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Hello. My name is Darcy woods with Trinity employment specialists. I am a travel nurse recruiter doing contract nursing, Oklahoma. And in this segment, I would like to talk about, uh, the interview process. Um, a lot of nurses live in Oklahoma city, diff different areas here in Oklahoma, and I’m in Tolson. So I will reach out to you. And what we would do is conduct a phone interview in the phone interview. I would just look over your resume because the best resumes for me to send a profile of your work history to a facility, I will look at dates and timeframes, and a lot of nurses do do a year here a year there, but if there are any gaps in your employment, I would just ask questions. What happened here? Uh, and I will put that in a date form, just like a format of, on your resume to explain that, okay, uh, Katie had surgery and she was out for six months for recouping with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

We would have to do things like that. Um, and I know I’ve asked many nurses about this, and for some reason, the nurses get upset. When do you want to know, um, why do you need to know that? But I want to explain, they want to know why you had that gap in your work history, and we just want to avoid them overlooking your profile because of that gap. So it’s important to fill that gap in. Uh, and then we would go over your certifications. A lot of nurses now, uh, is mandated almost, uh, every nurse has a BLS. Well, that’s a given. You have to have that, but even now when med certain nurses with our Traveling Nurses Missouri, they’re asking them to, Hey, have an ACL less. So if you’re out there and you’re contemplating picking up a travel contract, make sure that you have a BLS or looking up HCLs, I’m sorry.

Look into getting an ACL S cause that’s important because I think now with med surge nurses, they put you in what they call the PCU unit. Um, so that helps if you have an ACL less to help with the summit because that’s crossing over into the. So that helps you, in the long run, to get out of the med search field because I know a lot of nurses want to leave med-surge and cross over to a different specialty. So that’s some of the things that we talk about in the interview. And then I want to hear from you what you want in a travel contract. What is your expectations, what area you would like to go to? Um, here’s some of the stories that you have on a job and why, um, you have worked with some of the tribal nurses and your thoughts on several things with the top Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Um, we do that interview. We go over all the details I hear from you. Then I want to tell you what to expect. Um, far as paperwork, there is a lot of paperwork when you go to do a travel contract, because what I do once we talk and decide, yes, this is something I’m interested in that I go ahead and send you out an application. You fill out the application. Once I receive that application back, I, in turn, send you out a skills checklist, whatever specialty that you’re in, be it med search E R ICU pack you labor and delivery. I will send you out that skills checklist in that skills checklist, you would rate your skills from zero to four on, have you done, how many, how strong do you think you are in that, that specific area, uh, is very, I, I act so nurse, to be honest, if you don’t know something, do not put a zero, put it in a, because when you do a zero, it will calculate you as not knowing, well, you don’t know, but a zero is a number in a we’ll just avert it.

And so when you’re setting done, when you’ve done the whole skills checklist sort have given you a 2.5, if you put a zero, if you put in a, it will give you maybe a three-point. So it doesn’t calculate in. A’s like it does a zero. Once I received that back then I would discuss with you, say, I have a contract at mercy hospital in Oklahoma. City is a 36 hours. We go over the pay package. I make sure that you understand that this is a travel contract. Your hourly rate is going to below. I try to rate a med search nurse, 18 to 20, a ER, nurse 20 to 22, depending on the bill rate. And then I go to the government GSA and find out what the housing rate is. And then we calculate that in. Then we calculate your meals and incidentals for that day, and that’s how we build your pay package with the most amazing Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

And then we go over that in the interview. Um, a lot of nurses like yourself, I’m sure, uh, is motivated by money. So the more money you could get out of a contract, the better it is for you, uh, at the end of the day, that’s what motivates all contractors, uh, be it nurses or any other, uh, feel it’s all about how you, what money you going to bring home weekly? Cause right now you’re bringing home what a travel nurse make. In two weeks, you’re bringing that home in two weeks, a travel nurse can make that in 36 hours. That’s another benefit. That is one of the strongest benefits for a nurse that has a lot of bills. The husband’s been laid off. Maybe a son, a daughter live in the home, been laid off. You need to make that extra money. Now is the time to think about, uh, putting your application in, uh, speaking with me, seeing what’s out there, because again, we are in a pandemic and we do need so many nurses that use our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And I think this is going to be our new normal. I hate to even mention that, but yes, they say in the summer months it might go away. But then here we come back to the fall. Um, it’s gonna be bad again. So we are living in a new normal here in Oklahoma. Do we want to say that? Do we want to even wrap our brains around that? Um, not really, but we must be proactive. I must do, you know, reach out to you as a nurse and say, unfortunately, we need you really, we really need more travel contract nursing in Oklahoma. We need you on board. Be it with Trinity or another agency we want Trinity, of course. But at the end of the day, we being good stewards of our, our country, our state, we have to reach out and say, this is something that is a pandemic.

We need a travel nurse on board. I want to build a rapport with you. That’s to me is most important. Just educating you. I want to educate those that don’t know about travel nursing. And I understand from our governor Stitt that he has allowed an RN that has not even took their nursing license to pick up a work. So you as well, you haven’t taken your boards, uh, might be intimidating because, uh, to go out on that floor, but this is another chance for you that, and it’s hundreds of nurses that has not taken their boards that want to help with our Traveling Nurses Missouri today. Well now is your chance. You could reach out to me at Trinity employment, um, dot com with a resume, or you could call me at (918) 622-2588. It’s imperative that we as an agency do our due diligence and try to reach nurses for travel contract, travel nursing contract nursing in Oklahoma, to help the process to ease.

So we don’t run into another situation when all the hospitals, people are going to search to the hospital and we don’t have enough staff that will in turn, not help the nurses make the nurses ill. So we’re pleading, um, I say with the HCPs to help out, to help us in this pandemic and I’m here to help in any way I can to educate you. Uh, so you’re not walking into something that’s unknown to you. Uh, as a travel contract nurse recruiter, I’m here to help. My name is star Selwoods with Trinity employment specialists with the most amazing Traveling Nurses Missouri services. Give me a call at (918) 622-2588. I would like to discuss these opportunities with you. I would like to help you in any way that I can to explain all the do’s and the don’ts, the fears, the happy place that you could be at, um, and everything else in between.

I would like to discuss what you’re going through, um, yourself as a HCP, working on a floor where you got to deal with, uh, patients with, uh, COVID-19, uh, you need someone to talk to, uh, versus, you know, just balling all in. I know you guys are stressful. I want to be here to help. I want to be a voice that I could reach out to you at any time and try to help you understand this process. We don’t have to be in fear, but we’re more powerful with numbers. If we have the numbers, we could help each other iron sharpens iron you’re on the battlefield. I’m on this end and we could help reach out to me at (918) 622-2588.

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