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Hello. My name is Darcel woods with Trinity employment specialists. I am a travel nurse recruiter and we at Trinity are building on travel nursing. We want to educate our nurses out there. Uh, give you information that will help you move forward. If this is something that you, uh, decided you wanted to do. I know you work in hospitals where you possibly have talked with other travel nurses. Um, they work hand in hand with you. I know they discuss their pay. I know it’s frightening. I’ve talked to a lot of nurses and they want to venture out to be a travel nurse, but they’re very, I think is intimidating to know that you have to maybe go outside your state or go to a different hospital. Um, and it’s a little uncomfortable in starting any job. Be it travel or a core job. It is a little frightening, but I’m wanting to share with you as your recruiter or any recruiter should be able to walk you through the steps because there are a lot of steps, but I will watch what I say when it comes to the best Travel Nurse OKC.

I will hold your hand through the process. I want to educate you to let you know. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Only thing, Oh, there’s a perk in it for you. The perk is you make way more money right now you work 80 hours a week, okay. To make 2100 2200 2300 for that week. But if you do a travel contract and you can make that much in one week with 36 hours. So just to break that down, to give you the whole synopsis of the money that you could bring home versus what you’re doing now, the other percuss, again, taking a vacation after 13 weeks, were in your regular job, you have to work almost a whole year unless you have PTO to take days off. But this is, um, it’s not a paid vacation, but look at the money that you’re making as a Travel Nurse OKC.

You can make it. I calculated some of the nurses after they worked 13 weeks, they could bring home anywhere from 25,000 to 2,600 within those 13 weeks. So that allows you to take a vacation. I’m sure because you’re making way more than you would normally. And that is only three months of your time. So if that’s something you want to do or want to discuss with me, please reach out to me at Trinity employment, (918) 622-2588, or I wouldn’t be proactive and send me your resume. If you listening to this podcast, please reach out and send me your resume to and you send me your resume, updated resume with a good Travel Nurse OKC. I will reach out to you and we could it, even if it’s just open communication, education learning, you know, if this something you want to do over the summer, you want to go to North Carolina, South Carolina, um, just take some time and educate yourself because I know you’re discussing it with the other travelers on the floor that you work with.

And it’s very, um, it’s good for you in the long run because you have your, all, you already have your Oklahoma license, which Oklahoma is a compact state license now, which is good. And then you, if you go to the border of Oklahoma and let them know, um, you want, if you have a locum license before they became compact, let’s educate those first. Because even though you have your Oklahoma license unless you reach out to the state and let them know you want to be multiple state licenses, and it’s an easy process, you pay a fee. Now I can’t, I don’t, I don’t know exactly the dialer amount of the fee, but it’s not that much where you could go to 38 different States and work and make really good money in every state with a good Travel Nurse OKC service. It’s different. Even though Oklahoma might be a low parents’ pain state, far as travel, it’s low and a sense of California or North Carolina stakes like that pay pretty well.

Um, Oklahoma, you could make, it depends on your specialty anywhere from 19 to 2,600 a week, and most of your money is tax-free. So that’s the reason we wanted to, uh, reach out and say, let’s educate the nurses on what’s out there Oklahoma. Uh, I don’t know if there’s another agency doing that and we want it to take out that time to let you know that we’re here for you. We’re here. Not only to, uh, let you know they need because we’re going to come into a time in June that the need is going to be high right now is very slow, but we know that’s going to pass. That’s due to what situation we in right now. A lot of you guys are not working, but you might be at home getting unemployment or what have you, but that’s not gonna last. You gonna have to go out and get a Travel Nurse OKC offer.

Um, and so I want you to know that we’re here for you. Again, my name is Darcel with Trinity employment. You can give me a call (918) 622-2588. I’m willing to sit down and talk with you, let you know what to expect on a travel contract, the good and the bad, and the ugly, because there, as we all know, there are always different sides to everything. And the only thing the good is that you’re going to make good money with our Travel Nurse OKC programs. The good is you’re going to have some time off after that 13 weeks, the ugly is you might hear, um, you know, for yourself being on a new job, how everybody’s looking like, Oh, they’re making more money than us. That’s why we advise you never to tell anyone what you’re making because their core employee is not making the money that you’re making. And it does get frustrating.

So the best thing you could do is I’m your advocate. I’m the one that you talk to. If you have any issues, you reach out to me, never discussed that with anyone on the floor, and that’s how you keep the ugly situation out. You do not discuss anything with them. Um, and so if that’s something you want to talk to me about, please reach out to me. I want to talk to you about it, and maybe we can do something to help you, um, fill a dream of being a travel nurse. Reach out to me. Darcell woods, Trinity employment specialists, travel nurse recruiter, 918-622-2588.

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