles or more, they’re staying in their, in their house. And then they’re getting the stipend as non-taxable revenue. It’s really, really neat to watch their salaries, just shoot through the roof with our Traveling Nurses Missouri programs.

And so one of the things though that you have to do for a new travel nurse, there’s just a lot of uncertainty there for obvious reasons. Like this is not traditional. This is not the way that your mom and dad went to work. This is not the way that you’ve ever seen anybody go to work before you’ve likely seen and heard of people talk about this in your hospital, but you really were unsure about it. You probably heard that they make more money, but it’s a lot easier than what it, what it seems, especially when you know what you’re doing. And that’s what this entire podcast is for. Or videocasts. This is starting your travel nursing career in six steps. We just want to help people be knowledgeable. And so let’s get started in this. See if we can open up some of your ideas to get a better Traveling Nurses Missouri service today. We cannot wait to help you have a better time with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

And if you have any questions about this, I want you to give to us, sell a call here at Trinity at (918) 622-2588. She has been doing this for over 20 years. She can answer any question that you have, and we would love for you to speak with her because outside of that, she’s just a great, great human being. I’ve seen her mother more nurses than you would ever imagine. And it’s just neat to watch the relationships that she’s able to build. But the first thing that you need to do is you need to find a travel company that you want to work with. Um, there are many different travel nursing agencies. We would love to work with you here at Trinity. Please go check us out online and just see what other people are saying about us. I think you’ll find out that one, our ratings are way higher than any other staffing agency I’ve seen when it comes to the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And you can tell that people are writing legitimate stuff about us. Um, and, and also we just have a desire to have a different experience for our employees. And, um, we would love to show you that. So please check out Trinity. But what you first have to do is you gotta find a travel nursing agency. Second thing is, need to start working with a staffing recruiter that you trust. You need to develop a relationship there and make sure that they know what you’re looking for. Make sure they know what your desires are, make sure they know what your goals are, your salary goals. Um, they know what specialties you want to move into. They, I think it’s helpful for them to know what your plan is. So you can set up a plan w with, uh, your career and just basically map out your career path and then chisel away at it till you get what you want.

And I think that is a great way for nurses to get into the specialties that they want to and utilize this as a tool for them to expand their career. And so if your, if your staff recruiter knows what your goals are, it’s going to be really easy for them to just start mapping it out so that you can look down the line, not be reactionary, but rather be proactive. And I think that’s the way, most great travel nurses, uh, just they manage their career. It’s ma they manage it. It doesn’t manage them. So reach out to your staff recruiter. Um, in, at Trinity, the main person is going to be Darcel and the secondary is going to be Cassie, but they’re great people to work with. And I think you should give them a call. Um, the next thing is, is check out your options, you know, as a travel nurse, your job options may be limited only because you lack, travel nursing agency experience, but that’s where the relationship is going to really help you.

And then not only that, this is for traditional staffing or travel nursing or wherever, but if you have a great relationship with your recruiter, I’m telling you they are going to go to work for you more. And the, if there’s a great opportunity out there, guess who they’re going to go to first, it’s really important for this relationship to be great. What I’ve noticed is that some nurses have a persona that well, there’s plenty of opportunities out there. I’m going to, I don’t have to answer back to my staff recruiter. I don’t have to, um, you know, really respect them the way that they’re respecting me and I’ve watched ourselves kind of get walked on, but I’ve also watched the respect, the opportunities and all of the things that she offers, those that treat her well. And I think this is just like any other relationship that you have, the friends that treat you well, you’ll go way out of your way to help them.

The people that treat you poorly though, um, it’s not like you’re going to go out and Slack them, but you’re likely not going to give them quite the attention that you will, the people that treat you well. And this is just like any relationship in the entire United States. So with your staff recruiter, I’ve just noticed this with Garcelle. She, um, the opportunities are going to come to those people that, you know, she has a relationship with and they treat her well. Um, next thing is have your proper license. So once you’ve decided where you want to go, you need to make sure you have the right licenses and certifications, um, to be able to get where you are. And sometimes that’s going to take a little bit of time for you to develop. You can work with your staff recruiter to begin to get the experience of the top Traveling Nurses Missouri options.

So you can start going and getting those certifications and your travel nursing agency will they’ll sometimes they’ll pay. If you, if you do a really great job for us, I’m telling you, we’re going to go work with you to go pay for your certifications and any, any travel nursing agencies should offer that. Um, and I know we will, to those people that treat us well, number five, you’re gonna need to go pick an assignment and you can work with your staff recruiter with this. Again, they need to know your goals, but you’ll need to systematically go through there and find the top of the assignment that fits for you. You don’t have to take the first thing that’s offered to you either. There are tons of assignments all over the nation. Now, if you decide to go to a state that a lot of nurses want to go to, like, for example, Florida, during the summertime or during the wintertime, I guess Florida’s great all the time, but I’ve gone to Florida before in the summer to get a better Traveling Nurses Missouri service.

He was way too hot for me. So if you’re in Wisconsin and you want to go to Florida for three months, well, a lot of people might want to go to Florida for three months then as well. So you might have less opportunities there than you would some other places in the country. So, but work with your staff recruiter, they’re going to be able to help you out. Darcel is great with this man. She’s going to search all over the nation for you. Number six, last thing, once you’ve decided, once you’ve gone through figured out what you’ve wanted, set out your goals, you’re going to need to go land the job and pick something and just, and go with it. And, um, and then the lucky thing for you is it’s only three months. You’re not tied to it for life. You get a lot of flexibility and then you can leave that place. And, and sometimes, especially if you’re new, you’re just going to have to try some out and see if you like it. It’s just like anything else, anything new that you start, it’s just like that. If Trinity can help you in any way, shape or form with your travel nursing, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Ask for Marcel or Cassie, or you can just go online. See all of our

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