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Hello. My name is Darcel woods. I’m with Trinity employment specialists. I am a traveling contract, nurse recruiter, and I want to talk today about, uh, our ENS LPs getting their licensure. And I know an RN as an RN, you have a license for the state that you’re in, but a lot of nurses are interested in compact nursing and start last year, 2019, Oklahoma became part of the compact state. And even though you guys already have your licensures here in Oklahoma, it does not automatically open a door for you to have a compact license. So what I suggest as your recruiter is you contact the board of nursing and there is a small fee to pay. But what that does is you pay the fee and that just opens up a window where you could not only go. You could go to maybe 33 other States with a compact license with a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And I think that’s good news for a lot of nurses. Um, a lot of nurses don’t know about compact licensing, but this is very important to your say, if you move you and your husband, you decide, you want to move to say, you want to go to South Carolina. South Carolina is a part of the compact license state. Um, and there’s many others, but it would benefit you to have a compact license because you never know what’s going to happen. Husband’s job. You know, you might have grandchildren or children in college somewhere. You want to pick up a contract close by where they are. That’s helpful as well, just to have that licensure handling and the way you do that again, you just contact the board of nursing and get your licensure. And it’s, there is a fee not very expensive. As long as you have your Oklahoma license, you should be able to get a compact license.

And then once you get that compact license, then you might think about picking up a contract here in Oklahoma, just in case you have to leave and go to another state. I w I asked all travel nursing, their first time picking up a travel nursing contract here in Oklahoma is to do a contract in your own backyard. So to say, because if you do a contract here in Oklahoma, then you’re ready. You know what to expect. Um, you know, the process, there is a process you’re learning another timekeeping system. You’re learning, um, a different area, different hospital. What, how they conduct their business different from where you are now, uh, in Oklahoma, Oklahoma has, um, a blanket. Most hospitals conduct the same way, use the same time system. But when you go out outskirts from your radius of a hundred miles, everybody uses something different with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services.

Um, your certifications, um, your EMR systems. A lot of right now, I know Oklahoma used Cronus. A lot of them use different programs, and that’s very helpful for you in the long run on your resume of the EMR systems, the conversion systems that they use. So it’s very helpful for you in a long run to be a travel nurse. It not only gives you a chance to work 13 week contract, but even though you work 13 weeks, then you could take a week vacation. You can’t do that. If you work 40 hours a week, it does not. You could do a vacation after your year, but what being a travel contract nurse of Oklahoma, you could take a week off every 13 weeks. So every three months you could take a week off and go back home, go somewhere with your family. Go places that you’ve never been before, because in the duration of your 13 weeks, say for instance, you bring in $2,000 home a week.

Most of that is tax-free per the gut, uh, dot gov because you are a Traveling Nurses Missouri that would allow you to take your family on a vacation, uh, because most of your money is tax free. So it takes the burden off of you work real hard. You feel like you’re not appreciated being a Traveling Nurses Missouri helps you relieve some of that stress, um, that you don’t have to wait a whole year to take a vacation. And I think it should be mandatory that nurses get maybe could work six months and take some time off, but we know that doesn’t happen. You have to work a whole year. You do have PTO. Um, but being a travel nurse, it helps in a greater magnitude to relieve a lot of stress. Um, and I’m very interested in not only having, as we opened this new division here at Trinity employment specialists but being able to be a, um, an Avenue to sit down with you over the phone, over video chat and teach you more about the, uh, the do’s and don’ts of travel contracting, because it is something that you’re not comfortable with.

I hear a lot of nurses saying I want to do it, but I don’t understand. Well, if I could sit down with you for 15, 20 minutes and just, we could communicate, you could tell me what you don’t understand about it, what fears you have about it. And I will be that ear. And if I can answer it and definitely will tell you what to expect on a contract. I’m one of those recruiters. That’s not only gonna talk to you and get you on a contract. Uh, I’m going to walk you through the whole process during the whole 13 weeks. And I think that’s, you would feel comfortable with that. If someone does that, I have worked with other agencies and some do some don’t I believe in calling you once a week to make sure you’re doing okay. Just building that rapport helps not only take the pressure off you, your family’s back at home wondering, okay, she’s not home.

How’s she doing? Who can she talk to if she has a problem, uh, I want to be that recruiter that could reach out to you and discuss whatever issues you might have. You might have some issues at, on the floor working with other nurses, because those nurses that you work with, their coordinators at that hospital, they understand that we have a traveler here on the floor. They know that you’re making a lot more money than them. You cannot discuss pay, but they know that a traveler makes more money. So that could be a little tension on the floor and you cannot discuss pay, like I stated, but you can’t call me. And let me know if there’s an issue, because I would rather address that versus sweeping it on the carpet. Because as you know, being a travel nurse, I want your whole environment to be at ease when it comes to the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.

I want you to be at rest and peace, knowing that someone has your back, you could talk to someone about whatever issue you face and you will feel comfortable doing that because all we, we all know that fear is false evidence appearing real, but yes, that fear can be real if you don’t expose it. So you have to communicate. And communication is part of my role as your recruiter, to walk you through the process, to enlighten you on the do’s and don’ts and have your back at all times, you can’t go to like you would on a regular job to your manager or supervisor because you on a contract that charge nurse or that manager that’s on the floor, they don’t, they don’t communicate to you. What’s going on. They communicate to the agency. I in turn, communicate to you. If there’s an issue you call me no matter what time of day, night, or evening weekends holidays, I am there to answer a question for you at all times. So I hope that it helps. I’m just making you a little bit more comfortable on wanting to know more about a tribal contract. So I hope that helps, um, understanding a little bit more about travel contracts. My name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment specialists. You could contact me by email or you can give me a call (918) 622-2588. Again, my name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment and the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.

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