Traveling Nurses Missouri | What Makes You Enjoy A Nursing Job?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. Trinity is a staffing firm. We staff for travel nurses all over the country. We’re located centrally here in Tulsa, Oklahoma staff, all over the country, um, and really intensively throughout our region in Missouri, in Arkansas and Texas, um, and Kansas, we have a lot of people working in these cities. Um, this particular video is 13 social media statistics that travel nurses should know about. So this is interesting, um, travel nurses. They love their jobs and the adventures that go with traveling, discovering new places. But there are a lot of small little things that you need to take in. You need to take into consideration as a travel nurse, especially if you’re more of a veteran or if this is something that you’re wanting to continue to do mate, or even if you’re just brand new to it with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

And you’re just now looking into it with this COVID-19, we’ve laid off. We watched hospitals lay off more nurses than we’ve ever seen in my 11 years of being in a medical staffing firm. Um, and I’ll bet you that we’ve seen more nurses get laid off than at any other time in human history because the medical field has always continued to grow, but now they’ve shut off. Well, I mean, they’ve shut down hospitals if they’re not dealing with COVID-19, but they’re empty because there’s not enough COVID-19 patients despite what we hear about. So now we’ve got a lot of nurses out there looking, and they’re looking for new opportunities and now more than ever, they might be open to travel nursing. So these are some statistics that you ought to really consider, um, that, uh, I think might help you out just to understand the industry a little bit better with the top Traveling Nurses Missouri.

So let’s get, let’s get going with the career builder partnered with the Harris poll to conduct its annual survey on the practice of employers searching through social media sites to research, not just prospective employees, but also current employees and the results are staggering. And it, and this is also relate related to travel nursing. Number one, over the last 10 years, the number of employers who scream prospective candidates through social media searches has increased by 500%. Okay. Before we are allowed to even have someone go on staff, yes, they look at your resume. But right now I’m telling you, they’re looking at your social media and you need to mind your social media and make sure that you don’t have something up on your social media that is going to create concern right now, more than ever. The hospitals can be pickier and pickier at who they have on their staff with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

And one of the number one things they’re doing, they’re paying, they’re paying the nurse double what they normally would be, and they’re paying an agency to find the nurse. So there, they’re going to try to go get what they’re paying for and if they want, if they’re going to pay double the price, they’re going to make sure that they’re getting a really great quality nurse. One of the ways that they’re screening you out is through social media. And so if you have a bunch of pictures about you getting drunk or doing some crazy things on online, although that might be your personal life and no one wants to mix that in and we want you to, we want every one of our people will be able to have a personal life, but we don’t want some of our partners to make a decision and stop you from being able to get a job all because that you might have something on social media, even be careful with things that people tag you in and make sure you control your social media and have it saying about you, what you want it to be saying with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

So be very careful there. Number two, 60% of the employers have searched job candidates by browsing through social networking sites. And so you should expect this from employers right now. Social media is one of our top ways to recruit and connect with people. And, um, you can’t help, but it being a recruiting tool and not going and seeing what people are doing on social media, be very careful with that. Number three 49% of employers discovered information online that prevented them from hiring potential candidates. We’ve had, we’ve had, uh, employees that we went online to just do a general search and we’re watching them, I’m doing drugs at a big party, uh, you know, or, or anything crazy like that. And, um,, it has obvious reasons for concern, especially if you’re going to go in the medical field. Um, you know, we have a role here at our, at Trinity we have the best Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

We do not want to hire a nurse that we would not be comfortable working with our grandparents in the hospital. We want to hire people that were totally comfortable taking care of our grandparents personally. And so that is one of the stipulations that we try to hold ourselves to or standards that we hold ourselves to. And so if you, if you see a nurse doing drugs online, um, that’s not, that does not fit that profile number for more than 25% of the, of these employers found content on these sites that resulted in either a firing or severe reprimand of current. Um, I don’t really relate to this personally because I’ve never had a story like this, where we went online after we employed the person found something online. However, there are multiple stories and this is coming through from career builder. There are multiple stories where this does happen and you need to be careful at what you post online.

And if for any other reason, you know, this is a part of your permanent record. You’ll want to make sure and just conduct yourself in a way to where, you know, you wouldn’t have regrets, especially with something that you would post up online. Um, and that, that just gets really tricky. But the more that, um, you know, to me, this doesn’t make any sense, but the more that we are in our field, we realize that not everyone sees it that way. And so you’ll want to make sure and pay close attention to that. Number five of all of the employers within the healthcare industry, in this survey, a whopping 59% of them utilize social media to research prospective candidates. And so not only that, but they can go by, they can go back and see does their resume. And what they’re saying about themselves, does it make sense based on social media, you can go on to LinkedIn with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

Many times we go on to LinkedIn and looked at, look at someone’s LinkedIn profile and it doesn’t match their resume. So, um, then you’ve got questions and you’re like, Hey, what’s going on here? And keeping in mind that almost 80% of the interviewer of interviews, people lie to you or tell you some, maybe it’s not a direct lie, but it’s some kind of misleading information. So if you’re an employer, you’ve gotta be very careful at doing your due diligence to make sure that you’re getting the correct information. Cause keep in mind, we’re hiring nurses here. These are people that work with people cut on people, stick people. We need to make sure that we’re providing the best quality we can. Number six 53% of this survey said that it, that it’s to determine if the prospective employee has a professional online persona. And like I’d mentioned earlier, I’m getting a little bit redundant with this survey or this survey is a little bit redundant maybe, but, um, you just want to make sure that your actions, um, reflect what a PR, what people would expect a professional to be like in that field with our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Uh, be very careful with that. Number seven 30% said, um, it’s to see the reason they get on there is to see what others are posting about the prospective employee. Hey, I’ve not ever thought of that before, but that’s a really great perspective. You can see what comments are alike, um, about the prospective employee and see what other people think about them, how much conflict are into, I mean, if you ever met people like this and they, all they do is get online and they’ve got the sharpest tongue online, then they hide behind that keyboard. And they say some of the most horrific things. Well, some of those people are nurses and you don’t want to bring those people in your culture. You gotta keep in mind, the hospitals are doing this on our behalf as well. It’s not just, it’s not just the employee that uses our Traveling Nurses Missouri.

I just think that that might be looking here. It’s also the hospital. Um, number eight, 21% said, they’re looking for a reason not to hire the prospective employee. You you’ve got to practice the practice of just weeding out first. You know, let’s find why shouldn’t we hired this person. And that’s just, that is a very, you know, a lot of people would look at me or someone else that would say that and say some really negative things about that. But the brute reality of it is if you were going to hire somebody to come into your house and be your housekeeper and work personally with you, um, you might try to do some searching to make sure you’re hiring somebody that is trustworthy. And so when you personalize it like that, you can kind of understand the PR the employer’s perspective. Um, last one here, uh, 46% is due to provocative or inappropriate images or videos with a good Traveling Nurses Missouri options.

Of course, this is just an, a given that you, you see this online all the time. And number 10, last one here, uh, 43% is due to references to potential candidates, um, using drugs or drinking, which we went over before. But for us, it’s just the references in general. We definitely want to check the references and see what other people say about them. Especially people that have worked with them before, but social media is a really big thing. If you can tell, you know, we’ve got another 10 things here that people that other employers listed on this survey with career builder. So, um, I’ll do another podcast doing, uh, 11 through 20. And, um, please, please check that out. But if Trinity can help you in any way, shape or form, we would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us

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