Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Are You Looking To Find The Best Paying Job?

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For number two is, do we have benefits? And honestly, we do have benefits. Um, there is a period where, you know, will you have the same benefits as I do as an employee of Trinity? So that’s a good thing. Uh, we do have Teladoc as well. That’s another benefit that we have in question number three, which if I’m away from home on a contract, who can I call? And again, that’s a very important question because you will have my cell number. You will not have, you could call the office doing, uh, if you work 8:00 AM, but if you work PM, please reach out to me. I will give you my personal cell number. And I would definitely ask for your call if for any emergency that you might have. I, I will get in touch with your manager to make sure I relay what’s going on when Traveling Nurses Missouri are available.

If you have an emergency. And another question, the fourth question that I get, I do a 13-week contract ourselves. What happens after my contract is up. And that is an excellent question because now if you’re looking just to pick up a short term 13-week contract and then go back to your regular job, then that’s fine. But I always tell a nurse when you’re doing a 13-week contract, especially in Oklahoma, pick up PRN shifts at your current job. Um, you’re doing 36 hours a week. You could do some PR per damn shifts. And in the interim of that, and the question she asks was 13-week contracts. What do I do? Okay. Back to that, what you can do, and if you want to do another 13-week contract somewhere else, I will start looking for you. You’re another contract two months in with your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

So around the six week of your contract, I will already be searching for you another contract in a different facility, or there, if you don’t want to take a week break, you can maybe again, take the couple of days off that you normally would, and you can move right back into your new car, to a new contract. And the reason they want to take that week’s break, they want to go home to visit their family. Um, maybe go somewhere fun. Just I hadn’t nursed went to Jamaica for a week, and then she came back, started a contract. So you could go to fun places. That’s the benefit of being a travel nurse. You can go vacations when you want to every 13 weeks, because, and I’m just going to give you a ballpark as a med surg nurse, that med surg nurse and a 13 week that she’s working that contract could make around 32,000, just for those 13 weeks on our Traveling Nurses Missouri programs..

Um, just like, uh, anyone in their everyday working two, three years at the same place. Um, it behooves a nurse to say, you know what? I want to do something different. I’m tired. It wears and tear on your psyche. It’s like, if you do a travel contract, it’s something new. It’s an adventure. You’re stepping outside your comfort zone. And I think a lot of us need to do that from time to time do something that’s uncomfortable because that’s how you grow doing something uncomfortable of to me, a lot of things have been that way for me with our Traveling Nurses Missouri. And I’m learning to embrace it and go with the tide because when you go with the tide and you step out of that box, you grow and you learn things that you didn’t know even about yourself on track nursing, Oklahoma, uh, as Trinity employment specialists, we are looking for nurses like I stated before.

And I had a nurse, um, many years ago who followed me from, I went from agency cause I, I have done a lot of, as a recruiter, as contracts myself. So, um, I had nurses that bill, I build a rapport with and this particular nurse, um, really, I mean really appreciated during her first contract. I made her feel comfortable. I walked her through it. She could call me, um, because she, her family was far away. So when they’re, they were on vacation or whatever, and she was at work, she will call me. But anyway, we built such a rapport that, uh, she really thanked me for putting her ahead of the curve, stepping out of her comfort zone, um, doing a travel contract. She was a med surge nurse, but being going through the process, doing to many different hospitals, she eventually went into being an ER nurse. She went as a step-down. She went, she got more certifications than she had just stayed in her everyday hospital that she was working in. And you as nurses know, a lot of nurses want to go to a different specialty and is very difficult not to have the best Traveling Nurses Missouri options.

So sometimes pick it up a travel contract. Are they supposed to do that? No, but they will train you in some instances to pick up, uh, as a med surgeon, nurse, you could go to PCU because a med surgeon, nurse can work in PCU. And the next step from PCU will be been a Traveling Nurses Missouri. And if you could be a Traveling Nurses Missouri, then the next step would be ICU nurses. So you learn a lot from those. You get a lot of those characteristics and specialties, the certifications from working in some travel nurse divisions.