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Oh, my name is Darcel woods. I am the travel nurse recruiter with Trinity employment specialists. And today we want to discuss travel nursing. We’re building a travel division here at Trinity, and we’re reaching out to all travel nurses across the US even though I’m here based in Oklahoma, that does not mean I can’t discuss this with a nurse in Florida or New Mexico or Alabama. I want to reach out to all the nurses out there. First of all, we really appreciate everything that you guys have done during this horrific time that we in here at the United States with this COVID-19, we really appreciate you guys being on the frontline. Those are, that are working the cobot units. And most of you guys that are working in the coal unit are actually on travel contracts. We really want to say thank you for everything that you do with our Traveling Nurses Missouri program.

Um, we know, um, there are nurses out there that have contemplated, uh, have a vision or what have you to go out and do a travel contract in the future. So that’s why we’re doing this, um, video to educate you, to let you know that there are people that you could reach out to you probably said and thought about it, but your intimidate is intimidating. I will say, as not me being a recruiter on this end of the spectrum is it’s easier to us the best Traveling Nurses Missouri program. It could be intimidated, but that’s one number cruder come into play. We come into play to help you, uh, understand the process because there is a process. Um, your hourly rate is different. It’s very low. I had one nurse that I was talking to about a travel contract, and I assumed that she understood, um, the hourly pay on the travel side of it.

And when I quoted her as a mid surge nurse making $18 an hour, I think she got really offended. And so, and I let her talk and then I decided, okay, have you ever did a travel contract before she told me no. I said, okay, let me educate you because yes, 18 an hour is very, that’s very offensive for any RN. We know you guys make up in the thirties an hour or more. So let me break it down to you. Your low low rate of 18 is what you will be taxed on. That is the only money that you will be taxed. So no matter where it States you go to now, your, your hourly could go as high as 24, 25. It depends on the per down for that state. So that’s how we base your hourly pay and the out we’d get the hourly pay.

We go to what is called the GSA, which is the government per their site. And so for the state of Oklahoma, I go to that per gym site, get what they allow in that state for your housing allowance, get the meals allowance. Then we calculate that into a package for you for your whole weekly, be it 36 hours or 36 hours a week. Now, granted, we pay you, even though you might work 36 hours, we base your per dam because it is travel on a seven day we ara here for you with a good Traveling Nurses Missouri service, week of a week, even though you work in 36 hours. So that’s how the nurses make their money. Your ma you work in 36 hours. We pay you for your hourly. You get paid 36 hours, but your per diem is calculated into a seven day work week. And so with that being said, this nurse was going to make $1,985 a week with us here at trinity employment.

Okay. So when she heard that she was relieved and had an understanding of it, and I think that’s where the confusion comes in. A lot of nurses think, um, I’m not gonna make what my paycheck is put. You’re really making more of your paycheck birth two weeks versus one week. And what you’re making two weeks as being taxed, what you’re making one week only that hours being taxed. So you’re pocketing more, more of your money. And yes, Oklahoma nurses, you could make, do travel nurses here as well, long as you’re 50 miles from your home. You could still, according to the government’s GSA, you could still make a, do a payback gen nontaxable pay package. And I’m sure that relieves a lot of you guys, cause you don’t know until you speak with someone and you just hear hearsay. And from other nurses saying, I’m not making enough, I’m doing this, but the money is there with a good Traveling Nurses Missouri process and programs.

And just discuss that with your recruiter, because they would break it down to you per hour, per housing per meals. And you get that on a weekly basis. And we do also offer insurance. We offer first day insurance. We will pay a certain portion of your premium. You would pay a certain portion of your premium. So that’s another option. I think a lot of nurses don’t want to do that because it’s like, if I leave my job, I’m gonna leave my insurance. No, I would tell a travel nurse. And this just the way, I mean, you got to pay a premium. And if that premium was too much, guess what your hourly rate is low enough that you can apply. Say, if you wanted to put your children on it, I would say apply for the affordable care act. Because it, again, your premiums not going to be high, they’re going to go according to your hourly rate, that is another option.

So you still have benefits. If knowledge is power. And if you don’t know, you will not want to venture out and leave your current job. We’re not asking you to leave your current job. I tell everyone too, on your current job, do per them, when you come home or let them know, um, I would do a per diem status. And if you do an a per diem status, you could take 13 weeks off because you’re going to pick up a shift when you come back home. So you’re not losing your job. And a lot of hospitals appreciate that versus saying, I’m a lose a nurse. So she could go travel, talk to your managers for our Traveling Nurses Missouri, talk to your directors. They know that traveling because they have travelers on their floor. So you don’t have to leave your current job. I would just talk to them, let them know this is something you need to do.

You want to do it because you want to help. And no matter if it’s a covert situation we’re in or just, you need to make money and you need time off, you want to take a break, but you still want to work. And you could do that. What I call a short term vacation because you’re going to do that 13. Um, we contract, you’re going to do 36 hours a week. You could go lay on the beach. If you go to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, there are so many places. If you have family somewhere, living in a different state and you decide, you want to go on a contract, just call us access. Do we have positions in the state where your family is? And we could get a contract for you. That’s very doable. And so we’re just here to educate you, let you know all the facets of what you can do with the best Traveling Nurses Missouri around.

Being a traveler to be a traveler is fun. Nurses. Love it. Yes. You do have to drive, um, to the job. We don’t pay transportation, um, for you to get there, you have to drive. Now there are instances that we can possibly give you, you know, um, gas, money or whatever, but that’s not the norm. Um, we don’t want to be in practice because it comes out of your pay, your pay package. So you want to do that on your own. Um, the travel now the only thing that I could say is if you go to, uh, Alaska, they do pay for your flight, and Alaska will pay for your housing. So that’s a good thing, but who wants to go to Alaska with our Traveling Nurses Missouri services? I personally want to go to Alaska. I love cold weather. A lot of nurses do not love. They do not like the cold weather, everybody, every nurse that I ever talked to flee to beach properties.

They love that. So if this is something that you’re contemplating, please give me a call because I, you know, I’m not trying to sign you up for a contract. I’m just want to educate you because we’re going to need you on, on when this thing opened back up, because there’s going to be so many openings. As you know, right now, it’s so slow. I mean, me as a recruiter, I’m trying to get creative and try to find places that nurses want to do a pickup short term contracts we’d have nothing. We know all the ORs are closed. They’re medical, there’s nothing going on and it’s, it could be scary, but I want to assure you, it’s not really scary because we know things are opening back up. We’re going to get back to normal. Things are going to be better. I don’t know if they’re going to be better, what our new normal is going to look like, but I know we’re going to get back to the place where nursing, as you, as you know, is a, uh, essential job, but it’s, it’s mandatory.

We have to have it. Hospitals are just not bringing in new patients. They’re not doing a lot of things. A lot of people don’t want to go to hospitals. So, but look at the big picture to know, as you know, as a nurse may through November is the busiest time in nursing and here we are going into June. So we know we’re going to get hit hard in June. So I asked you if this is something that you’ve thought about in any time I sat down and make goals, decide where you want to go. Think about, uh, talk to your family, let them know. You know, I’m really thinking about a travel contract and I would like to be in that conversation so I could educate you on that. So if you want to learn more about this, please give me a call. My name again is Darcell woods with Trinity employment. My phone number is (918) 622-2588. Looking forward to hearing from you with the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.