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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Darcel and we are with Trinity employment specialists. We, we are a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, but we specialize in travel nursing all over the nation. And Darcell is our resident expert in travel nursing. That’s why she’s joining me. And I can’t wait for you to hear about this topic, which is 10 tips to make the most as a Traveling Nurses Missouri if you’re considering travel nursing, or if you’re currently in travel nursing, what we want at Trinity is we want you to be able to take advantage of every tax incentive that’s offered for you. And then we put as much money legally into your pocket as possible. And so since we’re going to do 10 items here, we’re going to have to really run through this pretty quickly. So I’m going to jump right into this, um, 10 tips to make the most as a travel nurse. The very first thing is to volunteer for new experiences, especially at the beginning of your career. Talk about that real quick and ourselves

nurse. What they mean about volunteering because at the beginning of their career, most nurses go into med surge. A med surge is, are in one, which is good. They learn a lot of things as a med search nurse. And then sometimes if they say go to a tile floor, you literally cannot transition from a med search to a table without having the experience. Now, I would say, go in there and you might say a volunteer to look at what they can do learn those steps because you really can’t put in work to that when you’re a med surge nurse, you’re, you can’t volunteer to be on a floor that you know nothing about if you are not a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Well, see, what I was thinking about is that when you’re on a floor and on that floor, there are going to be lots of different duties that are needing to be,

and just stepping in and helping out all of the nurses in all of these different areas. You know, as it, as it in, in every day, you’re going to see a need that comes up and just saying, Hey, I’ll help you with that if I can, but they can’t. Okay. And this is the whole point because that med surg nurse knows what their floor, you can’t send a nurse down the hall and say, go help them. That’s going to cause a mess. Cause they don’t know the machines. They don’t know what the, to do, what that patient, the specialty of that patient. I mean, there’s so certain factors that would throw them off to volunteer. It will cause the whole floor to meet disrupted because you have to have, that’s why when we send a travel nurse, she goes into orientation. She goes on the fourth week as a tried and true Traveling Nurses Missouri.

So there’s not that many opportunities other than, other than volunteering for opportunities to just qualify for upfront with the staffing. Absolutely. Absolutely. And then expand your skill set. You have to take a test in order to do that as well. Okay. So that’s one volunteering, a nurse can not volunteer unless they’re just going to sit with the patient. Don’t do that. CNA work. Yeah. Well that’s why you’re here. We want to make sure and educate you correctly. The second thing is, is look for transition jobs. Many times a facility is instituting new electronic medical records, and they’re going to, they’re going to need the entire staff to be planted over there, um, into this training. And then all of a sudden there’s this new basically rapid response rate could be enacted then. Exactly. And just to speak on that, uh, transition jobs, EMR systems, hospitals come up with these big AMR systems and they need nurses to go in there and learn those systems and then train others on the system that are in place for Traveling Nurses Missouri.

But they still keep the core job. Right. So, I mean, I’ve had people on contracts for conversions really? Mars. Yes. So, I mean, generally, do they pay a little bit? Well, they do. Yes. And they’re a lot of them, they start working. Um, they can work from home. Well in check with your, uh, with your recruiter, with your agency, nurse recruiter, and they’ll be able to tell you when these things, maybe you could even go and search for them. Yes you can. If you’re open, if you’re open to different States, but I will say Traveling Nurses Missouri that normally do that, they stay there. Then they lose out. Because if you stay in a conversion rate job, then you have, you stayed there for over a year. You can’t go back on the floor. Oh really? And I try to tell nurses, if you going to do that, keep get PRN jobs, keep your bedside nursing because you can lose that.

Right? This is why it’s so important that you pick the right nurse, a recruiter. Number three, we’re going to have to run through this real quick Darcell to get through 10. Okay. Uh, shop around, you know, look, uh, look at what nurse staffing agency works best for you and what options are out there. Of course, we always want you to come to Trinity. That’s why we’re doing this. We really, we want to educate you, but man, check us out, you know? But uh, you can shop around and find the right opportunity for you. And you want to find the right recruiter and you want to make sure that recruiter like Corey stated, we want you to come to Trinity, but you want to be educated. And you want to make sure that that recruiter is there for you 24, seven, seven days a week. You’re going away.

You need somebody you can reach out to and you can trust. Absolutely. I talked to a nurse 10 30 last night finalized her assignment. Yeah. You know, because you want that. And I let her know you’re going to PA we want to be able to talk just like this. So keep my number PA, she’s talking about Pennsylvania. I’m always taking the housing stop. And why would you want to do this? Because you would always have to take the housing stipend because you’re leaving your home. And so you have to be able to pay for where you’re going to stay. So that hive housing, a stipend is tax-free. You could do, um, travel nurse, um, cafe to find housing. They have it sometimes. And it’s another one that we use. When you go and rent a house I want, that’s something that’d be embarrassed. BNB is the best place to do that when you are a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Well, but you’ve got to maintain your tax home and be able to take advantage of that type of stuff where they can’t get the stipend. If they live in proximity where they’re less than 50 miles away. Anyway, talk about the nurse compacting license to make sure that you get licensed in multiple States. Yes. That is a big win for a lot of nurses. I talked to a lot of nurses that do not have Compaq. And again, going back to the home state, if you have an Oklahoma license, now that Oklahoma is a compact state, you can get a compact license. A lot of nurses here don’t have it yet. And that’s the best thing to get, get that. And you could go to multiple it’s about 33 compact States now. Right. So, and I think there’s going to be more, they add every year. So if you want to grab more shifts to make more money, can you just ask now, do you mean like on a contract or on a contract? Is it, is it an option for them to, they can always call its overtime. They need help. That’s why they get in contract or sometimes just ask. Yeah. And talk to your recruiter with a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

Let them know that, Hey, listen, I want to make some more money I want. And, and then you can reach out and make sure and facilitate that. Okay. Um, set a specific goal. Just making more money. It might sound ideal, but you need to know what your goal is. It, for example, it’s really easy for you to go out, start going out to eat, you know, and, and if you’re wanting to save some money, my, my advice to you is to make sure and set a goal and know exactly where you want to be at. Um, number, number nine, just be strict about your Traveling Nurses Missouri. Do you ever talk to nurses about how to set a budget?

Yes, I do. Because some nurses, when they work on a contract, even though they make that kind of money at the end of the week, they like, I need money. They don’t spend all their money. Right. Because first of all, yes, they pay for that room. But then they shop, they do things that they, those four days, they just, and then they’re out of money.

Well, and let’s just face it. When you go to a new place, especially, let’s say you’re going to Florida, it’s going to feel, feel like you’re on it on vacation. And so if you go out and spin the way I do for my family on vacation, I come back broke. At least I feel like I’m Rose nurses come back. So be strict about your budget so you can make sure and save up for that nest egg. Last thing let’s wrap up with this Darcel work with the financial, why

wouldn’t you do this early on? Because nurses already paid so much money in taxes. So if they, and that’s what I tell them when they do a contract, make sure you know, that that is tax-free money. Because if not, you’re going to pay a higher rate of taxes because you were not taking taxes out that non-taxable package. But when you go to file your taxes, they don’t see anything. You didn’t mention it. So you’re deemed,

so you’re going to want to do what businesses do. I promise you every listen, I have a good relationship with my techs, with my tax accountant. And we don’t talk about taxes at the end of the, at the, when I’m getting ready to file with a Traveling Nurses Missouri. We talk about what can Trinity do to save all the way through. And you’re basically running your own business to some extent. So have a good relationship with your tax accountant, have a plan with your tax accountant. I strongly suggest that you have a good relationship with the financial advisor as well. So you can set goals to set back the amount of money. If you’re going to go make double, why not set some of that back and be wise with it? Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call. We would love to, I promise you, you’re going to want to talk to Darcell. She’s a wealth of knowledge you can call us at (918) 622-2588, or just visit us online at

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