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Hello, once again, I am Darcell with Trinity employment specialists. I’m here to talk to you today about the contract North scene in Oklahoma. Um, my role here at Trinity is a Traveling Nurses Missouri recruiter. And I know you guys don’t want to hear the word recruiter or headhunter, but what I do is on a daily basis, I send, I want I do what we call mining here at Trinity. And I go out and search for resumes for different specialties, med search E R ICU. I search, uh, resume databases. And I send you a little blurb stating that we have contracts, uh, at various hospitals here in Oklahoma. And then most of you are if you’re interested and you will respond back to me, and then I in turn will give you a call, go over what you’re looking for. Cause it’s most important to me that I know where you stand, what you’re looking for, uh, in a travel contract.

Cause evidently you were interested, you responded. So now we want to find that what you’re looking for, what rate of pay you’re looking for, where, what area would you like to go to in Oklahoma? Do you want to contract here in Tulsa? Do you want one in Oklahoma City? And then you go to Arkansas, which is right there, neighboring state. Um, so I asked you those kinds of questions to find out, cause it’s all about the nurses, not necessarily about the recruiter or the travel, the contracting agency. We want to build a rapport with the Traveling Nurses Missouri so we could understand what you’re looking for. What frustrates you about your day to day job, why you want to pick up a travel contract? Is it money? And I do hear that a lot. A lot of it is the pay package. Um, I, again, I had a nurse today saying if you could just send me the payback pay package for ER nurse.

So she’s looking for crisis nurse rates right now, and that’s a different topic. And I will talk about that in a little bit, but I want that nurse to just enlighten me on what the do’s and don’ts they want on the contract because I want to really put you at ease, the fear, and the horror stories, the things that you’ve heard, I want to let you know what Traveling Nurses Missouri contracting is all about here in Oklahoma. So with that being said, please give me a call (918) 622-2588. And now we are, again, in a bad situation, I would say, don’t want to talk about bad, but, uh, you guys been our healthcare professionals. What we call your HCPs. Uh, your guys are in a predicament where there’s going to be a shortage. So I’m reaching out, asking nurses, uh, in Oklahoma, in the state of Oklahoma to come on board and partner with Trinity employment, um, to be a part of, um, this pandemic of, of supplying some of our hospitals, our neighboring hospitals would qualify nurses, nurses that, you know, you guys are on the frontline.

We really appreciate, uh, what you guys are doing. Uh, as we as laymen, uh, go to our jobs every day. But you have to take care of people that are ill with this COVID-19 um, and you guys do it with such empathy, uh, for the patients and for the families. And I think in the long run, as me as a recruiter, I talked to so many nurses that I don’t, um, really hear you guys complaining. Um, my, like my daughter’s a nurse and she said, mom, um, am I concerned? But I took an oath. I took an oath that I would work to the best of my ability to protect, uh, patients. And I want to say, we at Trinity really appreciate what you guys are doing. Being on that front line. It is hard to, um, I can’t wrap my brain around it. Um, they telling us social distancing, but we still come to work.

But is it there in our minds? Of course, I could just imagine you on the front line, being in a hospital, have to put on a mass, have to show your body down and then take care of the patients, listen to them, help them. You know, I want to say, we really truly appreciate what you guys are doing and then crisis rates. We’re okay. You’re making a certain rate right now in your hospital. Now, these crisis rates should be out by next week. The bill rates for paying a nurse to become a Traveling Nurses Missouri is going to be astronomical. I would say this is the time to get your feet wet if you’ve been contemplating it. Um, think about it. Call me, uh, go to our website at WW dot Trinny, the Give me a call (918) 622-2588. Send me your resume. We would like to discuss with you all about the crisis rates because you guys are on the frontline.

We want to make sure you get the pay that’s due to you because even though the crisis rates are coming to agencies, I honestly, they cannot. And not that they don’t want to pay you a higher hourly rate, but your rates are based. The core rates that you work for is based on yearly performance. So they can’t just hike the rates up for your hourly pay. So that’s why they reach out to travel nursing, to give those special rates. So I hope this helps. Um, I hope that I can help you in any way to discuss what we’re looking for. Again, my name is Tarso woods with Trinity employment specialists. My number is (918) 622-2588. Email is Hello, my name is Darnell was with Trinity employment specialists and I’m in my last segment. I talked about preparing for this COVID-19 and the crisis rates.

Also, I know some of you nurses have spouses or family members that have lost their jobs. And so with that being said, there’s a less income in the house, less income coming into your also. So in order to get that balance, you, as an RN can pick up a Traveling Nurses Missouri contract. Um, unfortunately, we have restaurants. We have malls. Oklahoma is really been hit, not just Oklahoma, it’s nationwide, how the economy has dipped down and you guys are there on the front line, making money for your families, but you still see a shortage coming into your household too, because your husband probably lost his job. Uh, your brother, mother, someone in your household, this is affecting everyone nationwide. So with that being said, if you want to go to per Dem at your current hospital, because you could drop down to per dam and let your facility know, I don’t advise anyone to quit their job, to pick a book, a travel contract.

I will always ask the nurse to go to per diem, pick up her damn shifts, and you could pick up a 36-hour contract with these crisis rates to not only help the hospitals but help yourself as well to meet the monthly expenses that you have in your household. Since someone in your household had lost their job, and this will help in the long run. Again, my name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment, (918) 622-2588. Send me your resume. darcel at I’m truly looking forward to helping you help educate you on the process of travel contracting in Oklahoma because this is a crisis that we’re in. We need you to come on board with you and your Traveling Nurses Missouri program. Thank you.