Traveling Nurses Missouri | When Are You Going To Wake Up?

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Hello. My name is Darcy Millwoods. I am a travel nurse recruiter with Trinity employment specialists. And today we will be talking about 10 ways to prepare for a career and travel nursing. Um, travel nursing is very important, and I think there are hundreds, if not thousands of nurses in Oklahoma alone that are, have contemplated being a travel nurse at one point or another, because you work with people every day and they tell you there, they don’t live here in Oklahoma, but they have picked up a 13-week contract and you listen to what they have to say. But again, you still a little bit skeptical when it comes to Traveling Nurses Missouri jobs. So what this is where Trinity will come into play, I would really enjoy if a nurse would call us our phone number is (918) 622-2588. And you could give me a call and I would actually answer any questions that you might have, uh, being excepted, because I know, again, my daughter’s a nurse, they were skeptics of doing travel contracts.

But once you talk to me, I would break everything down. And that’s why I’m doing this segment to say, this is 10 ways of doing a travel contract. So the 10 ways to prepare for a travel contract again, is getting in touch with Trinity as a travel nurse recruiter. And then I will discuss the dos and the don’ts of travel. The dues for travel really benefit you because again, you will be on a 13-week contract, you will get what we call a paid package, which most of your pay package is non-taxable being a travel nurse. The government allows, if you travel anywhere from 50 miles from your home, you can pick up what we call a non-taxable pay package. And what that is a system consists of is you will get an hourly rate. And according to the GSA, we could keep that hourly rate at a low amount with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

We know that normally you will make around 40, 30, eight to $42 an hour being a travel contractor, you would be making maybe anywhere from 18 to $22 an hour, again, depending on the bill rate from the facility. And at that time I will go over the breakdown because what we will give you is housing that is nontaxable. We will also allow to Milson incidentals for things that might come up for your mills. And that again is nontaxable. And we build all that into a pay package and a travel nurse. In essence, I’m just speaking in general of a med search nurse could make at least $1,800 a week, and most of that is not taxed. So if you would learn more about becoming a travel nurse, please reach out to me at Trinity employment specialists, (918) 622-2588. Thank you. Traveling Nurses Missouri.

The reason we’re sitting here today is that there is a shortage of nurses. And so again, back to the 10 P to prepare a nurse, because we’re trying to get nurses that really want to be a travel contractor to come on board. There is such a shortage in the Oklahoma population and the hospitals. Um, everyone, um, wants to do a contract, but they’re nervous about it. And we want to assure you because the hospitals need your expertise. They need med surge nurses. They need ICU nurses back you nurses. There’s a shortage. And I would just say, if you are interested, then please pick up the phone and give me a call. I would like to discuss this with you, uh, go more in-depth to let you know the dos and the don’ts of what, how to travel contracting work, because it benefits you. And it would actually benefit our community because there is because of the baby boomers that need good Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Um, there such a shortage there, people are getting older. We don’t have enough nurses on board. My name is Darcell woods with Trinity employment specialists. And today we’re going to go over some of the questions that I hear from travel nurses, from nurses in general. And one question that is most important is paid, how do we get paid? Um, because you work at a hospital, you’re, you know, you’re going to get your paycheck from your hospital, uh, because the different difference in travel, even though you have to keep your own time, that’s one aspect. And that’s one of the questions because it goes back to, I give you a timesheet and say, turn this in weekly with your Traveling Nurses Missouri job. Okay. That’s confusing because you are used to going to the time clock clocking in every other week, your time every day, but now you gotta write it on a piece of paper.

So you put it on a piece of paper. And then on top of that, which makes it a little hard for a nurse to, to understand at times, because they’re new, you’re new to travel and you want to know, why am I doing this extra step? Okay. You have the time ship, timesheet from Trinity, but then you go to the hospital and you have to clock in. Most of them use what we call chromas. So you have to clock in on that and you have to do it on a daily basis. So that is a big hiccup for a nurse is it’s getting you out of the outside of your comfort zone and it is work. But once you get used to it, it’s not a problem. You write down your hours, you clock in daily. And then at the end of those 13 weeks, you could turn your time into us with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.